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Lary returned to her bedroom and slumped onto the bed.

She heard faint fottsteps telling her that Harry had just walked into the bathroom. She put on a long shirt and walked over to see the door open.
************** Harry's POV***************
He looked into the mirror to se his blonde hair coming back. His face grew into the famous Malfoy smirk. He reached into his bag and pulled out a vile filled with a disgusting looking green potion. He looked toward the door and dropped the vile the glass shattering.

Standing in the dorrway was Laryandra. " I can explain." he said seeing her face in complete shock. " MALFOY?! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING THAT TO ME? WHY DID YOU DO THAT?" Lary screamed, rage seemed to be oozing out of her ears.

Five minutes later they sat down at the kitchen table. Lary had to use a silencing charm to stop herself from screaming. She took it off and repeated. " Why did you do this to me?" he looked at her eyes showing great sadness. " Because I had to show you that I care." he said.

Lary thought back. First year, Lary was sitting in the Lobby waiting for someone when Draco walked up to her. " I love you." he said. She turned and walked away. Second year, she was sitting by the lake thinking about life when he came up to her again. She got up and walked away. " I still love you." he said after her. Third year, she was in potions and she was hit with a vile of venom. Snape asked Draco to escort her to the HW. They walked out of the classroom and up the stairs. " I really love you, will you marry me?" he asked. At that she ran up the stairs. Fourth year, she was in the stands watching the Triwizard Tournament when Draco came up behind her. " Have you an answer yet?" he asked but someone saw him and pulled him out of the box. Fifth year, she was in the astronamy tower about to jump to her death when he rode up on his lightning streak. She didn't hear his question before she jumped. He dove with his broom and caught her. He set her gently on her feet and she ran to the forest. Sixth year, she was waitning in the hall to go on the next Hogsmede trip when he walked up to her again. He asked the same question, but she turned and talked to some fellow Gryffindors. She woke from her memory to see him looking at her.

His eyes like gray marbles. He looked into her chocolate eyes drowning in them like a pool, then she asked him, " Why did you continue to ask?" he looked at her again before answering. " Love never dies and mine only bured hotter. Have you found your answer yet?" he asked looking at her. She went into deep thought, Harry hates him. I love him. Wait I don't know how I feel.

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