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Agnella Giovenco walked down the streets of Diagon Alley to buy her Hogwarts school supplies for the final time. She glanced down at the book list she had received by owl post a couple days ago and stepped into Flourish and Blotts, immediately going upstairs to where the 7th year books were stocked. She scowled down at a few second and third years that were wandering around aimlessly, waiting for their (more than likely) muggle parents to finish paying so they could go home.

Agnella looked back down at the parchment in her hand, and then up to the shelf, “Standard Book of Spells, Grade 7” she muttered, running her finger over the spines of various books, searching for the one in question. She groaned, finally finding it on one of the highest shelves. She felt her shoulders slump as she looked at it for a moment, knowing there was no way she would reach it. Agnella had never been a tall girl. In fact, at the age of 17, she was only 5’4”. Sighing, she stood on her tiptoes and stretched her arm up, only being able to reach the bottom of the shelf that the book so conveniently situated itself on. She took a deep breath and stretched as far as she could, before finally falling back onto her feet, glaring up at the stupid book.

“Need some help?” she heard an amused voice ask from behind her. Spinning around she saw Draco Malfoy grinning at her as he walked up and took the book down with ease, handing it to her. “There you go.”

Get a load of me, get a load of you
Walkin' down the street, and I hardly know you (hardly know you)
It's just like we were meant to be

All Agnella could think of doing was standing there, gaping up at his 6’ frame. She had managed to stutter out a thank you before turning around and busying herself with searching for her other books.

“You’re in Slytherin, right?” he asked, having seen her in some of his classes and around the Common Room during the past seven years.

Agnella nodded her head and replied with a soft, “Yeah” before pulling out another book from the shelf in front of her. She was honestly surprised he hadn’t really noticed her before .. she had only spent the last 7 years staring at him and drooling over him.

“That’s cool ..” he said, following her, scratching the back of his head. “I’ve seen you around a lot .. what’s your name again?”

“My name is Agnella Giovenco.” She replied, looking back down at her list to see what else she needed, surprising herself by not jumping for joy that he had finally said something to her other than, “Excuse me” or “Could you pass the potatoes?”

“Agnella .. isn’t that Italian for ..”

“Pure. Yes.” She cut him off, looking up at him, “My dad’s a bit obsessed with being pure.”

Draco grinned, leaning against the bookshelf, “Well there’s certainly nothing wrong with that ..” he smirked, himself being stubborn about his views on purity of blood. He coughed lightly as Agnella turned back to the shelf, pulling out her last book and walking past him, with the full intention of paying for her stuff and then going home.

“What would you say if I asked you to get some ice cream with me?” he inquired, turning around and following her again.

Agnella stopped in her tracks, slowly spinning around to look Draco in the eyes, “Excuse me?” she asked, fully convinced that she had been hearing things.

“I asked if you wanted to go get some ice cream with me. You know .. at Fortescue’s ..” he trailed off, picking a book off a table that was next to it an examining it boredly.

“Draco .. I’m sorry .. I, uh – I have a boyfriend.” She stuttered, blinking up at the blonde boy in front of her, who was now chuckling lightly.

“And I have a girlfriend. I didn’t mean it to be a date-type thing. I just figured that we haven’t talked in 7 years, and I’d like to get to know you, as a friend.” He explained, smiling slightly at her cheeks, which were growing increasingly pink.

“Oh .. I, uh, yeah. Yeah I’d love to. Just .. just let me pay for these and I’ll meet you outside.” Draco grinned and nodded, following her down the stairs, but instead of following her to the register, he went outside, and sat on a bench near the front door.

Five minutes later, Agnella appeared next to Draco, holding a bag in one hand.

“Ready?” she asked, giggling as he jumped a bit. Draco had laid down on the bench with his eyes closed, his hands folded on top of his stomach.

“Yeah .. yeah, let’s go.” He grinned, standing up and walking with her to the ice cream parlor, which was only just down the street. He ordered himself a fudge sundae and then turned to Agnella,

“What do you want?”

“Oh, no. I’ll pay for myself, that’s okay.”

“Nonsense, Giovenco .. I got it. Tell him what you want.” He grinned, leaning against the counter off to the side a bit.

Agnella smiled shyly and told Fortescue that she wanted a scoop of chocolate on a waffle cone, which he happily got for her. Draco paid for their ice cream and then led her outside to one of the tables, pulling out a chair for her.

