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Authors Note: Ok, this chapter is dedicated to all my reviewers… Especially you all who’ve been with me since the beginning of the story…

A special shout-out to:
- Mel (Larissa James)… This chapter is mostly dedicated to you girl, you will understand why. ;)

And I just want to make sure that you all understand that they’re kissing when I write *kiss* because they are… lol. Example: “Hey *kiss* Hermione!” That means they’re kissing between the words while they’re talking… I suck at explaining stuff, oh well, I think you understand anyways…

Enjoy. // Kim.

Chapter 18 – When Two Become One

“Not too high, Becky,” Hermione shouted. Draco laughed and put a hand on Hermione’s shoulder. She turned her head around and looked at him instead of her daughter who was flying over the trees in the park. It was only the second time Becky had flown; it had been one week since the first lesson, and Hermione was very nervous and tense.

“Hermione, calm down,” he said and smiled at her.

“But I’m so scared that she will fall off; this is just the second time she’s tried!”

“Just look at her. She’s five years old and she’s flying like a pro,” Draco said and watched Becky circle over a big oak. However, Hermione did not look at her daughter; she couldn’t take her eyes away from Draco. She loved the way he watched Becky; she loved the way he smiled when Becky was waving at them and she loved that he was so impressed by her daughter.

“I know I’m dead sexy, Hermione, but please, just look at your daughter! Look how good she is!” Draco said and smirked at Hermione.

She blushed a little bit, he noticed that I was staring at him, embarrassing!! she thought and turned her head around to watch Becky, who now was flying toward them. She flew faster and laughed aloud as she looped over their heads. Hermione’s heart almost stopped beating as Becky was upside down in the air for less then a second. Draco burst out laughing and put his arm around Hermione’s shoulders.

“Why on earth did you teach her to make loops?” Hermione yelled and looked at him with angry eyes before she removed his arm from her shoulders.

“I didn’t teach her that…” Draco laughed. “She must have figured it out by herself. She’s a smart kid!”

“I know, she’s almost too smart,” Hermione replied and regretted that she’d removed his arm. She wanted him to hold her again; everything felt so much better when he held his strong arms around her.

I feel so connected to him. The last time I had those feelings was when I first started going out with Ron, she thought and smiled as she remembered the way Draco kissed—Both the sweet kisses from last week and the more passionate ones from when they were in Italy…

“Hermione? Hello? I asked you something?!” Draco said, still laughing.

“Oh sorry, I was just thinking…”

“About what?” he asked, curious to find out what thought had brought a smile like that to her lips. He really wanted to tell her how he felt about her. He wanted to tell her that he was in love with her and he wanted to thank her for just being who she is. He’d never felt as comfortable around any woman as he did when he was around Hermione.

“Nothing,” she lied and smirked at him. “Now what was it you asked before?”

“I asked if you want me to take you on a ride.”

“A ride?” Hermione replied, feeling rather confused. “What do you mean ‘a ride’?”

“A ride on the broomstick of course.”

“Er… thanks for the offer but no, I don’t fly!” Hermione replied and felt a little embarrassed because she’d thought he meant something else when he said he wanted to give her ‘a ride’.

“Come on Hermione, I’ll hold you, so you don’t have to worry that you’ll fall off!”

That sounds tempting, she thought, but no I don’t fly! I hate flying, I’ve always hated flying and I will always hate flying!

“What are you thinking about now?” Draco asked.

“That no one on this earth can ever get me to fly!”

Draco smirked at what she just said and then he leaned over towards her. She could feel his warm breath against her skin and she felt shivers up and down her spine, as he kissed her neck softly. He kissed his way up to her ear, where he stopped and whispered, “I’m going to make you fly Hermione, one way… or another…”

He mounted his broom and was just about to kick of from the ground when he felt Hermione’s hands on his shoulder. He turned his head around and looked curiously at her.

“Promise that you’ll hold me?” she whispered nervously. He nodded his head slowly and she mounted the broom and sat in front of him.

“Ready?” he asked and locked his arms around her.

“I think so,” she said nervously. Draco moved her hair and kissed the skin of her neck and suddenly Hermione felt more ready to fly then she’d ever done in her whole life. She also felt completely safe in his arms.

“I’m ready,” she whispered. Draco smiled and kicked off hard from the ground and with that, Hermione closed her eyes. Her heart started beating faster and faster as they, with high speed left the ground.

“Do we have to go this fast?” she asked without opening her eyes. Draco laughed and slowed down a little bit.

“Mummy, you’re flying,” Hermione heard Becky’s voice say. “I thought you didn’t like flying,” her daughter continued.

Hermione opened her eyes slowly and noticed Becky was flying next to them. Her hazel eyes sparkled with happiness and excitement; Hermione couldn’t help smiling and she almost forgot that she was about twenty feet from the ground. Becky looked even more beautiful then usual when the wind was blowing in her red hair and her eyes sparkled like this.

“Draco, can we fly home today?” Becky asked.

Hermione was just about to open her mouth and say no when Draco said, “Of course, but you have to fly beside us all the time!” Becky nodded her head and they started to fly in the direction of Hermione and Becky’s apartment. When they arrived home, Hermione hurried to get off the broomstick.

“Solid ground!” She exclaimed and for a second she felt like going down to her knees to kiss the ground. Draco and Becky got off their brooms. Becky took the key from her mother and ran straight up to the apartment to call her grandparents and tell them about today’s flying lessons. Draco, on the other hand, walked slowly up to Hermione.

“Thanks for the ride,” she whispered when he was standing really close to her body.

