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Sitting underneath a tree by the great lake – James and Sirius sat watching the great squid, as it snapped a wayward bird out of the air. The snow had covered the ground and the trees – but the weather was nice enough to be able to enjoy the outside. Even if the ground was white and wet.

“That was rather unlucky wasn’t it” snickered Sirius as he turned to watch a group of girls sitting further down the lake.

“Yeah – unfortunate timing for the bird if you ask me.” Replied James as he followed Sirius’ gaze. “However great marksmanship by the squid hey?” Sirius was seemingly not listening as his mouth slowly started to drop open.

“Ow” Sirius said as he rubbed the spot on his arm where James had just punched him. “What did you do that for?” Sirius gave James a playful punch on the arm as they both got up.

“Ever thought of paying attention Sirius? It might help you out in your studies!”

“My studies… what’s wrong with my studies. You and I are the highest in the 6th year!” James had to agree with that – even if it seemed that that James Potter and Sirius Black were lazy in class – there was no doubting the fact that they were two of the smartest in the level.

As they were walking past the girls James unwittingly tussled his hair. As he did this an exasperated sigh came from the pack of girls that Sirius had been staring at before.

“What’s the matter Evans? Forget to do your hair?” James liked to pick on Lily and Lily liked to criticize James. Neither really disliked the other – but through years of torment from the opposite they had developed a stretched friendship.

Lily absentmindedly patted her hair as she said “Potter! Do you think that mussing you hair up like that is charming?” James was about to say something when Sirius grunted and grabbed him by the shirt collar and dragged him away. The girls around Lily all giggled – it wasn’t a secret that James and Sirius were two of the cutest guys around. However Lily just sighed again and turned back towards the lake.

”What’d you do that for?” grunted James as he shook himself free of Sirius’ grip. “I had a really comeback for her.” James half heartedly turned around but only for a second as he turned to follow Sirius back towards the castle.

“You always do! It’s all well and good for you to have comeback after comeback! But…” Sirius seemed to stumble here – and then a grin flashed across his face. “What am I saying – I’m sorry mate, I don’t know what came over me. Seems I’m lapsing into responsibility…” Sirius gave a dramatic shudder as he and James started laughing.

“What are you two laughing at? You steal Snape’s books again did you?” The voice belonged to the third member of the Marauders – Remus Lupin. The three of them had been friends since their first year at Hogwarts.

“No – we were laughing at Sirius’ seemingly unwitting lapse into the mystic area of responsibility. But now that you mention it – where is Snivelus?” James made a dramatic show of looking for Severus Snape – easily the most unpopular boy in their year level, and a member of Slytherin House.

“Responsibility – hah! I’ll believe that when I see it.” Remus sidled in between the two and they started laughing as they entered through the giant doors leading to the main foyer of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

“Wait for me!” came the voice from behind them – as the three looked at each other and turned around to see the fourth member of the group. Peter Pettigrew was not an unwanted part of the group – but the group could easily have existed without him. He was the sheep of the group – and more often then not a useful scapegoat for the pranks that were pulled by the ringleaders.

“Well come on then! We don’t have all day to wait around like an Irish Phoenix – hurry up!” As James finished the Lupin and Sirius turned to stare at him – “what was that you said?”

James started to redden, “just something I read somewhere – apparently it does… never mind…” he trailed off as the other two started to smirk.

“My, my, it seems that Prongs is turning into a bookwork – couldn’t have anything to do with a little red head – “ Sirius didn’t have time to finish as the group of girls including Lily came through the doors and went past them.

“Shut up Padfoot – you know that’s not true!” exclaimed James as quietly as possible while still trying to be angry.

“Sure it’s not Prongsy – sure it’s not!” finished Remus as he dodged a Potter fist and ran for the stairs. James chased him and naturally Sirius followed close behind so he didn’t miss the end of this.

As Remus reached the bottom of the giant staircase he noticed that the only way up was through the group of girls. However, seeing as he didn’t have any interest in keeping them on his good side apart from general good manners – he decided the only way up… was through!

High pitched screams followed the abrupt arrival and departure of Remus, and it continued as he was followed quickly by James and then Sirius. Peter who was not in the mood for more activity decided he would walk.

The last thing that Sirius heard from the girls was a disgruntled “men!” from a distinctly red head voice! As he kept running up he turned around and shouted “do forgive us ladies!” This caused the group of girls to give the boys one last stare as he went around a corner.

Up ahead of Sirius a race was being fought out between James and Sirius. James standing still at the head of a set of stairs that were moving on their own accord, as was the fashion at Hogwarts, alongside Remus who was unfortunate enough to have reached a remarkably normal set.

With a last shot of speed Remus made it up his set of stairs taking the steps two at a time and just beat James getting off of his independent stairs. Remus made it around the corner and up to the portrait of the Fat />

“Merlins Foot!” yelled Remus as he ran towards the painting. The Fat Lady who looked like she was occupied elsewhere looked up and saw the speeding boy coming towards her. She screamed as the portrait swung away and Remus dove through the opening left by her departure.

The Fat Lady who was about to swing shut again noticed two more boys heading towards her – “Merlins Foot!” shouted James and Sirius in unison.

“My, my – everybody in a hurry these days” said the Fat Lady as the two boys dove past her through the opening and ran into the common room.

Remus was behind a chair on the far side of the room. The room was empty apart from a group of 5th years in a corner to the right of the fire place.

“Ok Moony – what’s it to be? Surrender or Fight?” said James as he started to move through the chairs towards the chair separating him from Remus.

“Surrender! Hah! I don’t even know the word! Really – what does it– auuugh!” James dove over the chair and Remus and James rolled to the floor laughing. As they rolled towards the fire the 5th years were gawking at the mock fight that was taking place in front of them.

As they stopped rolling in front of the fire – James had landed on top and pinned Remus to the floor.

“What shall it be friend? Do you give up or do you want to feel the – auuugh!” was all James could get out before Sirius landed on both of them and the 3 of them all started to roll around laughing.

The 5th years now believing that they had seen the best turned back to their studies. The three started to calm down and rolled themselves towards the comfy chairs in front of the fire. It was nearly time for dinner at the great hall – but they had enough time to take a break.

“Anyone notice that Pete hasn’t made it up yet?” inquired Sirius still breathing heavily from the wrestling.

“Yeah – he probably gave up half way and headed to dinner early” replied Remus. “I sure hope we didn’t give those girls to much of a scare on our way up here.”
“Oh they’ll get over it eventually – I think I smoothed it over on the way up anyway” suggested Sirius. “Mind you, Evans looked like she was steaming Prongsy – that’s unfortunate” he smirked.

“Oh ha, ha Padfoot – very funny. I don’t have anything for Evans – never had, never will.” James’ shade of pink darkened ever so slightly as he said this.

“Oh come on James – we’re your friends – you can tell us. It’s not like Peter’s around or anything” pleaded Remus with a smirk in his eyes.

“Fine – all right – I’ll tell you after dinner. It’s a Friday night and we have lots of stuff to do – or have you forgotten?” James jumped out of the seat as he finished and through his hand into the middle of the air in front of the other two.

“Fairs fair – but you gotta promise all right? And as for tonight – everything is ready, and Wormtail isn’t even going to be here” said Sirius as he too jumped up and put his hand on James’.

“But when we’re done – you’re telling us two everything – fine?” as Remus put his hand with the other two.

“I swear!” said James – and together the three, with grins that would envy a Cheshire cat they shouted “we solemnly swear that we are up to no good!”

The three then jumped over the couch and ran down to dinner – once again running through the group of girls that had so far thought they’d seen the end of the Marauders for the time being.

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