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A/N I'll keep this short. Here's chapter six! Thank you to all the lovely reviewers, i just couldn't not post because you were saying such nice things about this story! Ok...hmm....this chapter isn't as much funny as it is emotion filled, and important. So i hope you like it as much as the other ones, it's essential for the plot. Alright, enjoy the read.....

Disclaimer - All J.K.Rowlings characters and world. I still can't believe she came up with something so original and perfect....we owe her.

Ch.6 Remus’ Story

Lily, never having been the heaviest sleeper, woke with a start at a loud sound from the other side of the room. James hadn’t even stirred in the bunk under her. Typical, she thought, we could be getting robbed, attacked, or even spied on, and Potter wouldn’t even move a muscle. I feel sorry for his future wife, that’s for sure. And with those happy thoughts in her mind, she rolled over onto her side and gazed through the darkness in the direction of where the sound came from, to see an outline of a person. Whoever it was, was obviously trying to keep quite, but it looked as if they had stubbed their toe on one of the random trunks placed directly in the middle of the room. Lily, for about the hundredth time, brushed the black hair out of her eyes that kept falling perfectly on her face and peered through the darkness. With a quick glance at the clock beside her and James’ bed, she realized it was just after midnight. When she turned again to look at the person, she found that they were crawling into one of the beds at the far side of the room. What’s Peter doing out so late, and by himself? Lily wondered, now full of curiosity and not tired at all. But she quickly forgot about that when she slowly glanced to the bed above Peter’s to see it empty.

Memories flashed back at her quickly as she remembered that she said she would meet Remus later tonight after James had fallen asleep.

'Well James is asleep now…' she muttered silently, as she climbed down the stairs on her bunk bed trying her best not to kick James’ face in the process. Realizing she was not wearing a shirt, (because she found that all of the marauders went topless to bed), she tried to search for Sirius’ trunk. But seeing as how it was too dark and she was extremely anxious to go and see Remus, she just gave up and made her way to the door, shirtless.

One safely on the other side of the door, Lily placed a charm on the room so that it’s occupants (James and Peter), wouldn’t be able to hear anything from the outside until she lifted it. Taking a long breath, Lily mentally prepared herself for the conversation that was coming, then turned around and walked in the direction of the red stairs that led to the common room.

From the top of the stairs, Lily looked down to the chairs by the fire. Two of them had occupants, who were sitting in silence as if waiting for something. As Lily walked down the slightly creaking stairs, both heads turned in unison and Lily saw Remus’ kind eyes staring up at her, and oddly enough, her own emerald ones. Upon seeing that Sirius had decided to join them on their secret late-night meeting, Lily instantly assumed that he had told Remus about the switch. Since Lily wasn’t exactly the best at keeping her thoughts in her head, this was no exception as she glared at Sirius before she exploded.

“You swore not to tell anyone! What was Dumbledore thinking when he picked you?! I can’t believe he thought this would teach you some responsibility! I knew you’d mess this up, you have no will power, do you? I’ve had to endure hours upon hours with Potter but do you see me running to my actual friends? You’re such a lying, immature…” Lily started before she got cut off by Sirius who had run over to where she was. He wasn’t exactly the type of person to take insults lying down.

“Evans stop! You might be able to talk to James like that, but with me it’s a different story. First of all, I didn’t tell Remus about the switch, Dumbledore did! So stop blaming me, you’re starting to sound like my mother, and that’s something you never want to sound like, trust me! And what if Remus didn’t know, and you came down here screaming it for the whole Gryffindor tower to hear?” Sirius yelled right back at her.

Lily couldn’t think of a reply at the moment so she stayed silent, as it was obvious that Sirius was about to say something more.

“And as long as I’ve got your attention, here’s something that’s been a long time coming. I was reading your diary Evans. Or should i say your 'I hate James' book and it made me mad. You know how you always go on and on about how arrogant James is? Well you’re no better!” Sirius ranted.

