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The Halloween feast was nothing out of the ordinary. Sure, the room was beautifully decorated. The ceiling, that normally showed the sky, was black with skeletons hanging down. The food was delicious and much more diverse than usual.

Freya just couldn’t get all that worked up about the traditions regarding this particular day.

Most people at Hogwarts thought back on the days when they went ‘trick or treating’ as children. But it was only the last couple of years that Halloween even became known in Denmark, let alone celebrated. This was yet another thing to separate her from the majority of the student body.

With her plate half empty and her goblet half full, Freya left the Halloween feast. Not because she didn’t enjoy dinner, she did. But Luna and Ginny had approached her at the Hufflepuff table, and she really didn’t feel like discussing everything in the middle of the Great Hall. Without a word she had brushed by them heading out the door, ignoring the puzzled look on Ginny’s face. She would explain later


The day after Halloween was a Sunday. Deciding to go for a walk with Thor before breakfast, Freya got up at 7 am.

It was a beautiful day. The sky was clear, and on the horizon the colour was slowly changing from a dark royal blue to the light blue November sky that she loved. Snow was not far away. She could feel it, almost smell it. The air was so fresh that she almost expected snow to fall from the clear sky right there and then.
Thor was running freely around the grounds, giving her time to think. Freya had already planned out how to approach Luna, and hoped that she would be the first one she bumped in to. As Eliot had said, she should at least talk to her. In all fairness Freya didn’t really have the right to be mad at Ginny, Hermione, Harry and Ron. She just knew that they were all hiding something.

When she got down to breakfast, none of them were there. After a quick bite to eat, Freya went looking for Luna. She didn’t know exactly where the Ravenclaw common room was but she knew that the kitchen was located in the dungeons somewhere. Luna knew where it was, and seeing as she hadn’t had any breakfast, there was a slight possibility she would come down there.

As Freya had never walked about the dungeons just for the hell of it, she found them hard to navigate. The lighting was bad; it reminded her of a cemetery at dusk. A shiver crept down her spine. She didn’t know if she should blame it on the temperature, or the creepy feeling she got from being down there. The smell was nearly too much; She could almost taste the mouldiness. Freya had the feeling that it oozed out from Snape’s ‘crypt’. The distinct scent of potions gone wrong lingered in the maze that was the dungeon.
Deciding that she, and her senses, would be better off waiting at the top of the staircase that led down to the dungeon, Freya headed back.

Lost in her own thoughts she failed to notice the figure approaching.

“Ah, Miss Keen. To what do I owe this pleasure?” Every word spoken was dripping with disdain.

Freya looked at Professor Snape. His hair was as greasy as ever, his clothes black as usual. The cloak he wore had a tall neckline that made him look almost vampirish.

She could just see his evil mind working out a way to torment her.

“I’m just looking for Luna Lovegood, Professor,” she answered, sounding nauseatingly sweet.

“If I recall correctly, Miss Lovegood is in Rawenclaw, and you are nowhere near the entrance to their common room.” He sneered. Eyeing her suspiciously he added “You will have to come up with a much better excuse the next time I find you lurking around down here.” He smirked and started to walk away.
Freya sighed with relief at getting off that easily, just as he turned towards her and spat, “10 points from Hufflepuff.” And with a swish of his robes he disappeared in to his classroom.

Not wanting to run in to some other vile Slytherin, ‘except maybe Eliot’ she mused, she decided to drop the search for a while and get some studying done.

Entering the library, she heard hushed voices from behind one of the bookcases. Wanting to see who was causing Madam Pince to twitch with anger, Freya peered around the corner of the wooden bookcase. Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna and Neville stood clustered tightly together, looking at her in surprise. No one spoke for a moment and it was clear, that the five of them had been in a heated discussion.
Ginny and Ron had flushed faces, Hermione’s knuckles were white, Luna looked more occupied with one of the books on the shelf next to them and Neville had his mouth hanging open, just staring at Freya.

“Oh… Hi Freya.” Hermione broke the silence. “We were just discussing.. um, S.P.E.W. you know, how we can make it better.” She forced a smile, that made her look entirely unbelievable.

Ron muttered something that sounded like, “…or make it go away.” Which only made Hermione’s comment seem more farfetched.

“Yeah.. ok. Luna, could I talk to you?” Freya said, shrugging off the group’s odd behaviour.