“Thanks Draco ..” she muttered sheepishly, sitting down, and watching him do the same in a seat across from her.

“So, Giovenco .. you said you had a boyfriend, right?” he asked, to which she nodded in response, her mouth currently being occupied by the frozen treat she was holding. “So who is the lucky guy? He’s a Slytherin, right?” Agnella nodded again and swallowed her ice cream,

“Yeah, Blaise Zabini.” She smiled, licking the outer edges of her cone. “What about you, you said you had a girlfriend.”

Draco busied himself with sticking the plastic spoon full of vanilla ice cream and fudge into his mouth before replying, “Pansy Parkinson.” In a tone that indicated he wished he were saying a different name.

Agnella had never gotten along with Pansy, but she smiled up at him anyways, “Good for you, Pansy is a nice girl.”

The two 17 year olds sat outside together talking well after both of their ice creams had been devoured. During that time, Draco had moved his chair over so he was right next to Agnella, leaning forwards in his chair, holding his stomach and laughing. He sat up and looked into her sparkling chocolate brown eyes, her long brown hair being blown away from her tanned face because of the warm summer breeze.

Draco couldn’t remember leaning towards her, but the next thing he knew, he was on the edge of his seat, his lips planted firmly on top of hers. His hand had found it’s way to her hair, the silky smooth strands sliding in between his fingers.

Agnella sat there, stunned. She had had a crush on Draco since she was 11, and now, here she was at age 17, being kissed by him! She felt really awkward, just sitting there, letting him kiss her. If she hadn’t been going out with Blaise, she’d have been overjoyed.

All too soon for her, Draco pulled away, rubbing his face nervously. “I have to .. I gotta go. I’m sorry.” He said, getting up and walking down the street, running his hand through his hair.

Holding hands with you, when we're out at night
Got a girlfriend, you say it isn't right (isn't right)
And I've got someone waiting, too
What it is, its just the beginning
We're already wet, and we're gonna go swimming

Agnella watched him walk away, bringing her hands up to her lips, not believing what had just happened. She had convinced herself into believing that none of this was real. She had not eaten ice cream with Draco, or eaten any at all. The tingling on her lips wasn’t there, nor were the butterflies in her stomach. She had even convinced herself that she wasn’t even in Diagon Alley until someone tapped her on the shoulder …

“Hey babe, I just talked to Draco, he said he saw you here.” Blaise said, grinning, sitting down in the chair next to her.

Agnella seemed to snap out of her trance, and she looked at him with frantic eyes, “You were just talking to Draco? What did he say?” she asked, almost nervously, expecting that he had told Blaise about the kiss they had shared.

“Nothing, just that he had passed by while you were sitting here eating ice cream. What’s wrong, you seem like something is bugging you ..”

She shook her head, running her tongue over her lips, savoring the flavor of Draco’s, and then biting lightly on the bottom one, trying to get the tingling feeling to go away.

Why can't I breathe whenever I think about you
Why can't I speak whenever I talk about you
It's inevitable, it's a fact that we're gonna get down to it
So tell me-
Why can't I breathe whenever I think about you? (when ever I think about you, X3)

“Nothing is wrong.” She lied, forcing a grin onto her face, “Nothing at all.” She leaned forward and placed her hand behind Blaise’s head, kissing him. The kiss successfully shut him up, stopping him from asking any more questions, but it didn’t succeed in erasing the tingly lips, or killing the butterflies in her stomach. If anything, it made the butterflies worse, knowing that she’d rather still be kissing Draco instead of her own boyfriend.

Draco had followed Blaise back to the Fortescue’s, waiting a minute or so, so as not to be noticed, hoping that Agnella wouldn’t say anything to him about their kiss. What he saw when he peeked his head around the corner, almost made him wish that he had just apparated home after leaving Agnella, or hadn’t even left her at all. Agnella was leaning forward, kissing him, and grinning. He closed his eyes, and took a step back, trying to shake the image out of his head. He leaned against the wall, eyes still closed, scratching his head. He didn’t move for a couple minutes, and only then it was because he heard someone calling his name. Wincing, he pushed himself off the wall, forcing a smile on his face, and walked over to his girlfriend, greeting her with a hug, forcing himself not to think about Agnella anymore.

- - - -:- - - -- - - -:- - - -

It was the first full day back at Hogwarts, September 2nd, and thankfully, a Sunday. Agnella had tried to find Draco to thank him for not saying anything to Blaise that day in Diagon Alley, but she couldn’t find him anywhere. Sighing, she walked back to the Common Room after having walked all of the school, only to find him sitting in the couch next to the fire next to Pansy. Gritting her teeth, she took a deep breath and walked around the couch and stood in front of Draco.

