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*Hello everyone! Sorry about the wait, orginally this was two chapters but I decided to tack on the second chapter because the first one is bad so maybe you won't hate me for leaving you in suspense. lol. Please let me know what you think of my twist at the end of this chapter. R&R! ~EternalStarDust*



Here are the photos you wanted to be developed. Sorry it took so long. If you want any more copies let me know.

Colin Creevey

Taryn smiled at the scrawled handwriting. When she had asked him to develop her pictures he had almost fainted. He had been so nervous especially when Draco had come over and put his arm around her. Apparently the Creevey kid would do anything for the girlfriend of the most feared Slytherin. She leaned back against the pillows after the owl had flown out the window. She was just about to open the thick envelope when a there was a sharp knock at the door.

“Come In!” Taryn called, and the door opened a crack revealing a small house elf.

“Morning Miss.” It said and curtsied.

“Good Morning.” Taryn said pleasantly. The elf looked startled to see someone addressing it. “I’m Taryn. Who are you?”

“Twinkie, Miss.” (*Sorry, I just couldn't help myself. laugh ppl!*)

“It’s nice to meet you Twinkie.” The elf curtsied again and took a few more steps into the room.

“I’ve been sent to tell Miss to get dressed and lead Miss to the sun room for breakfast.” Taryn nodded to Twinkie and began to riffle through her trunk for clothes. She pulled out a pair of jeans and sweatshirt when Twinkie stopped her.

“I wouldn’t be wearing those Miss.”

“Why not?” Taryn asked, confused.

“The master does not like anything to do with muggles, Miss. He always makes the young master and the mistress wear robes.” She said; her blue, tennis-ball eyes round.

“Oh.”. Taryn pulled out her Hogwarts robes and pulled them on. She felt oddly formal for breakfast, but she didn’t want to appear rude to Mr. Malfoy. She wanted to make a good impression for Draco’s parents. After they would find out eventually that she and Draco were a couple. “Is this presentable?” Taryn said with a grin.

“Miss looks very nice.” Twinkie said nodding fervently.

“So where is this sun room?”

* * * * * *

“Draco, maybe you could take Taryn on a tour of the grounds?” Narcissa said as a house elf cleared away the breakfast things. Breakfast had been a quick and quiet affair between Draco, Taryn and Mrs. Malfoy. Mr. Malfoy had not been present and Taryn did not question his whereabouts.

“Yes, Mother.” Draco said without any hint of emotion.

“You should go now, and take lunch with you. The two of you can be back in time for dinner.”

“Yes, Mother.”

“That’s a lovely idea Mrs. Malfoy.” Taryn said placing her napkin on the table. Maybe now she would be able to talk to Draco and find out why he was behaving so oddly.

Half an hour later Draco and Taryn left the manor with Draco carrying a small basket that contained lunch. Taryn reached for Draco’s hand but he shifted the basket so it was occupied. He led her down the main walkway that divided the lawn in half. The walkway was made from old granite stones that were smooth from wear. Taryn’s soft shoes made little sound as they walked along. Draco led her to the end of the sloping snow-covered lawns where the walkway forked. Draco turned and began to walk right without hesitation. The path grew dim as trees became less sparse; soon they walked completely in shade. Taryn inhaled slowly taking in the scent of the trees and of the ground damp from the melted snow. They stopped before a stone bench that was nearly covered in vines. It was nestled between beds of frozen wild flowers and tall aspen trees. Draco gently set down the basket and motioned for Taryn to sit on the bench.

“My father proposed to my mother in this very spot.” He said as he bent over to pull up a wild daffodil. “There’s something I want to ask you Taryn.”

* * * * * *

“Where are they?” Lucius demanded.

“Taking a walk on the grounds.” Narcissa answered timidly.


“Yes, I didn’t think it could hurt Lucius.”

“Exactly! You didn’t think! He’s weak! He may tip her off or get cold feet! Damn it Narcissa! If she isn’t at his feet by midnight it’ll be our heads!”

* * * * * *

“My mother pledged eternal love.” Draco had not looked at Taryn since they had left and now the fluttering feeling in the pit of her stomach was making her crazy.

“I want to ask you to pledge something else.” He finally turned to her, his eyes serious staring straight at her. “Taryn, promise me that no matter what happens you won’t compromise.”

