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Draco slowly opened his eyes at the sound of the Grandfather Clock in the common room chiming five. He looked down and saw Hermione in his arms, fast asleep. It was then that the truth his Draco, hard.

He loved Hermione.

There was no denying it now. He loved everything about her. They way her hair fell around her face. They way she laughed, smiled and talked. He could go on forever on what he loved about Hermione, and as he stared at the sleeping angel in his arms, he realized that no words could describe his feelings for her.

Draco gently placed a kiss on Hermione forehead as he got out of the bed. He quickly walked into the bathroom, fixed his hair and walked down the stairs into the common room. Dinner had just started. He didn’t want to wake Hermione, so Draco walked down to the kitchens. He could have gone to the Great Hall, but Draco had something else in mind.

When Draco reached the kitchens, he tickled the pear as the portrait swung open. Draco walked in as the aroma of spices and foods encircled him, making his mouth water. Winky ran up to him.

“Hello Mr. Head Boy Sir! Can Winky get you anything? Winky is here to serve!” Winky said in her squeaky voice as the small hat she was wearing fell over her eyes. Draco chuckled and knelt down as he raised the hat back upon her head.

“Yes, Winky. There is something I need. I need a nice dinner for two delivered to the Head’s Common Room as soon as possible.” Draco replied.

“Of course Sir! Winky will do that right away!” Winky responded, saluting Draco before running off into the kitchens. Draco smiled and walked out of the kitchens, leaving the house elves to their work.

As he was walking through the halls, Draco bumped into someone. He looked up and smirked.

“Well! If it isn’t St. Potter and the Weasles! What do you want?” Draco spat at them.

“What have you done to Hermione, ferret face?” Ginny demanded.

“Jesus Weaslette. What would I have done to her?” Draco smirked. Ron stepped forward.

“Let’s see. Hurt her, hexed her, I could go on until I was as old as Dumbledo...”

“The point is Malfoy,” Harry interrupted. “We haven’t seen her since dinner last night and we want to know what you did to her.” he said. Draco laughed.

“I haven’t done shit to Hermoine. Now, if you lot wouldn’t mind, I have more important matters to attend to than stand here with you.” Draco said pushing past them. Harry, Ginny and Ron’s mouth’s were hanging open.

“Did... did he just call her Hermione?” Ron stuttered.

“Uh huh....” Harry and Ginny said surprised.


Draco quietly entered the common room. Hermione was still asleep from what he could tell. With a flick of his wand, the common room was transformed. He hurriedly shoved his wand back into his pockets, for he heard the shuffling of feet above him.

Hermione stood at the top of the stairs in awe with her eyes wide. The common room was so... so... romantic! All the chairs and couches were gone. Next to the fireplace was a table set for two with a boquet of red roses in the center. There was a small dance floor and slow muggle music was playing softly. The fire was flickering, along with the tiny flames of about 100 candles. At the bottom of the stairs, Draco stood smiling, holding a white rose in his hand. Hermione slowly walked down the stairs.

This is a fairytale. No. A dream. That’s it! It’s a dream! This is just a gigantic dream. This isn’t real. I’ll wake up and this will all dissappear. Hermione told herself as she blinked a few times. Nothing happened.

Ok. Not a dream. This is real. Hermione thought.

“Draco? What’s going on? What is all of this?” Hermione asked him confused.

“A gift from me to you. It’s an apology for the way I’ve treated you for the past six years.” Draco said while handing her the rose and extending his arm to her. Hermione took the rose as Draco led her to the table. He proceeded to pull out her chair for her before he took his own seat.

“Draco... this is all too much! It’s so romantic! And look at me!” Hermione said breathlessly as she looked at her clothes. She was still wearing Draco’s shirt and pajama pants.

“Nonsense. Besides, you’re beautiful.” he said as Hermione blushed furiously.

“Now. Let’s eat. We can talk after we eat our meals.” Draco said as the meal Winky prepared for them appeared on their plates. It was a lovely dinner of filet mignon, mashed potatoes, gravy, summer corn and a raspberry tea.

“Draco! This all looks so wonderful!” Hermione exclaimed as she took a bite of her mashed potatoes. She was starving. She hadn’t eaten a thing in about two days, so Draco could just imagine her hunger. Within half an hour, Hermione and Draco had finished their meals. It was quiet. Neither of them spoke. The only thing that could be heard was the sound of “Un-Break My Heart” by the muggle singer, Toni Braxton. Hermione looked up at Draco and cleared her throat.

“Erm... Draco?” she asked.


“Thank you. For...for everything.” Hermione said quickly.

“Don’t mention it.” he smiled.

“But really. You have been the best friend someone could ever ask for in the past two days. I really, really appreciate it.” Hermione said placing her hand upon Draco’s. Once she realized what she had done, she quickly removed her hand and sipped at her tea. Hermione was startled when Draco took her free hand in his own. She looked into his eyes. They were full of seriousness.

“Hermione, I...I think...I think I love you.” whispered Draco.

Author's Note: So? What did you all think? I personally like the next two chapters... but please R/R!

Disclaimer: JKR owns everything except the plot. That is mine... all mine!

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