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From last chapter

they were being stared at by….

no other than her best friend Ron Weasley. “Hermione is this the person you chose me over for Draco Malfoy the one that has tortured you for the six pass years is this the guy who you want to kiss and hug what does he have that I don’t” Hermione was in shock she still was on top of Draco but soon got of. “I’m sorry Ron but I cant love you the way that I love Draco you are my best friend and my brother my heart just wont love you the way you want me too”. Ron was still looking at her and Draco there next to each other he had caught the two snogging each other he wanted to be the one there he was the one who suppose to be there looking at Hermione’s eyes feeling the curves of her body but why wasn’t he why was Draco there he then screamed at Hermione “ I love you Hermione why couldn’t you pick anyone else but him why him haven’t I showed my love to you for the past six years the past six years in which the guy you were on top of made those six years miserable. Draco was tired of the two doing the talking so he came in “Weasley I love her and I wouldn’t dream of hurting her can you please accept my relation ship with her aren’t you happy that she is happy that’s what a best friend would do care about their best friend feelings but here you are thinking about yours never thinking about how Hermione feels yes I know I have made her life miserable for the past six years but that is only because of my father I have gain some courage and was able to follow my heart the heart that you think I don’t have I never have felt this warm inside until now that I have her I ‘m sorry if you think I took her away from you but trust me I would die for her please accept Hermione’s love for me and my love for her”. Ron just wanted to punch Draco right there at the moment but after what he said he just said “ I cant I just cant accept it I love her but you have her now as I see but this wont stay like this for long that I promise you I will one day have her for me but now Hermione Granger my love go back to your snogging session because you wont be having them no more when you least expect it you will be with me”. With those last words he left them alone and the door was close Hermione had a worried look on her face Ron had just threaten them she was scared if what he was capable of doing she didn’t even want to imagine Draco hurt she needed him for her to be happy without him she would be more dead then alive. Draco took her into his arms and hugged her and started rocking back and forth like a father would cradle his son or daughter he didn’t want her to be scared he wanted her to forget what just happened he knew she was worried about what Ron had said he had threaten him but Draco had one source of power that Ron didn’t have the love he felt for Hermione with that Ron could never defeat him. “Hermione don’t be scared he wont be able to harm our love we will be together forever remember that remember the words in the poem that I wrote for you” Hermione looked into his eyes and she knew that he was not just trying to make her feel better she saw bravery in them and love bravery that would protect their love through anything they would have to go through. Hermione gave him a smile and it seemed as if all their problems were gone they didn’t think about anything or anyone at all they just stayed their in that spot arms around each other Hermione kissed him she didn’t want it to seem like she was sad she wanted it to be like before Ron entered the room Draco kissed her back softly he felt a warm sensation go through his body when the most unsuspected thing happen outside the window they saw a beam of light they walk toward the window and out in the little balcony a box laid there Hermione was to scare to pick it up so Draco got the box and brought the box back where they were last sitting. The box had a letter on top of it which had the Malfoy crest on it. Malfoy started at the box for a long time he was thinking that it might be some dark magic that would take Hermione away or kill her. He opened the black envelope which contained a letter he knew from the handwriting and the sweet smell of roses that it was from his mom. He read the letter
Dear Son
I’m glad to see you happy with the girl sitting right next to you now. Also I know about her friend catching you too in a romantic moment. I don’t want the two of you to face any danger what the box contains involves no dark magic as you have been thinking. Please use what I have sent in the box take it as a gift tell Hermione that I would love to meet her as you know I’m not like your father and I will like to talk to her about something that she doesn’t know about herself that will make both of you very pleased
With all my love
PS the two pieces of what contains in the box are more powerful when put together as time goes bye you shall know what other powers they contain

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