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Chapter 4 Before any of the Fifth and Seventh year students knew it was time for their O.W.L.s or N.E.W.T.s, and for the rest of the school their Final Exams. Everyone was nervous and on edge, especially the Seventh years as this final test would let them know if they’d be able to apply for the dream job they’d always wanted or if they’d have to work at shops for minimum wage in Diagon Alley. James, Sirius, Alice, and Frank were determined to be Aurors and as a new law had just passed weeks ago, women didn’t have only be Hit Witches they could now be Aurors. Which of course made all of the girls smile as they totally believed in equality, but none of the girls except Alice wanted to be an Auror. James and Sirius had always wanted to be an Auror, just like Harold had been, but ever since Voldemort had murdered Harold, Grace, and Sarah; they had to avenge their family’s deaths. Alice had felt the same as the boys about avenging her family’s death, and Frank had joined to follow in his father’s footsteps but to avenge his father’s death and protect the rest of his family. As much as Lily would have loved to avenge her family’s murder and losing almost everything because of that sadist Lord Voldemort, Lily knew she couldn’t be an Auror. Lily had very weak ankles and knees, and there was no way that she’d be able to go through all the physical endurance you have to go through. Besides Lily had always wanted to be a Medi-witch. Lily really didn’t want to be a doctor, sure they got more money, but money didn’t always bring happiness. Lily had helped Madam Pomfrey out so many times in the Hospital Wing, that Lily knew she’d only be happy as a Medi-Witch. Merlin knew Lily had all the Charms she would have to know down. Gabriella was going to try and work at Gringotts in the back offices where all the paper work had to be done. Sure Gabby looked like a having fun, party girl, but she was really into doing numerous task and staying busy. If Gabriella got all the marks she needed she was going to start as Junior Assistant to the Manager in the bank in London. Gabriella loved feeling important and being Junior Assistant to the Manger, with all the work she’d be assigned, would defiantly make her feel important. Remus still hadn’t gotten any job offers, but he didn’t figure that he’d get any as everyone, but his friends, were all terrified of him. Cassidy wasn’t going to apply for a job at this very moment as she would have the baby just a few months after they graduated school, and that Cassidy wanted to raise her child. Cassidy didn’t believe in nanny’s or anything like that. Cassidy would look for a job as soon as Aurora would be able to go to Preschool for the Privileged children, or in other worlds children that showed Magical Powers. All children from magical families went, even little children that it looked as if they would turn out to be a Squib. Of course some children were a bit slower with coming to their magical powers. Cassidy had actually thought about going to teach at this school once Aurora was old enough and raised. As May began to wind down and May 28th got closer and closer, and all of the homework began to pile up more and more. Many of their fellow Seventh year students had to be rushed to the Hospital Wing for a spell to calm them down, as the N.E.W.T.s were so stressful and they hadn’t even started yet! Amos Diggory had been one of the students rushed to the Hospital Wing because he was freaking out. James said, “Serves him right, dirty bastard.” “James!” Lily said shoving her fiancée’s arm, “Watch your mouth.” “I agree with him Lils,” Sirius nodded while they were all eating their last meal before their first N.E.W.T.s test tomorrow, as it was the night of the 27th. “Yeah look what he tried to do to you,” Cassidy said eating almost as much as Sirius lately but then again she was eating for two now. “I know,” Lily said as she tried to shake off that feeling of how she’d been scared two years ago. “But ever since his son was born it seems as if he’s…well you know changed.” Milk flew out from Sirius’s nostrils which almost made Cassidy sick as she was sensitive to everything now. Everyone else laughed and some poor Ravenclaw that use to, and probably still did, had a crush on Sirius got the milk sprayed all over her. Odd thing was it was if she was dancing around in the snotty milk. Everyone at the table, except Cassidy and Sirius, was laughing so hard that they