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Chapter 11

Saturday arrived much to everyone’s excitement. The crisp fall day promised mystery, romance, and intrigue with the impending event later this evening. Ginny awoke that morning with a pit deep in her stomach, ‘Today’s the day,’ she thought and then drew the covers back over her head. Suddenly they were yanked off and there stood Daveigh looking down at her.

“Come on Gin, get up” Daveigh chirped, “It’s a b-e-a-utiful day outside.” She began opening the heavy red velvet curtains allowing the sunshine to peak through.

Ginny stared at her friend with half lidded eyes, “Why are you so happy?” she murmured curling up in a ball on her bed. The other girls began to awaken as the windows drew more light into the room.

Daveigh bounced lightly onto Ginny’s bed, “No reason,” she answered, “ok I lied, I can’t wait for tonight!”

Ginny grinned at her friend, “Me too, I mean I’m nervous, but I’m happy at the same time.”

“Yeah, you’ve been keeping secrets from me Ginny Weasley,” Daveigh accused, “I’m also happy because McGonagall gave me permission again and I plan on spending the entire afternoon in the library searching through the restricted section.”

Ginny looked at her friend with a crazy look, “Daveigh! When are you gonna have time to get dressed for the ball? Remember, it starts at 6:00. Well the feast does anyway; you don’t want to miss that! I’ve heard so many rumors about tonight, someone told me Dumbledore is planning fireworks before the dance begins, done by yours truly.” Ginny took a moment to think about her brothers.

“Fireworks at Halloween?” Daveigh questioned, “Is he off his rocker or what?”

Ginny shrugged and began to get dressed.


Ginny decided to take an afternoon nap before she got ready for the ball. Her dreams were full of the key again, but nothing new happened. She kept getting stuck outside the staircase but had no view of the new room she was in. After that, Malfoy drifted into her dreams and Ginny began to fantasize about his muscular form on hers……

Ginny’s sleep was interrupted with the sound of a door slamming.

“Ginny! Wake up! It’s almost 5:00!” Daveigh called out and began searching through her trunk for her costume. Ginny woke up with a start.

“5:00! Oh no! I have so many things I need to do!” Ginny began going into a whirlwind faster than Daveigh, and soon the floor was cluttered with clothes.

Adriane walked into the room, her whole body covered with a black cloak. The only hint of color on her person was a pair of red spike heel boots peeking out from underneath the cloak. She carried a glittered red mask in her hand and a headband with devil’s horns. Her hair was drawn up into a long ponytail on top of her head which ended in the middle of her back. Her makeup consisted of deep blood red lipstick and rouge colored blush. Her eyes were smoky with grays and blacks. She stopped at the tornado which was still going on.

“Oh my goodness! What are you two doing?” The two girls stopped and stared at their friend.

“Wow,” Daveigh exclaimed, “You look great! But what’s with the cloak?”

“Gotta leave something a mystery. I’ll take it off when the dancing starts,” Adriane said, “Um…do you ladies need any help? I mean it’s about 5:00!”

Ginny stopped and looked at Adriane, “Please, I can’t find my shoes!”


Ten minutes to 6:00 the five girls made their way down the stairs to the common room. The room was abuzz and glittered with costumes and masks of different elements. Ginny peered through her mask and tried to find Dean among the threshold of people.

“My angel…..” someone said coming up behind her. Ginny let out a scream and turned around. Dean held his hand out to her which contained a red rose. He was dressed like the Phantom of the Opera, his white mask only covering half of his face. He wore a black and white tuxedo, with a black cloak which billowed over his right shoulder.

Ginny grinned at her date and accepted the rose. “Sorry I screamed like that, you snuck up on me all of a sudden.”

“You look great Gin, how are you feeling tonight?”

Ginny sucked in a deep breath. She was dressed as Christine from the muggle musical Phantom of the Opera. It was Dean’s suggestion and she went along with whatever he said. Ginny was dressed in a green velvet gown which was cut low in the bosom, and had billowing puffed long sleeves which came off the shoulder. Her waist was tucked in tightly with the use of a corset and the skirt of the dress billowed out. Underneath she had on flat black ballet slippers which would help with dancing later. She carried a mask on a long stick which she held up to her face. It was black with green ribbons dangling on the sides. Her hair was curled and hung loosely in the back. It looked great with the color of her dress.