“Sirius!” Remus whined, “What are you doing?”

“Something I should’ve done a long time ago Moony. Evans you think you’re better then everyone else because of that stupid badge. You think James has a big head? I’m surprised that yours can fit in this castle! But he still likes you Lily, hell I wouldn’t even be surprised if he loves you. Even after every fight, and every time you tell him off, he can’t give up on you, I don’t know why, but he can’t. God you’re such a hypocrite. You say that Dumbledore wanted me to learn responsibility, but do you know what he wanted you to learn? He wanted you to see the person James really is, and to give him the chance that he so deserves by now Lily. How can you not see that James is hurting? Are you really that thick? Once you figure out that the world doesn’t revolve around you, then you can talk to James.”

“Sirius, stop!” Remus cried, “that’s not even why we’re here! You can’t talk to her like that, go back and sit down. There are more important matters at hand here.”

Sirius, obeying his friend, walked over to the couch, anger still cursing through his body.

Lily just stood there in complete shock staring at nothing in particular. She had thought that she and Sirius were getting along fine. It just turned out that Sirius really hated seeing James hurt or something. And she had never ever seen that side of Sirius before; it was the polar opposite of the Sirius that had sent her the letter the night before.

You always go on and on about how arrogant James is, but you’re no better. The words stuck in her head, and she swallowed, realizing that Sirius might have been right.

“Lily come and sit by the fire with us, ignore what Sirius said for now, I have to tell you something really important.” Remus said in a calming voice.

Lily slowly walked over to the fire, taking a seat far away from Sirius who still looked as if he had more to say.

“Alright, that’s better.” Remus started as he took a seat in between the two of them, “Ok Lily, Dumbledore told me about the switch because we have a little problem. It’s 12:50 AM right now, which means it’s the next day. Do you know what today is?”

Lily cleared her throat, finding her voice for the first time since Sirius’ rage on her.

“It’s Saturday.”

“Well yes, but its also full moon tonight.” Remus added, realizing that it was going to be hard to tell her this.

“So what, do you guys go stargazing on full moon or something?” Lily joked.

“Stop joking Lily this is extremely important!” Sirius said from his chair.

Clearly he was still a little mad at her.

“Sirius, just stay quiet. Now Lily, do you know why I always look pale on the day of the full moon, or why I miss like three days of classes each month? Or why the rest of the marauders are awfully tired the morning after a full moon and always late to their first class? Or even why we’re always in a corner talking quietly just days after? You must have noticed something by now.” Remus said, trying to drop hints.

Now Lily was a very smart witch, who had recently done the potions homework on recognizing the werewolf, and now had suddenly gone pale.

“You…no way Remus…. never suspected…never…no….” was all Lily managed to get out as she looked at the person she thought she had known for the past five years.

“I understand if you don’t want to be around me anymore Lily.” Remus said, obviously sad at the thought that Lily might stop talking to him.

Lily sat in her seat without moving for a few second before standing up. Remus stood up too, waiting along with Sirius for her reaction. She looked up into the eyes that she’d seen so much sadness in throughout the years, and now it all made sense to her. She walked over to him, threw her arms around his neck and gave him a hug.

“I’m so sorry Remus, I had no idea.” She whispered.

“You mean you’re not scared of me?” Remus asked timidly.

“Of course not Remus, it must be so hard for you each month.” She said, and then looked to see that Sirius didn’t look as mad at her any more. “So the rest of the marauders know then?”

“Naturally.” Sirius said a little offhand. “Which is exactly why we brought you here tonight. Ready to learn another marauder secret?”

“Er….” Was all Lily had time to say before the person in her body vanished before her eyes. She frantically looked around until she searched a little lower and saw a handsome black dog.

“Oh my God, are you guys animagus?” Lily asked after she petted the dog and noticed some things that resembled Sirius in the dogs face.