Luna turned her gaze to Freya. “I figured you might want to. You know you were quite rude to Ginny and I last night. In fact you owe both of us an explanation, or at least an apology.” Her face showed no sign of hurt or anger, she was just stating a fact. Her gaze returned to the books on the shelf.

Freya knew that she hadn’t been completely fair, but she had expected an apology from Luna. She wasn’t about to make excuses for her behaviour, before Luna had excused her own.

“I was rude?” Freya said, her well concealed anger rising to the surface. “What about you? You just left me! In my opinion that knocks my offence right of the top of the chart.” She could feel her face flush worthy of a Weasley.

“And I told you I was sorry about that,” Luna replied with a calmness that only made Freya angrier.

“That’s supposed to make everything all right then.. huh.. if that’s the case, I will just call you-know-who and tell him this wonderful news. Will that make everything ok with him too?” Freya heard her voice getting squeaky, and her body language became more and more animated.

Everybody looked at her in shock.

“Can’t you at least tell me where you went?” Freya said, forcing her voice back to normal. She looked at all of them, not just Luna.

“I’m really sorry Freya, we.. we can’t.” Ginny was the one who spoke up. She sounded genuinely sorry, but Freya didn’t care. She wanted answers, answers to why they had been keeping secrets from her. Keeping her in the dark.

“Well from what I saw in the Three Broomsticks, half of the students from the 5th year and up know what’s going on. Do you trust all of them more than me?” She managed to control her temper, but her voice was trembling with hurt.

Ginny looked down at her hands, avoiding Freya’s gaze. Luna looked as calm as ever, and just observed Freya with a concerned expression.

Ron, who hadn’t joined the conversation yet, spoke up. “They…” he said, harshly, “…don’t associate with Slytherins.”

“Slytherins? You mean Eliot?” Freya couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“Zabini Junior, that’s who I mean,” Ron spat.

“So what if I do associate with him? What has that got to do with anything?” Freya knew exactly what Ron was implying, she just wanted him to say it. Her eyes narrowed as she waited for him to answer, only he didn’t.

“Quite a lot actually,” Hermione interrupted. “Obviously you and this Zabini guy are becoming friends. Friends talk. Friends tell each other secrets. You must understand that we can’t risk anything. We can’t risk you spilling everything to him.” Hermione looked like she was about to cry. She sat down, back against the bookcase, and waited for Freya to answer.

Freya looked at her in disbelief. How could they think that she would ever tell anyone their secrets? She would never do such a thing. How could Hermione back Ron up in these stupid accusations?

“You know,” Freya exclaimed, trembling with detained anger. “Eliot has been nothing but nice to me. And for your information; Slytherins are chosen by their cunningness, not because they are evil. Some decent witches and wizards are placed in Slytherin.” She sneered the last remark at them

Ron let out a loud ‘HA’ and Ginny stared at her in shock, but Hermione was nodding slightly.

“That may be true, but we are not going to risk Harry’s safety on a possibility.” Hermione stated, closing the argument.

At the mention of Harry, Freya looked around. “Where is he anyway?” she asked, momentarily forgetting about the disagreement.

“In our common room.”

“In the hospital wing.”

Ron and Luna both blurted out at the same time.

Luna looked directly at Freya and said once more. “In the hospital wing.”

Ron was shooting daggers at Luna, but the rest of the small group had seated themselves next to Hermione.

“What happened?” Freya asked, but as she looked at their faces she knew it was a waste of time. “Fine don’t tell me anything. I don’t care.” Freya turned to walk away but stopped in her tracks. “As you said Hermione,” she began, her voice turning colder with every word. “Friends tell each other secrets. Obviously I do not have any friends in this crowd.” With that she walked away, but not before hearing Ron’s last comment.

“It’s better this way. She would have said something, I know she would.”

Freya stormed out of the library, to angry to think, to disappointed to cry and to hurt to breath.

Hallo everybody! I know this chapter is a bit on the short side, but I wanted to cut it of here.. It was better for the flow of the story. Chapter 7 will be much longer I promise… I hope you liked it.. and please don’t hesitate with giving constructive criticism, or just telling what you think so far!

*** A big thank you must go out to The Fitchburg Finch Fan Fiction Group, they have helped me a lot with the difficulties I have had. And ofcause thanks to my amazing beta Jenova!***

***And last but not least... Thank you Finchy, for helping with the summary!***

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