“Gin, Ginny, where are you,” Daveigh called feeling in front of her.

“Wow Daveigh, you look great,” Dean said to the girl.

“Yeah, but I can’t see a thing!” Daveigh was the surprise beauty of the night. Tonight, Ginny convinced Dava to go without her glasses (because of the mask) which was a mistake. She was dressed as Rapunzel, the fairytale princess. Dava wore a purple gown which had an empire waist and ruffled beautifully down her frame and coincided nicely with her eyes. She had taken her hair out of its usual braid and let it hang down in waves down her back with purple satin ribbons entwined in it. A purple mask was settled on her face, and on her head was a cone cap with purple fabric trailing from behind. Her eyes were decorated with soft mists of silver and purple.

“Don’t worry Daveigh, I’ll stay by your side,” Colin suddenly said and came to the aid of Daveigh.

“Is that you Colin,” Daveigh asked. Colin retreated over but barely missed Daveigh’s hands about to poke him in the eye.

Ginny and Dean stood nearby holding in a laugh.

“Gin, this is all your fault,” Daveigh blamed and took Colin’s arm. Colin led her away gawking at Daveigh the whole time. Most of the Gryffindor males watched Daveigh’s reveal with surprise and many offered to dance with her that night.

Ginny and Dean made their way out of the door and to the great Hall. “Are you ready,” Dean asked.

“Let the show begin,” Ginny murmured and took his arm.


The gang arrived in the Great Hall with excitement. The stairs leading down to the first floor was decorated with drifting candles that guided the students down into the dark depths. The air was filled with anticipation and growling stomachs.

“I’m hungry,” Ron said to Hermione. They were dressed as the King and Queen of Hearts. Hermione rolled her eyes at him. Harry walked behind them closely, his hair spiked all over his head. His brilliant green eyes were covered with a green mask and he wore his green dress robes. He and Luna decided on coming as their own Hogwarts selves. As they got closer to the Great Hall, Harry said goodbye to Ron and Hermione for the moment and went to look for Luna. He couldn’t tell who anyone was with the masks on, but he knew to look for someone that looked like him, well dressed and normal. Suddenly a figure in a shocking pink mini dress came towards him. Harry looked at the female figure coming towards him and stared at the long pale legs.

“Hi Harry,” the female figure said. She was wearing a pink mini dress which had a wide white belt around the middle. The person wore white go-go boots, and had several bangles on her wrists. Her hair was piled into a humongous bee hive on top of her head, and she wore a white mask. Her lips were colored a pink the same color as her dress.

Harry gulped. “L-Luna?”

“Yeah,” she grinned, “how do you like my dress?” She turned around slowly for Harry to peruse her. He was still shocked that underneath the layers of robes she wore everyday, there were long luxurious legs. “Ummm…” Harry said but couldn’t quite get the words out. Luna leaned over and kissed Harry. ‘Was this a brand new Luna?’ Harry thought and let her pull him into the Great Hall.

What they walked into was everyone’s Halloween dream. The Great Hall looked like something out of Honeydukes. The ceiling above was enchanted like the night sky, but instead of stars, several dark shadowy witches on brooms road overhead. The moon was perfectly full, and white with dark craters. The walls looked to be covered with candy, candy wallpaper which the students walked over to and snatched at. Right where the missing candy was, a new piece appeared in its place. Jack o’ lanterns wavered overhead, cut out with faces of the staff at Hogwarts. Harry didn’t know what to look at first, the girl on his arm, or the creation in front of him.

Several circular tables were set up around the room decorated with cobweb tablecloths much to Ron’s disappointment. The Hogwarts house-elves walked around the room dressed in costume carrying trays of pumpkin juice and gilly water, offering it to the couples that stood around admiring the decorations. Ahead where the head table usually sat, a stage was set up, with the curtains closed. Harry found Ron and Hermione who was convincing Ron that the cobweb tablecloth contained no spiders and walked over to them with Luna.