“No problem,” he sneered. “I knew all the time that I’d get you flying.”

“You got me flying in one way, but the other way you were talking about…I’m curious Draco, what way is that?”

“I might show you, if I can follow you upstairs,” he replied with a playful grin on his lips.

“Of course, my home is your home,” Hermione whispered against his lips. Oh dear Merlin, I want him! Right here! Right now!

“I’ll remember you said that,” he laughed as they walked in through the door and up to Hermione’s apartment. Becky was still speaking with Hermione’s father on the phone when Draco and Hermione entered the kitchen. As soon as she finished talking on the phone, all three of them ate dinner together. Becky didn’t talk too much; she was exhausted after a whole day of constant flying.

Hermione and Draco, on the other hand, were full of energy and life. They couldn’t keep their eyes off each other for a second. After dinner, Becky brushed her teeth and Hermione followed her to her room to say good night… In the meantime Draco waited for Hermione in the living room…

”Is she asleep?”

”Yes,” Hermione replied and sat down beside him on the couch. She cuddled up close to his body and leaned her head against his chest. He put his arms around her and they both sat there in silence.

“I wish we could stay like this forever,” Hermione whispered after a while.

“I don’t…” Draco said and put his hand under her chin and pulled her head up so that he could kiss her lips. “I’d rather” *kiss* “stay” *kiss* “like” *kiss* “this!” *kiss*

“Oh really? I think you have to show me again. I didn’t really understand,” Hermione said and smiled at him. He smiled back at her before he once again pressed his lips against hers. His tongue asked for permission to enter her mouth, which she gladly gave him.

“I can’t” *kiss, kiss, kiss* “wait any longer” *kiss* “I want you so badly Draco,” she mumbled between the kisses. Draco smirked, she wanted him badly, he wanted her badly… Could it get any better?

They left the living room and walked into her bedroom. He pulled off his shirt and then helped Hermione to unzip and take of her sweater while kissing every inch of her neck and shoulders. She let her jeans fall to the floor and at the same time, she unbuttoned his jeans, then they collapsed on the bed. While they were kissing passionately, he let his warm hands explore every inch of her bare skin. Hermione let her hands run up and down his back before she started to play with her fingers in his blond hair. Then she stroked her hands down his back again to push his pants off; he pulled away from her a second to look down at her face…

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered, with a smile on his lips. Her already flushed cheeks became even redder after his compliment. With her arms that she wrapped around his neck, she pulled him closer to kiss him again. “Hermione?”


“Can I touch you?”

“You’re already touching me you fool,” Hermione giggled.

“Yeah, but I mean really touch you…” he whispered and let his hand run up her inner thigh.

“Draco… I’d love it… if you… but…” Hermione moaned as he was now touching her on top of her knickers.

“But what?” he asked, letting his hand run up over her body towards her face.

“Can you stop… touching me… for just a second…” she stuttered. He stopped and rolled off her. She sat up in the bed and turned her head to look at him; he looked kind of disappointed. “Wipe that look off your face, I just asked you to stop touching me because it felt so good that I couldn’t speak and I need to say something.”

He smiled, she just said that my touch made her speechless, and the thought of the made his heart dance of excitement in his chest. “What is it you need to say?”

“First, yes Draco, you can touch me,” she giggled and climbed on top of him. “Second, it’s been more then five years since I did something like this the last time and I’m very glad that it’s with you I’m making my comeback,” she continued with a smile, Draco laughed. “And third, can you just wait here while I cast a silence spell over Becky’s room? I wouldn’t want her to wake up and hear any strange noises…” Hermione said and gave him a wink.

“I won’t go anywhere,” he replied. Hermione leaned down and kissed his lips softly, then she got off him, got her wand and hurried out of the bedroom. Draco smirked as he watched her leave the room; he reached for his own wand and lit dozens of candles around in the room and then he put on some soft music. He also made sure that the room was full of white roses and that it smelled like roses too…

“I’m ba-” Hermione’s chin dropped to the floor when she saw what he’d done in the room.

“Since it’s your comeback, I thought we should make it special,” he said and walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her bare waist.

“It’s beautiful… wow Draco, thank you,” she said with tears of joy in the corners of her eyes.

“Don’t thank me; tonight is all about you,” he said and leaned in to kiss her. Hermione couldn’t keep her tears inside anymore. Draco pulled away from her. “Are you alright?” he asked and dried the tears away from her cheeks.

“I’m fine,” she replied.

“But why are you crying?”

“Because I… I think I love you.”

“I see why that makes you cry; I can be quite a pain in the ass sometimes.”

“No, you fool; I’m not crying because I’m sad, it’s because I’m happy,” she said and smiled at him.

“Maybe this will make you even happier then?” he said and smiled at her. “I think I love you too,” he continued and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. She smiled as he lifted her up in his arms and carried her over to the bed. He climbed on top of her and they kissed each other passionately.

When they stopped kissing for a second, both of them was breathing heavily. They looked at each other and both of them smiled before they continued to kiss. There was nothing between them anymore, they were skin to skin, and the feeling between them was magical...

That was the night when the two of them became one…

That night they freed their minds from doubt and danger. Everything that had happened between them in the past was forgotten and forgiven. That night was like a beginning of the rest of their lives.

That night they fell asleep in each other’s arms, both of them feeling happy and complete…

Authors Note: So?! Tell me now... What did you think about this chapter?! Fluffy? Good? Bad? Hot? Whatever... You know what to do... *cough*review*cough* lol.

// Kim.

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