had to hold on to their stomach. “That’s just wrong,” Cassidy said as she began to turn the color green. “Guess I’m still lucky with the ladies,” Sirius said boosting his ego. “Oh really?” Cassidy said turning to him and giving him her famous angry eyes. “Well…uh…no?” “What’s going on?” Peter asked sitting on the other side of Sirius, everyone looked at him oddly as dinner had started almost a half hour ago and Peter was never one to be late for dinner. “Where you been Pete?” Sirius said devouring down tons of food that was making all of the girls nauseated at the way he ate, like a dog. Cassidy could now eat almost as much as Sirius, as she was now eating for two, but she never ate like an animal. Cassidy Black still had class. “What do you mean?” Peter asked looking at everyone else at the table as if they suspected him of something. True Peter wasn’t a Death Eater yet, but he was seriously thinking about joining. The Dark Lord had powers of what Peter had never heard of before and if things began to get worse and worse, as it was happening now, he’d want to be on the Dark side. The Dark side looked like the only place that would win, and he had to have someone watch his back…after all Peter Pettigrew was the biggest coward. “You’re late for dinner,” James said drinking some of his pumpkin juice. “So?” “So,” Remus began to explain. “The only time you are ever late for dinner is if you are sick or in the hospital wing.” “Oh,” Peter nodded and Lily couldn’t help but notice he was sweating, Lily thought it odd but figured he probably ran to dinner. “Yeah, that…Professor Flitwick wanted to review a few things before we start N.E.W.T.s tomorrow, as we all know Charms is my worst subject. Of course Charms was Peter’s worst subject so there was no more question and Peter sighed deep inside…he didn’t know if he’d be able to actually do this. “Ugh!” Cassidy yelled starting to gag, “What in Merlin’s name is that awful smell!” “Huh?” Sirius asked looking around. “Oh Merlin it stinks!” Cassidy then realized the smell didn’t come until Peter had arrived at dinner, “Peter are you wearing some new deodorant or cologne?” “Oh yeah,” Peter smiled. “Like it?” “NO!” Cassidy said as she felt her stomach churning and starting to rise up her thoart, “Crap! I’m going to be sick!” Cassidy ran out of the Great Hall and Peter looked upset that Cassidy thought his cologne smelled so bad. Hell, Bellatrix said it smelled so manly. “Don’t worry about her Pete,” Sirius said patting his friend on the shoulder. “Your cologne doesn’t smell as bad as she’s making it out to be.” “Then why is she being so dramatic?” Sirius laughed so hard he couldn’t talk and it was Remus to explain to Peter, “Peter she’s pregnant.” “Yeah…so? Everyone knows that.” “Well pregnant women are very sensitive to smells and tastes, and if it doesn’t approve to their senses then they get really sick.” “Okay?” Peter nodded slowly. “In other words,” Gabriella spoke up. “She’s been like this for a while and she’ll be like this until she has Aurora.” “Such a pretty name,” Alice said smiling and turning to Sirius. “You guys picked out such a beautiful name.” “Potter, Evans,” Professor McGonagall had approached the table and Lily and James were surprised to see her there. “Yes Professor?” They asked at the same time. “Professor Dumbledore needs to talk to the two of you after dinner in his office.” James nodded and Lily replied, “Of course.” *** After dinner James and Lily split up from their friends as Head Boy and Girl headed towards the Headmaster’s office. Both Lily and James wondered what their Headmaster needed with them the night before N.E.W.T.s started. The rest of the gang had headed back up to their dormitories to finish studying for their first two N.E.W.T.s tomorrow, Potions in the morning both written and practical. Then after lunch they would have their Herbology N.E.W.T. tomorrow, of course both written and practical. Lily had hoped that herself and James would get a little more studying done before they went to bed tonight, but it depended on what the Headmaster needed from them. Once Lily and James had entered Dumbledore’s office, he smiled at them. “Take a seat,” Dumbledore said motioning towards the seats in front of his desk. “Professor,” Lily spoke up. “I don’t mean to be rude or anything but will this take long? James and I were hoping to get a little more studying done for our Potion and Herbology N.E.W.T. that we are to take tomorrow.” “I won’t keep the two of you