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Ch20: The Enigma.

The first week of school was finally over and the sixth years were already knee-deep in homework projects for all their classes. Ron had finally come out of his reverie and told Harry and Hermione what he had been seeing in his ‘visions’; to say that they were shocked would be a large understatement. They were horrified at some of the things Ron had explained he had seen. Ron had asked them to refrain from divulging the whole truth to Ginny about the ‘visions’, he knew Ginny had suffered for months from nightmares after her experience in the chamber in her first year, this was likely to only bring back bad memories for her.

Over the weekend, Harry had visited Remus’ chambers in hopes of spending some time with him. However, when he had received no answer and checked inside, he had found the room empty. Walking over to Remus’ desk he found a scribbled note addressed to him. Perplexed, he began to read:

I’ve been called to an emergency meeting. I’ll be back late.
See you tomorrow.

Sighing, Harry slumped into one of the more comfortable chairs of the room, and rested his head in his hands. He knew the full moon was the next night, and he already felt awful, he could only imagine what Remus must be going through.

The sound of the office door opening alerted Harry, and his immediate thought was that Remus must of forgotten something and had come back to collect it. However, he was surprised to see the bat-like presence of Severus Snape.

Snape scowled darkly as he noticed Harry alone in Remus’ office. He had gone to the wolf’s office hoping to drop off the wolfsbane potion as quickly as possible before his guest arrived in the evening.

‘Potter? I was told Lupin would be in a meeting all evening. Which begs the question why are you here alone?’ Snape asked suspiciously as he moved inside the room.

Harry suppressed the urge to roll his eyes as he answered Snape’s questions, all the while wondering the same about him.

Snape revealed the potion with a slight shake of the wrist to indicate why he was there. He was now glad that he had decided to cork the potion rather than deliver it in its usual goblet.

Harry nodded his head in understanding and moved to leave the room. However, Snape reached the door first and turned sharply on his heel, causing Harry to take a step back from him, not wanting to be stood too close to Snape.

With a raised brow, Snape began, ‘Mr Potter, I am brewing a potion that should relieve you of the effects that the cycle of the full moon seem to have instilled upon you. As such, I will need a few ingredients. One of which includes a measured amount of your blood and your gaurdian'sblood too, taken on the night of the full moon,’ Snape revealed.

Harry thought about that for a moment. He remembered the list of potion ingredients he had seen on the parchment on Snape’s desk during detention. He attempted to visualise what the other ingredients for the potion were, but for the life of him couldn’t remember.

‘Potter?’ Snape prompted impatiently.

Harry visibly shook himself from his thoughts. ‘Sorry Professor, was there something else?’ Harry asked politely.
Snape scowled. ‘The Headmaster feels that yourself and Professor Lupin should be notified of such a procedure before it being undertaken,’ Snape replied moodily, to which Harry had to suppress a grin. Snape needed his permission. ‘Well, Potter?’ Snape snapped.

Harry savoured the thought of Snape asking for his permission over something for a moment longer, before finally answering. ‘Yes Sir. Tomorrow evening?’ Harry asked.
Snape gave a short nod before sweeping out through Remus’ office door, his long, black robes billowing behind him.

Harry took a last glance at the empty room. Heaving a sigh, he left to go look for Ron and Hermione in the library.


Severus returned to his living quarters. 5:40 PM. Late. Why must she always be late! Severus demanded of his thoughts. Just then the door to his study creaked open. Trademark sneer in place, Severus closed the distance between himself and the door.

‘Are you completely incapable of arriving on time, Gabrielle?’ Severus asked in mock anger.
Gabey lowered her cloak hood as she looked up into the glittering ebony eyes of Severus Snape, and with a coy smile answered, ‘Hello to you too, Uncle.’


When Harry entered the library he was surprised at the lack of students. It being a weekend, he was certain that there would be at least a few students feverishly trying to finish their homework. With a small shrug of his shoulders Harry stepped further into the large room. Madam Pince was not behind her desk and so he assumed she must be out.

A stack of books fell to the floor with a crash that seemed to ricochet off of the empty room walls. Pulling his wand free from his cloak pocket, Harry crept slowly around one of the aisles that housed the books on transfiguration.

He could hear voices, and so tried to look between a row of books to see into the next aisle. There was no one there. Harry continued to move along until he reached the end of the transfiguration aisle. With his wand raised, he took a deep breath as he prepared to confront whoever had snuck into the library. Tiny beads of sweat began to form on his forehead as he heard a girls voice cry out. It was now or never, he decided.