“Honestly Ron, are you going to stand through entire the feast,” Hermione questioned. Ron’s face, behind the mask was deep red. “Well…..I am hungry,” he said for the second time tonight and sat down with defeat. He checked the tablecloth again and sighed. Harry and Luna approached them.

Hermione glanced at the person with Harry, and looked down at the long legs that were uncovered. “Luna, is that you,” Hermione said with surprise. Ron looked to say hello but his mouth was tongue-tied. Hermione slapped him on the head, and Ron was able to mutter out, “Yeah Luna, you look nice.” Harry grinned at Ron’s Freudian slip and sat down next to his friends.


Daveigh’s toes were already hurting her and she was as blind as a bat. Colin did his best to lead her to the table with Ginny and the rest of her friends and by the time the first course appeared, Daveigh took off her mask and put on her glasses.

“Daveigh, you took your mask off,” Lucy said with shock, “it’s not midnight yet.” The whole table looked at the girl dressed as Wonderwoman.

“Luce, we know it’s her, besides, now she looks like a smart Rapunzel,” Ginny joked.

“Plus her glasses are kind of like a mask,” Dean added. He helped himself to a second helping of the kidney pie. He then brought his attention to Ginny. “Ok, so far everything is going according to plan. I haven’t seen Malfoy yet, though it’s hard to know who he is but I’m sure he’s here. Plus, Adriane is without a date.” He glanced to the girl in black and red.

Ginny’s stomach became sicker with every passing thought. She was relieved that their charade was almost over with, but how she could find Malfoy was beyond her.

“We should break up after dinner,” Ginny said to him, “before the dance begins. That way you can be with her longer.” Dean’s attention strayed to Adriane and that cloak.

Dinner progressed on much to everyone’s delight. Dumbledore in a mask with bright red and gold feathers, stood up which signaled the end of dinner. “Now that we have eaten to our delight, we will have the next part of the festivities outside. Everyone please follow me.” Dumbledore led the students out of the doors and into the courtyard.

The night sky was filled with stars as far as the eye can see. Sitting in a canoe in the middle of the lake sat Fred and George Weasley. The students stood around with excitement, some sitting on the dewy grass and waited for something to happen. The first burst of gold hit the sky, and glittery pumpkins began to burst from the fiery tubes. Several filibuster fireworks burst open to reveal Halloween ghouls and goblins, black cats, werewolves, mummies, and other Halloween figures. The entire school stood transfixed at the display and cooed at the show.

The last firework burst open and a figure in the sky appeared flying around on a broom. As the figure descended, Gina exclaimed, “its Celestina Warbeck!” The whole school looked at her then back at the sky. Another firework burst open and glittery words appeared in the sky:

“Songstress Celestina Warbeck”

A haunting melody began to fill the air which caused the students to start swaying slightly. Many of the students started to walk slowly back to the Great Hall in a trance.

As they entered the room, some noticed that the tables were against the wall, and lights sparkled through the room, giving the room an ethereal glow. The stage curtains remained closed, but a billowing smoke began to rise from the stage. The students stood transfixed to the stage. Suddenly a voice was heard throughout the hall:

I put a spell on you…
But now your mine!
I put a spell on you…

It sounded like the voice was coming through the walls, inside and outside, in between students, into their heads. Hermione looked up at the enchanted sky and began to see a figure flying overhead coming closer and lower. The music became louder as the voice chanted the same words over and over……. suddenly the figure burst out from the enchanted sky and skidded onto the stage on the broom. The curtains opened quickly and a full band started to play. Celestina Warbeck turned around suddenly and burst into song.


Ginny and Dean remained outside despite the concert that began inside.

“Well that didn’t work very well,” Ginny said, “I didn’t think Dumbledore would spring her up on us like that.”

Dean looked disappointed but stood trying to come up with an idea. “It doesn’t have to be public; we just need one person, one person who has a big enough mouth to see us arguing, and then it’ll be all over the school in half a second.”

The two stood outside alone, hoping for fate to intervene.