“Hey .. do you think I could talk to you?” she asked, receiving a death glare from Pansy. Draco looked up at her, a mixture of relief and curiosity on his face, now that he knew Agnella didn’t hate him for the day at Fortescue’s.

“Yeah .. alright ..” he said, looking up at her as if expecting her to say what she had on her mind right then and there.

“Actually .. I was kind of hoping we could talk in private ..” she ventured .. glancing nervously at him, trying to tell him it was about Diagon Alley without actually voicing it out loud.

“Alright .. Pansy, I’ll be right back.” He said, taking his arm from around her shoulders and standing up, “Let’s go for a walk.” He suggested to Agnella, gesturing his head towards the door before starting to walk. Agnella nodded and followed him out into the dungeons. They walked in silence for a couple minutes, making sure they were safely out of hearing distance from the Common Room .. or anyone, for that matter.

“Listen .. Draco.” She started, stopping and turning towards him, “Thank you for not telling Blaise about that .. day.” She said, looking up at him, smiling weakly.

“Hey .. don’t worry about it.” He offered, placing a hand on her shoulder. “I don’t even know what came over me .. I’m sorry I did that in the first place.” He said, half lying. He really didn’t regret kissing her, but at the same time it could’ve jeopardized hers and Blaise’s relationship.

Agnella looked down at his hand, and hesitantly raised her own to place it on top of his. “Do you really, honestly feel sorry Draco?” she whispered, finding herself getting captivated by his stunning blue eyes.

“If you wanted an honest answer .. I’d have to say no, but --“ he started, only to be cut off but Agnella taking her hand off of his and placing a single finger against his lips, telling him to be quiet.

“Then shut up and kiss me again ..” she told him, finding herself leaning in, taking her finger away from his mouth and replacing it with her lips.

This time it was Draco’s turn to stand there and feel stunned for a few seconds before he regained his composure. He took a couple steps forward, backing Agnella up into the wall behind her, his hands planted on her waist while she wrapped her own around his neck. The two kept at it for some time before ..

“Draco? I can’t believe you!” Pansy screeched from behind him, standing next to a speechless Blaise. Pansy looked about ready to cry.

“H-how long have you two been .. doing this?” Blaise asked, scratching his head, trying to comprehend the situation, looking from Draco to Agnella, and then back to Draco, his expression slowly getting angrier and angrier.

Draco had spun around quickly, rendered speechless at what he saw when he did. “Pansy .. I ..” he started, about to say he was sorry, and then he didn’t mean to .. but by saying that he would only be lying.

“You what, you’re sorry?” she asked, hopefully, before her expression turned angry again, “You didn’t fuck her, did you?”

“What?! No! No, we didn’t I ..” he trailed, looking to Agnella for some help. Agnella was still propped up against the cold wall, breathing deeply, stunned. She couldn’t move, she couldn’t talk ..

“Blaise I—I ..” she began, but then fell speechless again, for she felt the same way as Draco. If she were to tell Blaise she was sorry, she would be as far from honest as possible.

“No .. don’t say you’re sorry. Obviously you like him more than me.” He said, laughing pathetically, “Obviously our 5 month relationship doesn’t mean anything to you.”

He closed his eyes and shook his head, turning around. “I’m sorry Agnella, I don’t know if we can continue this.”

Isn't this the best part of breakin' up
Finding someone else you can't get enough of
Someone who wants to be with you, too
It's an itch we know we are gonna scratch
Gonna take a while for this egg to hatch.
But wouldn't it be beautiful?
Here we go, we're at the beginning
We haven't fucked yet, but my head’s spinning

He walked away, leaving a gaping Pansy still staring at Draco in disbelief. “You still love me, right? You still want to be with me?” she asked frantically, flinging her arms around his neck, almost desperately.

“Pansy! Pansy, get off!” he yelled, pushing her away from him, making her stumble backwards, and then fall onto the floor, loosing her balance. She sat there, looking horrified, as if they were both murderous lunatics standing over with with knives.

“You .. you! It’s all your fault!” she shrieked, pointing a shaky finger and Agnella. She carefully stood up from the ground, finger still extended, “It’s all your fucking fault! He would still love me if it weren’t for you, you bitch!”