long Miss Evans, I promise.” Lily nodded but James noticed she blushed a bit which was totally cute from his point of view, but when Dumbledore began to speak James had to take his attention away from his beautiful fiancée to his Headmaster. “As the two of you have from first hand experience Lord Voldemort is getting stronger. Both Lily and James nodded to this as Voldemort had killed both of their families and Dumbledore went on. “The stronger Voldemort is getting, the more followers he’s getting. From what I’ve heard he was almost over fifty followers and a good majority of his followers are sixth and seventh year Slytherin students. Now of course not every student from Slytherin has turned over but there has been a good share.” “What are we to do Professor?” James asked as he’d always been against Dark Wizards and Witches, as his parents had been. James wanted to be the death of Voldemort, as he’d been the death of so many others including both James and Lily’s family. “Myself and other friends in the Ministry of Magic have decided to form kind of a secret society to help take down Voldemort and his followers. It shall be called The Order of the Phoenix. We will start the first meeting three days after graduation and I was wondering…” “I’m defiantly interested Professor,” James spoke up. “Put my name down.” “Mine too,” Lily nodded. Professor Dumbledore smiled, “Good. We will need a good Auror and Mediwitch on our side. I will be talking to other students I feel trustworthy about this secret society, but I must ask you not to say a word about The Order until then. I will inform you of the meeting soon and where it will be.” “Yes sir,” both Lily and James nodded. “Good luck tomorrow,” Dumbledore said as a goodbye and both Lily and James as they thanked him as they left their Headmaster’s office. *** Lily and James got back to their Common Room and saw that they needed to get to bed in three hours. So they’d study Potions for an hour, Herbology for another hour, and then they’d each take thirty minute showers. By hour three when the showers started James sighed, “Thank goodness.” “Huh?” Lily stopped in her steps as she was headed to the bathroom. “Just glad we’re done studying.” “For tonight.” “Yeah,” James said with a sarcastic tone. “Tuesday we have Charms and Muggle Studies, Wednesday Defense Against the Dark Arts and Astronomy, Thursday Care of the Magical Creatures and Arithmacy, and on Friday Transfiguration and Divination.” “Ugh!” James said gagging. “Good thing we don’t take every elective,” Lily giggled. “Merlin knows it,” James nodded as Lily walked towards their bathroom so she could take her shower and be out in time for James to take his shower too. Lily tapped the shower head to get the correct temperature and Lily sighed as she felt the very warm water wash all the daily toxins off of her porcelain skin. The familiar strawberry scented shampoo and conditioner brought a smile to Lily’s face as she also used her strawberry scented body soap. Was it that obvious that Lily loved strawberries? A while later Lily heard a knocking on the bathroom door, “Lily? Lily?!” Lily had been staring off in space and James’s masculine voice brought her down from her dream land, “Lily are you okay? You’ve been in there for a while.” Lily turned off the shower and began to dry her body off, “Sorry James…I kind of just spaced out.” Lily yelled through the wooden bathroom door, “What time is it?” “Ten minutes to eleven.” “Oh crap!” Lily met James at the bathroom door, Lily had her bathrobe around her body and her hair was still up in a towel. “I’m so sorry that my shower took forever….” “Na,” James shrugged. “I don’t need more than ten minutes anyways, it’s you ladies that need fifty minutes in the shower.” Lily blushed and James chuckled at how the pinkish color made her look even more amazing, “Meet me in my room at eleven?” “Okay,” Lily said kissing James’s soft lips and heading off to her respectable bedroom to get dressed. *** Five minutes after eleven James opened up Lily’s bedroom door to ask her what was taking her so long and smiled as he saw his lovely Lily Flower asleep on her bed. James picked her up and pulled back the covers, and as her bed was as big as James’s…well James just decided to sleep in Lily’s room with her tonight instead of his usual room. *** Morning of the 28th… When Lily and James arrived at the Great Hall thirty minutes before their first N.E.W.T. started Lily couldn’t help but laugh as she saw that