“What about Pettigrew, Sirius, why’d you kill him?” “I didn’t. I went looking for him, and I found him on a muggle street. He confronted me, screaming that I betrayed Lily and James, and I pulled out my wand. He was quicker. He had his behind his back. That filthy rat blew up the whole street, and quickly transformed. He cut off his finger just before he finished changing, and everyone declared him dead too. I was the only one left to blame.” The whole time he was telling him this, Sirius kept his face down, staring at the stone floor, but when he finished he looked up at Lupin hopefully. “Sirius, I would like to believe you, you don’t know how much I would, but...” “Please Remus, you’re the only one that could understand what happened.” “Sirius, I have to go.” “No, Remus, please!” Sirius cried. Lupin turned to leave, and Sirius leapt at him, knocking him to the ground. He pinned him down with his hands. “Please, don’t leave me here with out a friend to talk to, don’t leave here and never come back, I..I..I’ll go insane without someone who believe in me, please Moony...” Lupin looked into his friends’ eyes. “Padfoot, old friend, I have to go home and think, I don’t know whether to believe you or not, I’ll be back though, I promise.” Sirius slowly got up and helped Lupin up. “Sorry.” Sirius mumbled. Lupin dusted off his robes and headed for the door. “Don’t think I believe you yet, because I don’t know if I do, but I’ll be in touch.” Lupin said as he reached for the door. But before his hand touched the knob, it slowly turned, and the door opened. Two dementors slowly glided through the door, followed by the guard. The dementors headed towards Sirius. “Told ya’ he was crazy, attacking you like that. Don’t worry, he’ll get what he deserves, the dementors will push evil thoughts in to his brain.” said the guard as he led Lupin out of the cell and down the hall to the main room or the prison. “He deserves that, don’t you think?” “I don’t know what I think.” Lupin sighed.

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