“I can’t believe he wouldn’t dance with me,” Pansy muttered disappointedly. She had spent a great deal of money on her costume tonight, and Draco hadn’t paid one bit of attention to her. Now she was resolved to go find someplace she could lick her wounds, but instead she heard something that made her night a little bit brighter…….

“Someone’s coming,” Ginny whispered. It was now or never.

“I can’t believe that I saw you kissing her,” Ginny suddenly said. Pansy stopped when she heard that and hid behind a tree. She peered around and saw a lone couple-Weasley and Thomas, who could miss her with that hair color. Pansy grinned evilly and continued to eavesdrop.

“I can’t believe you kissed her on our anniversary,” Ginny said trying to draw up tears.

“Please baby, give me one more chance,” Dean replied back, “I’ll make it up to you!”

“How can you even say that? After all we’ve been through. The entire summer I was true to you. And then I found that letter that American girl wrote you, that’s why we broke up the first time.” Ginny lied and continued on becoming the believable hurt girlfriend, “and I give you a second chance, hoping that maybe you’ve changed, and I find you kissing that bloody slut!” Ginny walked up more and got into Dean’s face and winked slightly.

Dean stood engrossed in the charade, but he was playing the part well looking like an escaped prisoner who had just gotten caught. Pansy leaned deeper into the conversation, lapping up every drop like a dog.

Ginny began to cry fake tears, and Dean tried to be the consoling boyfriend. Ginny pulled away and said, “It’s over Dean. I’ve given you too many chances. You don’t care for me, go find your little slut and be with her.” She turned and looked at him. Suddenly, to add to the drama, Ginny drew her hand back and slapped Dean in the face.

Dean’s hand automatically went to his cheek, and he glared angrily at Ginny. “Fine, have it your way.” He began to retreat back to the castle.

Pansy quickly turned around and rushed back to the castle. Dean and Ginny watched her retreating figure running back through the doors of the courtyard and he stopped and turned around.

“That really hurt Ginny,” Dean said still holding his bruised cheek. Ginny walked up to him and checked it.

“Ooh, sorry Dean. I got a little carried away.”

“To say the least,” he said and began to laugh, “What are the odds that the biggest mouth in the school happens upon our little exchange tonight?” Ginny laughed at that.

“Well you better get inside and find Adriane, I bet she’s eager to console you,” Ginny teased.

“Deal, wait five minutes, and then come in after me,” Dean said. He began to walk up to the castle.

Ginny watched her fake boyfriend walk into the castle swiftly. She felt like a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulder. After a few minutes she walked up to the castle eager to find her prince


Daveigh sat at the table with Adriane and stared at the couple on the dance floor. A fast tune was on, and Daveigh watched Ron trying to keep up with Hermione.

“Looks painful don’t it,” Adriane said looking over at Neville and Lucy who were dancing together. Daveigh looked over at that couple but quickly looked back at the other one.

“I have my eyes on Frankenstein’s long lost son,” Daveigh said, commenting on how stiff Ron’s dance moves were. Adriane laughed. She still wore her cloak; there was no sign of Dean or Ginny anywhere. Daveigh had told Adriane that Ginny was up to something tonight, it had something to do with Dean. She convinced Adriane that Ginny was really interested in someone else. Daveigh told Adriane that she suspected Ginny was really trying to make that person jealous.

Colin wandered over to their table much to Daveigh’s dismay.

“Hi girls,” he said, “I’ve got something to tell you that will blow your mind.” He leaned over and began to give them the details of the break-up everyone missed outside. Adriane and Daveigh looked at each other. Daveigh winked at Adriane. She was beaming at the situation, and the sacrifice her friend went through on her behalf. Dean appeared at the door to the Great Hall and after searching through the crowded room, he cut through couples dancing really fast. He walked over to Adriane.

“Do you want to dance,” he asked his heart beating a mile a minute.

Adriane nodded and stood up. She took his hand, but then decided to take off her cloak. She slowly took it off, and what she had on underneath made Dean’s knees go weak. Adriane was wearing a black and red leather outfit, the top was red, tight bustier and the skirt was short and black with red and black suspenders attached. His eyes drew down her legs for which were covered with black fishnets and the killer red spiked heeled boots completed the outfit. She looked every bit the devil, evil, and very tempting.