“Draco, I don’t understand. Why are you asking me this? What the hell is going on?” The fluttering feeling was gone, only to be replaced by cold confusion.

“Taryn, I can’t explain just promise. I don’t want to lose you; the way you are right now.”

“You won’t! I’m not going anywhere, I promise.” She stood, wrapped her arms around him and pulled him closer. “I’ll always be me, and you’ll always be you. No one can change that. I promise.”

He let himself be taken over by the smell of her hair and the softness of her hands. This might be the last time he would ever get to hold her, so he clung to her never wanting to let go.

* * * * * *



“I’m really glad I came home with you.” Taryn smiled and nestled down farther into his arms. She loved the way he held her, his arms curled protectively around her waist with their hands covering each other. They sat in silence on the bench; it had been magically warmed so they would not freeze. The sun was sinking lower behind the trees and the feeling of apprehension was growing inside Draco.

“Come on, we have to start back to the manor.”

“Just a little while longer, we can watch the sun set.” Taryn said quietly her voice muffled from where her face was nuzzled in Draco’s neck.

“We have to go now.” Draco said firmly and stood
dumping Taryn on the ground. She rose quickly, her face furious.

“What the hell is with you?! First you don’t even tell your parents about us so I look like an idiot. You pretty much ignore me and act like I’m invisible. Then you take me out here and give me a speech about being myself and not changing! And now you’re back to being cold, serious, I-have-no-emotion Draco! Why can’t you just tell me what’s going on? Are you bi-polar or something? Because I can deal with that! But I can’t deal with you only liking me when no one is around or when you feel like it! I have feelings too you know and right now they’re pretty pissed off at you!” Taryn finished her face flushed and her eyes spouting sparks. Draco narrowed his eyes and scowled. In a quick step he had grabbed Taryn’s arms and pushed her back up against the nearest aspen.

“There is nothing wrong with me.” He said dangerously his breath hot upon her cheek.

“You’re hurting me.” She growled back; painfully aware of how his hands were digging into her arms. “Let go.” His eyes widened and he backed off.

“Taryn, I’m sorry. I was angry.”

“So was I.” She said evenly rubbing her arms. “Come on let’s go back.”

* * * * * *

“They’re returning now.” Narcissa announced as she looked out the window.

“Good.” Lucius said placing his hands on her shoulders. “We have limited time, as soon as they get here you must prepare her. I will take care of Draco.”

* * * * * *

“Where are we going?” Taryn asked as she followed Mrs. Malfoy down a steep dissension of stone stairs. Narcissa had dressed Taryn in glossy black hooded robes that trailed behind her when she walked. Narcissa wore identical ones.

“To a party of sorts.” An induction party for you.

“Like a holiday party?” Taryn asked, trying to figure out what was going on. There was a nervous fluttering in the pit of her stomach and the feeling that a vision should have presented itself was still there.

“Yes, like a holiday party.” The holiday of the winter solstice. At the bottom of the stairs Narcissa turned right and continued down a passage lit by floating candles. Taryn frowned, the passage seemed familiar but she could not place it. Their footsteps made no sound on the hard-packed dirt floor. Taryn strained her ears, but could not hear any other sounds issuing from the dark that lay ahead. The passage began to widen and Taryn could see a brighter light as they continued forward. She followed Narcissa into a high ceiling chamber lit by many glowing blood-red candles. Taryn’s eyes widened as she looked at the floor. She stood in the same chamber of her vision but no pentacle was inscribed on the floor. Instead she stood before a circle of identically clad people. She could not discern who was who as they had drawn the hoods of their cloaks over their heads. Narcissa had disappeared among the ranks, leaving Taryn alone on the threshold of the chamber.

“Welcome, Taryn.” Taryn jerked her head up when the voice spoke. The sound was of daggers, cold and hard waiting to plunge into flesh. There before Taryn was an impossibly thin man with the eyes of a snake, and so pale it looked as though he had never seen the sun. “I am Lord Voldemort.”

“I know who you are.” Taryn spat back defiantly.

“Then pointless introductions are unnecessary. This is good as the time is drawing near.”

“The time for what?”

“The time when you shall join me, and take your place among my followers.” Then Voldemort smiled a cold, controlling smile that turned his eyes to slits. Taryn felt as though she could not breathe. The hate welled up inside of her, stopping her blood and refusing to allow oxygen to her brain.

