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Authors note: How is everyone? good? then lets get on with the story!

Harry picked up a few sweets that were very obviously 'Nose bite nougats' and broke them in half. He pocketed the halves that made you better and picked up the halves that made you have a nose bleed.
He ran down stairs into the living room but just as he was about to ask for permission to go to wizarding world, when the telephone rang. Dudley, who was eating a big scoop of low fat ice cream, stopped to listen.
"Hello," said aunt petunia. There was a long pause then-
"Who is this any way?" aunt petunia said rather rudely. Then she suddenly her lips thinned. Dudley abandoned his ice cream and went other to his mother and put his ear near the telephone to listen.
"No," Said aunt petunia and she put the telephone down. Harry seized this opportune moment and dropped one of the sweets in his hand into the ice cream.
"Who was it dear?" asked uncle Vernon.
"It was one of their lot," she replied and pointed her head in Harry's direction. "They asked if he could go to their place. I said no."
All 3 Dursleys smiled. Dudley sat down and began to finish eating his ice cream.
Suddenly Dudley coughed and had an enormous nose bleed. In seconds the ice cream pot was over flowing with blood, in 10 seconds there was small pool of blood.
Uncle Vernon did not notice anything until something red that was near his shoe caught his eye. He looked at his Dudley.
"Pet-Pet-Petunia!" Aunt petunia looked up and gasped with horror.
"I did this," Said Harry, very proud of Fred and George.
"How dare you!" Screamed Uncle Vernon, getting up from the sofa. "Put him right!"
"Let me go to my friend's house,"
"Put him right!"
"Let me go," responded Harry, trying not to laugh.
"PUT HIM BACK THIS INSTANT!" He raged, his fist clenched in the air advancing to Harry.
"Will you let me go to-"
Harry took out one of the halves from his pocket, pinching himself along the way so he would not laugh.
"Dudley swallow this." Harry held out the half-sweet. Uncle Vernon wrenched the sweet from Harry's grasp and shoved it Dudley's mouth, who was now crying. Aunt Petunia was wailing, which sounded horrible.
When Dudley swallowed the antidote sweet, the bleeding stopped and all the blood vanished.
"Well," said Harry cheerfully smiling. "I am going to pack," or more like to laugh Harry thought.
"HOW DARE YOU?!" raged uncle Vernon. After 10 minutes of shouting, the Dursleys calmed down enough for them to sit down in the presence of Harry and for Dudley to switch on the television. An advert came on the television.
"One person living in the household could win this decades 'ultimate super lottery' which is 3 million pounds. Every person in the U.K. will be entered, automatically. We will be knocking on your door right now," The advert ended.
"Stupid fools," Vernon Dursley muttered and picked up his newspaper and began reading the sports section. There was a knock on the door.
"Dudley, see who that is on the door," said uncle Vernon lazily.

Authors note: Sorry for the short chapter... but on friday
you get the next bit! Please read and review

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