Sirius had fallen back asleep in his eggs but Cassidy made no attempt to waking her husband up. “What’s up with Padfoot?” James asked eating some toast. Cassidy rolled her eyes as she ate oatmeal, “He demanded on studying all night and now he’s too tired to take the bloody test!” “Wow!” Lily blinked as she ate fruit for breakfast today, “Sirius actually worried about how much he’s studied? I’m surprised.” “As surprised as the rest of us were,” Alice nodded eating her pancakes. “Yeah,” Gabriella giggled. “I thought for sure that Cassidy’s water would break early by the shock she experienced last night.” Cassidy laughed and Peter looked at them oddly, “So what if her water broke? She could always come down to the kitchens and get a new one.” All the girls, James, and Remus began to laugh hard and couldn’t stop, “What?!” Peter asked angry that he was the butt of another joke. “Peter, Cassidy can’t just go get her another water.” Sirius said with his face in his oatmeal, which made the others laugh even harder. The fact that Sirius Black wasn’t asleep and was fully awake and knew that he was laying in his breakfast. “And why not?” “The water that their talking about is the water that protects the baby in Cassidy’s abdomen and the only way it will break is if her mucus plug is moved…that’s what they mean the water breaks…that means the baby is coming.” Peter looked disgusted as soon as Sirius said ‘mucus plug,’ which made all of the others laugh all over again, well all but Peter and Sirius. Peter because he hated being laughed at and Sirius because he was too tired to laugh at Peter. *** At nine, the seventh year students reentered the Great Hall to take their first N.E.W.T. test, Potions. Then there would be lunch and after lunch would be the Herbology N.E.W.T. At Lunch all of the gang was so exhausted from the long and nasty exam, that none of them even talked to one another during lunch. In fact as Lily ate her lunch and just happened to look around the lunch room, she noticed that none of the seventh years were speaking. As they began to leave to wait in the Entrance Hall for the Great Hall to be turned back into a testing hall, Sirius groaned. “I don’t think I have enough energy left for this next exam.” Lily would have told him it was because he stayed up all night the night before studying, but even though she’d gotten sleep she totally agreed with him. “Just stay strong,” James said to everyone but it sounded as if he was trying to encourage himself too. “Just another test today.” “Yeah and a hell of a lot more for the rest of the week,” Cassidy said bitterly. Sirius would have told Cassidy to watch her mouth around the baby, but he was to tired to say another bloody word. *** Dinner time was as quiet as lunch had been and Lily noticed that all the fifth years, who’d been taking their O.W.L.s, looked as tired as the seventh years looked now. After dinner was over, at seven, all but Lily and James headed towards Gryffindor common room as Lily and James headed towards their common room for more studying for tomorrows N.E.W.T.s Lily was so happy when it was time for her to take her shower, as much as Lily loved Charms, she was so tired of studying for it and Muggle Studies. “Don’t take fifty minutes again,” James meant as a joke but you couldn’t hear his sense of humor and Lily just nodded. Thirty minutes later, Lily was out of the shower and James was in. When James got out of the shower and dressed, he found Lily asleep in her covers that night and crawled in with her. *** The routine followed the same way up until Friday and Friday evening, everyone looked a lot happier. True everyone had been testing all week, but the first through fourth and sixth years were lucky with not having to take O.W.L.s or N.E.W.T.s. The fifth and seventh years looked so eager to have their exams over with. “Thank goodness you and James planned a Hogsmede weekend next week,” Alice said smiling as she looked as exhausted as the rest of her friends. “I really need it.” Everyone at the table agreed. Even though Lily and James didn’t have another exam the next day, as soon as they got back to their common room they took their showers separately and as soon as they were done they crashed in Lily’s bedroom again. Both fell into a happy slumber knowing that there were no more N.E.W.T.s to take ever and that tomorrow was Saturday and they could sleep in as much as they wanted without being disturbed.

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