Agnella cowered against the wall silently, seeing as Pansy was a good deal taller than her, and an even greater deal bigger.

“Pansy, I never loved you, okay?” Draco said, pushing Pansy’s finger away from Agnella’s face. Pansy’s eyes widened as she looked like she was going to cry once more.

“You bloody, fucking whore!” she screamed at Agnella, raising an open hand and slapping her across the face. Agnella raised a hand to her cheek as Draco took out his wand, pointing it right between Pansy’s eyes.

“Leave. Now.” He said through gritted teeth. Pansy gave Agnella a final glare before turning to leave in the same direction Blaise had, knowing Draco had been named Head Boy that year, and he could do pretty much anything and get away with it. “Are you okay?” he said, turning to Agnella, trying to move her hand so he could get a good look at her cheek.

“Y-yeah, I’m fine.” She stuttered, pulling her face away from him, not wanting to look him in the eye, being slightly ashamed.

“Agnella, are you sure? Do you want me to take you to the Hosp—“

“No.” she said firmly, “I just – I gotta go.” She muttered, turning away and walking off in the opposite direction as Blaise and Pansy, just wanting to be alone.

Why can't I breathe whenever I think about you
Why can't I speak whenever I talk about you
It's inevitable, it's a fact that we're gonna get down to it
So tell me
Why can't I breathe whenever I think about you
High enough for you to make me wonder
Where it's goin'
High enough for you to pull me under
Somethin's growin'
Out of this that we can't control
Baby I am dyin'

Agnella felt terrible. She should have been ecstatic, completely and utterly happy, because the one person she had like for nearly 7 whole years was finally starting to notice her, but she felt like scum. Maybe it was because she had been going out with Blaise for 5 ½ months before. Yeah, that was it. How could she just forget about him in a matter of seconds, when she had been with him for nearly half a year?

“Why am I feeling like this?” she wondered out loud, rubbing her face lightly as she aimlessly roamed the hallways. She glanced behind her to make sure nobody had followed her. She sighed when she didn’t see anybody, and started to make her way to the front doors of the school and pushed them open to reveal the chilly, outside air.

Agnella wrapped her arms around herself, shivering lightly as she walked down to the lake and sat down on the edge of it. She brought her knees to her chest and hugged them there, resting her chin on top, staring out to the calm surface of the lake.

She didn’t know how long she had been out there, but it had been awhile before she jumped, feeling somebody drape something over her shoulders. She turned around to see Draco smiling weakly at her.

“Mind if I sit down?” Agnella shook her head and turned back toward the lake silently, pulling his cloak tighter around her.

“You’re okay, right? I mean, I didn’t mean to –“ he started, only to be cut off by her finger on his lips for the second time that evening.

“Draco, I’m fine.” She whispered, pulling her finger away from his lips, “I just needed time alone to think, that’s all.”

“Oh, do you want me to go back inside then?”

“No, you can stay here.” She said, smiling weakly at him.

They sat in silence for almost 5 minutes, with Draco’s arm wrapped around her body and Agnella’s head resting on his shoulder, before Agnella broke the silence.

“I’m sorry for ruining things with you and Pansy.” She said softly, lifting her head to look up at him properly, “I didn’t mean for –“

Draco shook his head and laughed lightly, “Honestly, you did me a favor. You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to dump that wench .. father wouldn’t have let it happen.” Agnella giggled a bit, but Draco frowned down at her.

“I should be sorry for messing up you and Blaise. I know you really liked him.” He gave her a funny look when she started laughing even harder, “What? What’s so funny?”

“Nothing, it’s just .. nothing.” She smiled to herself, not wanting to reveal that, at first, she had really only gone out with Blaise to try and make Draco jealous and, over time, did start to like him. But nowhere near as much as she did Draco. Agnella sighed and buried her face into his shoulder again, so happy that he was there.


“What is it?” he asked, running his fingers lightly through her hair.

“I’m not sorry about what happened, and I’m really glad that it did.”

Draco gave her a confused look, which quickly turned into a smile when he saw her sincere face, “Me too, Agnella. Me too.”

Why can't I breathe whenever I think about you?
Why can't I speak whenever I talk about you?
Why can't I breathe whenever I think about you?
Why can't I speak whenever I talk about you?
It's inevitable, it's a fact that we're gonna get down to it
So tell me-
Why can't I breathe whenever I think about you? (whenever i think about you, whenever i think about you, whenever i think about you, whenever i think about youuuu)

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