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Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling owns everything but my thoughts.

“Fine!” said Harry loudly, as his scar gave another throb. “Now can we move?”

The floor of the telephone box shuddered and the pavement rose up past its glass windows; the scavenging Thestrals were sliding out of sight…and for one brief moment, time stopped and thousands of thoughts swam through Ron’s head.

What am I doing here? I shouldn’t be doing this, none of us should. But I promised myself that I would always be there for Harry. Ever since our first year, I knew I had to be there for him. I can’t just back out of a promise like that. But what if we die? What if…what if Harry gets hurt and I can’t help him? I would never be able to forgive myself for something like that. And what if Ginny gets hurt…mum…what would she do? What if Hermione gets hurt?

Ron took a fleeting glance at Hermione who was only a few inches away, seeing as how they were all packed tightly into the telephone box taking them down to the Ministry of Magic to save Sirius. Hermione was staring wide-eyed out of the telephone box where the Thestrals were scavenging for food. Although she couldn’t see them, she could sense they were there. Ron stared in wonder at her. She had changed so much over her time at Hogwarts. What was once a buck-toothed, bushy-haired, know-it-all, was now a beautiful, clever young witch. She was twisting a stray lock of her cinnamon-coloured hair with her fingers; this had become a nervous habit of hers. Ron couldn’t help but remember all those late nights in the library, studying with Hermione for a test or an exam. These were the times that Ron hated and loved the most. He loved the fact that he got to spend hours on end staring at the most beautiful witch he had ever seen. But he hated the fact that he couldn’t tell her the things he had wanted to tell her since their fourth year. All those times being alone with her, he had wanted to tell her how he really felt about her. But time passed and he had never worked up the courage to just say, “Hermione, I really like you.” He had tried so many times and even came quite close once…

“Ron , have you been following the study schedule I made you? Because you’ve only gotten one of my practice questions right and I’ve asked you nearly 12 already.”

“Sorry Mione’, I’ve been trying to study. I’ve got quidditch practice 3 days a week, and homework on top of all that. It’s quite a lot to handle you know.”

“Well, you’re just going to have to prioritize your time better then aren’t you?”

“Yes Hermione, I promise I’ll try to get on track.”

“Alright then, quiz me.”

“Mione’…ok…first question…what would you get if you added crushed lacewings to a mixture of gloxi and powered berks leaves?”

“Oh please Ron, do try to give me more difficult questions; you would create the antidote for swelling due to direct contact with Bobotubur Pus.”


“Alright, give me another one then.”

“Before I do Hermione, I wanted to tell you something…”

“Oh no! I knew that Professor Snape would mention something important about the test while I was at the careers meeting with Professor McGonagall!”

“No, no Professor Snape didn’t mention anything that you don’t know already, I wanted to talk to you about me and…”

“Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley! I expect more then this from Perfect’s! Less talking and more studying!”

Things always got in the way. Whether it be Madame Pince telling them to shush, or Ginny or Harry showing up and talking non-stop. It never seemed to be the right time to say it. And now I’m about to go fight off a dozen death eaters to save my best friend’s Godfather, and I might not see tomorrow. Way to go Ron.

Time seemed to have stopped as the telephone box was about to descend, and the six students inside took a collective sharp breath. Ron took one more glance at Hermione, and was surprised to see her deep honey eyes staring back at him.

Hermione had just turned to look at her companions and found that Ron was staring at her with his electric blue eyes, and she didn’t know what to make of it. He had changed so much over his years at Hogwarts. He used to be a lanky, squeaky-voiced boy, but was now a strapping, courageous young man. Hermione was very nervous. She had never broken so many school rules all at once, even counting all of the adventures that she had been through with Ron and Harry. But she knew what she had to do. She knew that Harry needed help. She knew that this was exactly what the DA had been created for, situations like this. She just never thought something like this was actually going to happen. She returned to staring at Ron, who still had that curious look on his face. He had been looking at her in that way ever since their fourth year at school. Just after the Yule Ball, when they had gotten into a terrible row, she had said something to him that she didn’t even remember wanting to say. She had told him to ask her to a ball next time, instead of complaining about the person she was going with. She had stormed off to the girls’ dormitory thinking about where in the world those words came from. Now that she thought about it, there had been many times where she or Ron had said something to each other that was very odd of them to say. She had never thought anything of it, but now…now when they were journeying into a place they knew nothing of, and Ron was staring at her so curiously…it made her think. It made her think of all the years she had spent with her friends and how close her, Ron and Harry had become. It made her think of all the times she scolded them for not doing their school work, or nagging them about following the rules. It made her realize that the fact that they were descending to their possible doom made her want to take all of it back. Take back all the nagging, scolding, and fighting she had done with her two closest friends. Her heart ached at this thought and all she wanted to do at that moment was embrace Ron and Harry and tell them that she loved them. A salty, warm tear trickled down her face and she lifted her hand to wipe it away…

Ron was startled as he saw Hermione staring him right in the face. He eventually turned away and as he did, he noticed a tear on Hermione’s cheek. He felt a pang in his stomach and suddenly lost all reasonable thought. He lifted his right hand instinctively to wipe the tear away. He cupped her face slightly as he let his thumb run over her wet cheek. Her face was warm and soft and Ron was lost in the moment.

Hermione noticed that Ron saw her tear and saw his hand reach up to her face. She was at a loss for words when she felt the sudden contact of his hand on her face, wiping her tear away.

Ron let his hand drop and grabbed Hermione’s hand and gave it a quick, reassuring squeeze. Well, Ron you’ve really done it now. He wasn’t sure how Hermione would react.

Hermione felt Ron grasp her hand in his. When he squeezed it slightly in a calming way, she squeezed back. I hope we get through this.

Ron’s doubts slipped from his mind when his own hand was squeezed back by Hermione. We’re going to get through this, I know it.

…blackness closed over their heads and with a dull grinding noise they sank into the depths of the Ministry of Magic.

A/N: Hope you all enjoyed, especially Lizard. If you have the time, I would appreciate a review, and thank you for reading!

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