With that thought in mind, Harry charged around the corner and yelled ‘Expelliarmus!’ expecting a wand to fly into his hand. Harry’s eyes bulged as he took in the scene before him.

Hermione was sat across the lap of a very pale-faced Ron, having noticed Harry stood there. Her bushy hair was unkempt, sticking out in all directions and all of her school assignments and books were littered across the floor.

‘Harry!’ Ron choked as he found his voice. He stood up so quickly that Hermione fell to the floor in a heap.

‘Ow! Ron, that hurt!’ she exclaimed as she picked herself up from the floor.
Ron remained standing before Harry, waiting for the explosion.

‘I’ll see you later, guys.’ Harry said distractedly, seemingly not interested in what he had just witnessed.

Without a second glance at his two best friends, he turned on his heel and headed toward the exit again, re-holstering his wand as he did so.

Thinking that Harry was angry with them, Ron and Hermione attempted to call him back.
‘Harry! Harry, come back! We can explain…’

But Harry was gone. Only the swing doors to the library could be heard, knocking together before they eventually stilled.


Snape led Gabey to his private quarters. She let out a low whistle as she surveyed the décor. ‘You surprise me.’ Gabey intoned causing Snape to turn to her in question. ‘I was expecting something more… well… black. To be perfectly honest with you.’

They were stood in a magically expanded sitting area that boasted a high ceiling. The walls were a deep crimson colour that complimented the mahogany furniture and wood floor. There was a large desk that was currently buried under numerous piles of official looking documents. A large bookcase filled the main wall, revealing large dusty tomes and possibly the largest selection of potions texts ever, that were all stacked neatly together, and upon closer inspection, sorted alphabetically.

‘You’d be surprised, Gabrielle,’ Severus muttered as he moved to a light a fire at the rather grand fireplace.

Gabey made herself at home as she sat with her feat tucked into the side of the furniture. Severus took up the large armchair opposite her and stared intently into the flickering flames of the smouldering fire.

Gabey flicked her wrist and twirled it in the air slightly without use of a wand. Magically, a cup of hot chocolate appeared in her hand. She smiled to herself at her accomplishment as Severus barely noticed her actions.

‘So, are we having dinner here? Or…’ Gabey began, in an attempt to break the awkward silence that had fell between them.
Severus interrupted her without relinquishing his gaze from the hearth. ‘Where is he?’ he began gravely.

The effect was immediate as Gabey placed her mug on a side table as she moved to stand. ‘What do you mean? Where’s who?’ Gabey tried.
‘You know exactly who I mean, Gabrielle…’
‘It’s Gabey! Don’t call me that! You know I don’t like it!’ Gabey exclaimed frustrated.

With a quirk to his upper lip, Severus continued, ‘Fine, Gabey,’ Severus uttered.
Gabey rolled her eyes but refrained from further comment allowing Severus to continue.

‘I’m surprised you didn’t seek me out at the start of term. I must admit, I think even I was surprised to see you be sorted into Gryffindor house,’ Severus stood before Gabey now, her long dark hair encircling the circumference of her face, hiding her from view. ‘It was then that I realised you had tricked the sorting hat into putting you into Gryffindor. Of all houses!’ Severus sneered. Gabey looked up at him harshly.

‘I did not trick the sorting hat into placing me in Gryffindor house, uncle!’ Gabey cried indignantly.
Severus cocked an eyebrow in disbelief. Gabey sighed as she began to pace the length of the room.
‘Fine, if you must know, then I will tell you what that stupid sorting hat told me! Then will you believe me?’ Gabey asked loudly. Severus gave the tiniest of nods to allow her to continue.

With a slight sigh she began to re-tell what she had been told that night.


Okay guys, I’m going to stop here, basically because everyone is yelling at me to post this chapter. I did want to add more, but if I did then who knows when it would be posted, lol. :D

Yes, I know it’s short but it’s better than waiting even longer right? Well, I hope so anyway… I haven’t slept in nearly 48 hours and so now I’m going to do some coursework, sigh

Hope you enjoyed this one, I know it’s been an extremely long time coming (which you can read all of the reasons why for in the past 40 or so reviews), so I won’t go into all of that again. :D Don’t forget to review! I look forward to reading them :) More coming ASAP. ~Sam.

PS) Thank you for all of your continued reviews and support etc even though there have been no updates for like 2 or 3 months! It really means a lot to me that you still reviewed, :D Thanks guys!!

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