Chapter One

You sat there on your bed, tired from your O.W.L.S. You were thinking of him right by your side. It came clearly to you. You wanted him more than ever.

Hearing his name made you crave for his touch. You were smitten, no you lusted him. His lips molded onto yours, him standing there with his friends laughing after a prank they had just pulled. You loved everything about him, the way his hazel eyes shined at you, a smile plastered on his face. He stood there running a hand through his messy black hair. Your mind teased you.

You stood up from your bed and walked towards the window, and sat down on the opening. The cool air hit your face.

"The school year’s almost over," said a cool voice. You snapped your head towards the door and saw him, James Potter.

"W-what are you doing here?" You paused, noticing that you were in the girl's dorm, alone with James. A smile came to your face, but quickly vanished before he caught a glimpse of it.

"I asked you what you’re doing here. If I'm correct this is the girl's dorm and no boys are allowed. But then again you got in here so you just might be a girl," you teased.

"No, not really. Besides I'm a Marauder, and us Marauders have our ways around this place," James responded.

"Right and how is that?" You asked standing up, and fixing your skirt.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" James smiled at you, but before you could respond James started a new conversation. "So, would a young lady like yourself like an escort?"

"Where to?" you asked dumbly.

"To dinner, where else?"

"Sure, I would love an escort." You smiled weakly.

James stood there smirking at you. Eyeing you up. You walked, swaying your hips and before you knew it James put an arm around your waist. You blushed. But you didn't hesitate putting your arm around his waist.

Unfortunately, the stairs knew if a boy or girl was present on them. James lunged forward as well as you. James landed on the floor on his back, laughing.
As you opened your eyes, you noticed you were on top of James.

"A bit sudden isn't it." James smirked smugly.

"Couldn't resist," you said, trying to hold onto any bit of dignity you had left.

"Not many of you girls can resist me," James said, placing his hands behind his head. You glared at him, but you couldn't stay mad at him for too long.

You fell backwards and hit your bum on the cold floor of the common room.

James stood right in front of you, holding his hand out for you to take. As you took his strong hand he lifted you onto your feet. You almost lost your balance when he pulled you closely to him. Your other hand hung loosely as you gaped at him, but as soon as you noticed your mouth was ajar you shut it quickly.

You looked away from James and at your skirt. Your bum hurt from that little incident. You bit your lip and winced in slight pain.

James caught the look on your face. He let out a laugh. You looked at him and as he caught your look of pain his face became serious and his laugh faded away.

"Are you alright?" He looked at you. "Forget I asked. Where does it hurt?"

"Are you really in the mood to know?" you asked.

"Yeah, just tell me where it hurts."

"My, um, bum." You said hesitantly.

"Really?" James stifled his laugh. "Exactly where on your bum?" He cracked a smile.

"Right about here," you groaned as you touched your bum.

"May I?" James asked.

"Touch my bum? I don't think so," you hissed. James let out a bark-like laugh.

"No." He turned your back towards him gingerly. "This." James touched your back. You tilted your head to the left, smiling inwardly. As he caressed you more it all felt like a dream to you. If this was a dream, you wanted to stay in your dream world for a long, long time.

When James wasn't looking you took it upon yourself to find out if this was a dream or not, so you pinched yourself.

"OW!" you yelped.

"What?" James asked.

"I, um, pinched myself," you answered quietly.

James let out a small whisper. "Are you like a sadistic person or something?"

You moved away from him.

"No," You paused at the thought of being hurt by your family. "No, I'm not like that. I bet some of the people at home are..." you whispered.

"What was that?" James asked curiously.

"Nothing for you to worry about," You answered briskly.

"I believe that there is a mystery to you, and I want to solve it." He pulled you closely towards him.

"Okay, detective, tell me if you find out anything interesting about my background."

"Will do," James said while being embraced by you. But you remained quiet.

Later that night you decided to head up to the girl's dorm for your beauty sleep.

"Night, James, Remus, Sirius, Peter!" You called as you walked up the girl's dorm stair well.

"Night!" You heard three deep voices call along with a squeaky one as well.

You shut the door behind you and walked over to your bed, changing into your black shorts and “pink” tank-top. You climbed into your bed and drifted off into a deep slumber. There was a piece of reality that taunted you even while you slept, though.

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