“Sirius, James, and Peter are, yes.” Remus answered for her, as she was still petting Sirius. “They learned how to transform so that they could be with me on full moon, when I turn into a werewolf. It helps me when there are my friends around, I’m not as…bad.”

Lily stood speechless not for the first time tonight, realizing just how important friendship meant to the boys. It all seemed too surreal to her, but seeing Sirius transform before her eyes made it all the more real. Silence now rang through the common room when a realization came to her.

“Padfoot and Moony! Wow you guys are good, it makes perfect sense now. So this is Padfoot, eh?” Lily asked as she scratched behind his ears.

“Call him Snuffles, he loves that.” Remus said jokingly, for he was in such a good mood now that a weight had been lifted in his and Lily’s friendship.

‘Keep laughing Moony, I can transform back at any time and then you’ll be sorry.’ Sirius thought.

“I know that look, better not call him Snuffles” Remus said as he glanced into the eyes of Sirius. “However, he might like Snuggles better…”

Lily had started laughing now, causing Sirius to transform back into her body, making her realize something again.

“Wait, how can you transform when you’re in my body?”

“Because you need your mind to do it, not your body.” Sirius said proudly.

“Oh my God, then what are we going to do about tonight? I can’t go with you guys. And James will definitely notice if you go Sirius, because you look like me!” Lily exclaimed.

“Ah, there’s the problem Lily. That’s why we have brought you here tonight. We think we have a solution however.” Remus said, and then let Sirius take over.

“You tell James that you have detention or something and that you’ll meet us later in the whomping willow…”

“The whomping willow?! Are you guys crazy?” Lily yelled.

“Just go with it Lily. Anyways, he might say that he’ll wait for you. Make sure he doesn’t. Then a little later, I will transform and then go outside to meet them. That way James will never see ‘Lily’s body’, just the dog and assume nothing is wrong. It’s foolproof. Just make sure they don’t see you at all after you leave for your mock detention.” Sirius finished.

“Alright, but how will you get back into the castle after? Nobody has been able to successfully ‘pull one over’ on James before.” Lily truthfully said.

“I know, he’s too smart. But, hey, we’re his best friends, and if anyone can fool him, it’s us. Don’t worry; we’ll think of something, I guarantee you.” Sirius said one more time.

“Ok, I’ll do my best.” Lily agreed, then on second thought added, “And Sirius, I’m sorry for ‘making James suffer’ as you put it, maybe there was some truth in what you said even if I don’t want to admit it.”

“I knew you’d see it my way Lily dearest. Friends again?” Sirius said and reached his hand out for her to shake it.

“Friends.” Lily said as she took the hand. He then pulled her into a tight hug, before transforming once more into his loveable dog form. Lily realizing she was now hugging a dog, quickly let go and proceeded to give him a belly-rub instead.

“So does he ever get fleas Remus?” Lily joked.

“Well he does scratch himself a lot I’m afraid.” Remus said with a smile on his face.

“You’re friends must really love you Remus.” Lily said, changing the mood once more that night.

“I know.” He replied. “Thanks for not ditching me once you…found out what I am.”

“You’ll still Remus to me, I’d never ditch you, I like you to much.” Lily said, and then started laughing.

Remus just sat there smiling, realizing now why James was obsessed with this girl. Sirius was now showing off with all the tricks he knew how to do in his dog form.

“I’ve trained him well, haven’t I?” Remus said to Lily who nodded.

Sirius barked, and then proceeded to jump on Remus until he was on his back.

Lily, who was laughing uncontrollably unfortunately didn’t hear the footsteps coming from the boy’s hallway.

“What’s going on here?”

Lily immediately turned to face the boys’ staircase, Remus sat up from off of the floor and also turned his head to the stairs, while ‘Sirius the dog’ stood on all fours, frozen temporarily on the spot.

Remus turned instantly to Lily, and then spoke.

“I thought you sound-proofed his room?”

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