“No.” She said in a whisper it was all she could manage. He had killed her parents, taken away her life, and he expected her to pledge loyalty. Because of what? Fear? No, something deeper. He expected her to acquiesce for love. For her love of Draco.

“My dear, this is not a choice. It may take time but you will learn to be one of us.” Taryn wasn’t listening. She knew he was here, standing within the circle hiding from her gaze. A flash of blonde caught her eye and she knew instantly who he was.

“You said you cared about me! You said you wouldn’t let anything happen to me! You told me not to change! What about you?!” He seemed to shrink back further away from her as she yelled. “I believed you! I trusted you! Congratulations you’re one hell of an
actor. I hope he kills you when he finds out you’re not who you pretend to be!” She wanted to hurt him, make him feel the pain that was coursing through her, make him feel what betrayal felt like. It was something that could not be described, only conveyed. The white hot fire was coursing through her veins and salty tears were falling down her cheeks in angry streaks. She turned to Voldemort, her head held high. “I wouldn’t join you for anything. I would die first.”

“It’s not that easy, Taryn. Bindo.” Voldemort’s spell flew at her and she did the only thing that made sense.

Expecto Defendum!” The bubble went up immediately, fueled by rage and betrayal; it held. Voldemort’s spell was reflected and much to Taryn’s delight he looked surprised. The death eaters around her began to fire spells, none of which broke the bubble. The effort to keep it up was draining and Taryn knew she would not be able to hold them off forever. With a burst of will power she turned and ran, using the bubble’s physical defenses to knock death eaters out of the way. She hurtled back down the passage sprinting faster than she had ever sprinted in her life; for that was what she was running for. She ran without thinking and soon realized she had missed the stairs. The bubble flickered twice and went out, leaving her in the darkness, alone and unprotected. She felt along the wall for a torch or anything else that would provide light, but found none. She slumped to the floor, but was quickly on her feet again when she recognized the sound of approaching footsteps.

* * * * * *

“You said she would join! You said she was ready! You let your feelings for the girl cloud your judgment! We may never get another chance!” Lucius screamed and struck his son. The blow to Draco’s jaw made him fall to the floor but did not inflict anymore pain than he already felt. Draco let out a harsh laugh that caused him to cringe as his jaw moved.

“That’s your problem father, you think everyone will do exactly as they are expected to.”

“Do not speak to me like that! You ignorant child!” Lucius opened his mouth wide and yelled out a curse, “Crucio!” Draco’s screams reverberated through the tunnels, an eerie echo of what was to come.

* * * * * *
“Miss Faye?” Taryn pushed her body farther into the crevice in the wall, willing herself to be invisible. “I’m not here to help them. I’m here to help you.” Taryn tried opening her eyes wider but the darkness did not brighten and she did not know who was in the passage with her. “There is a way out if you will trust me.”

“Hans?” Taryn whispered cautiously as she recognized the voice.

“Yes. We do not have much time.” Taryn nodded through he could not see it. She did not know why she was trusting him, he worked for the Malfoys after all but she did not have any other options. “Take my hand.” Taryn reached through the darkness to find the body that housed the voice. She let out the breath she had been holding in when her hand connected with soft cotton and not the silky material of the robed death eaters. She followed Hans farther down the passage her eyes desperate for some kind of light. She did not know how the man knew exactly where he was going without the use of light. They turned several times before they slowed. Hans pulled her through a doorway and Taryn felt the temperature change immediately. They had entered a room, the air inside was musty and Taryn felt as though she was breathing in dust. She heard the door shut behind them and Hans lit a fire in the room’s sole fireplace. Taryn could finally see where she was, the light was a relief and she felt like breaking down right there. Hans took a box off of the fireplace’s mantle and walked back to where Taryn stood.

“You must leave here. Go somewhere safe, where he will not be able to find you. If he can he will come after you. Do you understand?” Taryn swallowed and nodded. She did not trust her voice. “I wish you luck, seer. Go with the blessing of the Clairvoyant.”

“The blessing of the Clairvoyant? Are you?” Taryn could not finish, it made no sense.

“There is not time. You must leave. I will make sure you arrive safely. Go now.” He opened the box reveling a small collection of floo powder. Taryn took it in her hands and threw it into the fire. The flames turned green and Taryn stepped in. In a clear and determined voice Taryn said,

“The burrow.”

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