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Chapter 22 Title: More News Disclaimer: nothing is mine except for my other characters!

The day after Christmas, Anna woke up to find everything outside covered in snow. Anna looked around Ginny’s room to find it empty. She heard voices coming from downstairs in the kitchen. Anna got up and got dressed in her favorite pink sweater and dark blue jeans. She walked down stairs and found Ginny, Hermione, Harry, Ron, Fred, ad George sitting on the bottom of the steps no doubt listening to the voices coming from the kitchen. “Spying are we?” Anna whispered to them. “Shh!” Ron, Ginny, Fred, and George all hissed to her in unison. “Dumbledore just got here.” Hermione whispered to Anna. “Lupin, Tonks, and Mad Eye are here too. Sounds like something really serious happened.” Then Dumbledore’s voice floated out to where the teenagers were sitting. “I think it’s time we brought Anna out here,” he said. “I think she’s still in bed, I’ll go and get her.” Mr. Weasley said. Before anyone could move off of the steps, Mr. Weasley found them sitting there each with an innocent look on their face that could fool no one. He laughed quietly. “Anna, I’m sure you heard that Dumbledore would like to talk to you.” He said and Anna nodded. “The rest of you need to go upstairs before Molly comes out here and finds you, and trust me, you don’t want her to find you here.” Anna stood up and walked through the group of people to Mr. Weasley, then the two walked into the kitchen. “Morning,” Anna said a bit quietly to Professor Dumbledore. “Good Morning, Anna, thank you for meeting me down here,” Dumbledore said to her. “Would the rest of you please let me speak with Anna alone?” Dumbledore said directing his question to the adults in the kitchen. “Of course,” Lupin said. As soon as he said this, Anna could hear several pairs of footsteps suddenly pounding up the stairs. Anna knew the others were still sitting on the stairs and were only leaving because the adults were now leaving the kitchen. After everyone except for Anna and Dumbledore left the kitchen, Dumbledore indicated one of the chairs obviously asking her to take a seat which she did. He then took the seat across from her. “I have new information on the murders of your parents, Anna.” He said gravely. Anna decided not to say anything because she was starting to feel a bit dizzy at the mention of her parents’ deaths. She suddenly felt very grateful that she was sitting down because if she wasn’t, she knew she would be having a difficult time trying to stay standing. “It turns out that it was not Voldemort who murdered them or Death Eaters.” He said which made Anna really confused. “Although it was not Voldemort himself or any of the Death Eaters, it was still related to that.” He said which did not help Anna’s confusion any. “I don’t think I understand, Professor…” Anna said slowly. “Please let me explain. Although it was not Death Eaters who committed the murder, it was the work of prospective Death Eaters. It seems to be it was some sort of initiation for future Death Eaters.” He said in a very angry voice that Anna had never heard him use before. Anna didn’t say anything. Her breathing was becoming short and quick. Her mind suddenly went back to something Draco had once said to her. He had told her that he had to become a Death Eater at the age of 18. Draco had just turned 18 about a week before the murder of her parents. “Oh my gosh.” Anna said. “I can’t believe he would do this…” Anna said more to herself than to Dumbledore. “Miss Jameson, I must tell you that it was not only one person who was being initiated that night. I have no proof as to who they were even if we both have a good idea on whom they most likely were.” “So am I just supposed to go back to school and face them as if I don’t know what they did to my parents?” “I’m sorry to say that that is exactly what you must do. I know it will be difficult, but you cannot do anything.” Now, you see, Anna is not like Harry when it comes to anger. Instead of screaming and letting out her anger, Anna bottles it up until she can’t anymore. Anna knew she had to listen to Dumbledore, I mean he’s the most powerful wizard there is not including Voldemort. Anna trusted Dumbledore, and she trusted his advice. “Fine, I won’t do anything until we find out who it was for sure. But when we do, please don’t try to keep me from anything to them. They deserve to pay for what they did.” Anna spat. She wasn’t angry at Dumbledore for making her control her anger. She was angry at those stupid people who killed her parents. Anna then jumped out of her chair and ran upstairs to Ginny’s room passing all of the adults that were sitting in the living room. Anna flung herself onto her bed not realizing that not only Ginny and Hermione were in the room, but Harry, Ron, Fred, and George were too. They were a bit shocked to see Anna come into the room so quickly. Anna cried into her pillow. All she could think about was how it was because of some of her classmates her parents were dead. She felt someone come and sit on her bed and then an arm slowly patting her back in hopes of comforting her. Hermione was just about to ask Anna what happened when Anna realized something. She sat up quickly almost giving Harry a heart attack; he was the one comforting her. Anna quickly began searching through her Christmas presents until she found the bit of parchment that had been sent to her last night. Anna looked down at the words as fresh tears formed in her eyes. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for it to happen.” “That ass! I can’t believe he did that and then sent me a note apologizing! Didn’t mean for it to happen my ass!” Anna said angrily to herself even though everyone else in the room could hear her. So much for bottling her anger. “Anna…” Harry said tentatively. “What did Dumbledore say to you?” Anna turned around and looked at Harry directly. She then looked down at the ring he gave her just the day before that was placed on her right hand. She looked at the words for a moment before looking back up at him. “My ex-boyfriend killed my parents.”
A/N thanks for reading!! please review yall!! i want to get some more reviews before the next chapter!!! constructive critism would be nice! <3 yas! elle_est_belle

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