“You like,” she asked. He grunted a yes and led her out onto the dance floor.

Daveigh remained alone for a while until Ginny appeared at the table.

“Did he find her,” Ginny asked searching the crowd.

“Yep,” Daveigh answered. Ginny beamed at the couple, winked at Dean and gave him a thumbs up.

“Has anyone asked you to dance yet,” Ginny asked her friend. Daveigh shook her head and kept watching the couples. Ginny watched her friends face, she was disappointed. Suddenly Ginny had an idea.

“Daveigh, you have to put your mask back on,” Ginny decided.

“But I can’t see without them,” Daveigh said but followed her friends instructions though reluctantly. With the glasses on, she was studious, boring old Daveigh, but with the mask contrasting with her outfit, she was mysterious, the beauty no one knew.

Suddenly, a Hufflepuff 7th year Ginny had seen around the castle came over to ask Daveigh to dance. She grinned at the sudden turn of luck, thanked Ginny and retreated off with the boy. Ginny smiled at her friend and began to feel suddenly a feeling of foreboding. Something was wrong.


Daveigh danced the next two dances with the Hufflepuff boy, and was passed off to someone else. She couldn’t see who she was with, but she was having the time of her life.

‘I guess I should invest in muggle contacts,’ Daveigh thought. A slow and haunting tune started.

The lights dimmed and the smoky voice of Celestina came in: “This song is dedicated to the lonely werewolf in my life….”

She began to sing the lulling lyrics of “Under the Full Moon”

As the moon burns brightly
My love turns away
I sense something is wrong
As he runs from me…

I stare outside calling him
And the only answer given
Is one I don’t recognize
I become afraid for my love,
I feel danger outside

But the clouds part and the light shines brighter
Under the Full Moon, his love feels so right
He transforms before me, into the man I want

Slipping into a daze, I follow his call
Outside into the night, I follow his call
Through the meadows and into the deep woods
The closer I get, the more I want to be with him

I feel safe, knowing he’s near
I know that our love will persevere
Through all the trials his secret will cause
As the danger envelops me

But the clouds part and the light shines brighter
Under the Full moon, his love feels so right
He transforms before me, into the man I want

Daveigh felt someone bring her close as the song continued, and she felt a pair of strong arms wrapping around her.

“I told you I’d find you,” a voice said. Daveigh let the music and the dance take her away.

As the song ended, the lights slowly came up. Couples still swayed even though the music stopped. It was midnight, the revealing of the masks. Celestina Warbeck started the revealing ceremony and took her mask off. This was a face seen all over the Witch Weekly.

Soon students began to take their masks off. Daveigh waited for her new partner to take off his mask. But she still couldn’t see. She took her mask off, and put on her glasses. In front of her was a guy with a dark black mask, but it was more like a scarf tied around his face. He wore a white cottony shirt which was open at the top, and she could see a sprinkling of light hair. A cape hung around his neck, and on the lower part of his body was a pair of black breeches, with a sash tied around his neck. A sword hung from his hips.

“Zorro?” she said recalling a muggle TV show she’s seen before. Her Zorro smiled and untied his mask. It was Geoff. Daveigh grinned and leaned in to kiss him.

“I dreamed of you as Rapunzel,” he said before drawing her into a steamy kiss. Around them the students were either in surprise at their partner, or disgusted.

Parvati Patil was dancing with Colin to her surprise. She drew away from him quickly, and went to find Lavender. She couldn’t believe the sensitive caring guy she was with the whole night turned out to be Colin!

Malfoy took his mask off, and looked for Ginny. He heard the rumors from those around him. She was free. Unfortunately, teenage lust prevailed and he danced with several girls, disgusted. The last girl he danced with at the reveal placed her hands on the bulge in his pants as an invitation, and he pulled her hand away.

He began searching the room with alarm, not seeing the red-head anywhere. He didn’t even know what she wore. As he continued, he began to feel that something wasn’t right. Suddenly, the feeling built up more and more and he left the Great Hall at once. He had to find her!

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