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Author's note: Enjoy the next lottery winning chapter! Hope you readers out their are enjoying the story. Please read and review! "Dudley, go get the door," said uncle Vernon again. Dudley left the room. Ten seconds later- "Dad, mum! Come quick!" Said Dudley, almost shouting. Uncle Vernon and aunt Petunia looked at each other before aunt Petunia left the room. A second later- "Vernon! Come quick!" shouted aunt Petunia in the same voice Dudley had used. Uncle Vernon grunted as he put down the newspaper and walked in to the hall. Harry followed curiously wanting to know what was going on. "Ah, all the Dursleys, I'm Lindsay. You were randomly picked to win three million pounds!" Two people where on the doorstep. One holding a big camera, the other a microphone. Harry thought he recognized her as someone else in the sunlight. Aunt petunia and uncle Vernon hugged each other while Dudley cried with joy. "Now as you know," she said. "Only one member of any person living in this house may win this prize. And the winner is…….," She opened a gold envelope. "Harry Potter!" Said Lindsay. The Dursleys froze. At first they were excited they were going to be rich! But then that horrible Harry Potter had taken their glory away. All the Dursleys were going to torturing Harry when they got the chance. As Uncle Vernon tried to think of any excuse to stop Harry being the winner Lindsay said: "Well done come and get into the car. Harry will be back next summer," Harry thought. How could he accept the prize when he had to go to Hogwarts? And she was a random stranger, could he trust her? He looked at the Dursleys. Uncle Vernon had put on a mask of good grace. Aunt Petunia squeezed her lips so tightly that they had disappeared. Dudley however looked as though he had just found out he was going to die and was crying against his mother's shoulder, a great blubbering noise. Just as uncle Vernon opened his mouth to say a good excuse Lindsay squealed: "Oh Harry!" Lindsay's attitude was most unlike her own. "Let me show you this trick," She got her hat from her handbag and put it on her head. So that her short blond hair completely disappeared from view. There was a pause then she took it off and her hair was bubblegum pink. Harry grew suspicious he had seen that color of hair on Tonks. But she was a witch. Anne was a muggle;…………. or was she? Harry thought of a trick. "Have you got any Butterbeer on you?" Harry asked. "I am really thirsty." "No we haven't got any- Almost caught me there didn't you Harry," She pulled out a wand out of her handbag waved it and Nyphrda Tonks (spelling?) Stood where Lindsay had been standing. The Dursleys squeaked and jumped out of fear. "Hi Harry," Said Tonks. "Dumbledore, disguise is over, show yourself." The camera man coughed. A pop then- "Well hello, Harry Potter," An old man, with a beard tucked in his belt, with eyes twinkling like stars in the night sky, and wearing white wizard robes stood infront of Harry. "Professor Dumbledore!" Harry cried in excitement. The old man walked in the house, and the Dursleys shrank into the shadows of the stairs. "I am afraid I shall be taking Harry away for the rest of this holiday. I hope I have your permission, Mr Dursley?" He enquired. Vernon Dursley thought for a moment. Would the last couple of days be better Harry-free? "Of course, of course. I er- hope he can go quickly. It must be boring for him here," Uncle Vernon said coming out of the shadows and addressing Dumbledore as a normal human being, while silently cursing him hoping the headmaster might have a heart attack. The headmaster waved his wand, and immediately all of Harry's stuff packed itself neatly into his trunk and flew downstairs. The Dursleys jumped and Uncle Vernon hit his head on the trunk passing over head. Then a snowy owl flew down after the trunk, the cage in its claws. The cage hit all the Dursleys on the head as it flew past them. Dumbledore offered no apology however and said quite simply: "Must be off." And the boy who lived, the most famous headmaster of Hogwarts and a girl who liked changing her hair colour, shut the door as they left. The Dursleys jumped with joy! They were free of that Potter………………… Until next summer………

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