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A/N: Alas, an update! Sorry I’ve been taking so long getting these updates out (with this and with Target Practice, in case you’re following that) but I’ve got this horrible little nuisance called “school” to deal with. And then there are those lousy friends of mine…funny, they always seem to want to spend time with me. (Ha!) So here it is…

Finally the day had come…

Neville was nervous, very nervous. After so much thought, preparation, and anticipation, the day that he was planning to confront his nemesis had finally come. He intended to actually go and face his enemy later in the afternoon so that he could use the morning to muster up some courage. It wasn’t going well.

“Blimey Neville, you’re pale as anything,” Ron commented as he noticed Neville’s sallow face. “Something wrong?”

“No,” Neville replied immediately. “Everything’s fine!”

Ron gave him a look. “You’ve been acting funny for a while now. Seriously though, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong!” Neville snapped defensively. “But,” he added as an afterthought, “if you find me dead in a hallway sometime this afternoon, make sure to get my body out of the way.”

“Will do,” he agreed. “Any reason why I might find you dead this afternoon?”

“Don’t worry about it,” Neville told him. “I need to learn to stand up to people.”

“All right then,” Ron said. “Just don’t do anything completely stupid, otherwise I might feel guilty for not bothering you more and then trying to stop you.”

Ron gave up on questioning Neville and set off to find something else to amuse himself with. Meanwhile, as a final confidence booster, Neville reached for his trusty handbook and began to read the final chapter.

Chapter Six
A Test of Your Knowledge

In the past five chapters you have obtained a vast amount of highly useful knowledge that you can put to use in almost any field of work. But how much of it do you actually remember? Have you been studying, or have you been brushing this off for something like scuba diving or watching muggles shop for appliances? Well, we will soon find out! Break out your quills and cheating devices, it’s quiz time!

Write your answers on a separate piece of parchment. Cheating is perfectly acceptable.

Question Number One

Your name is Kiki Mafalda Finkleton and you are a respectable cauldron saleswoman. One day you wake up and decide that the cauldron business is not for you. Instead, you want to follow your dream of becoming an evil villain. Immediately you begin to try to gather supporters, but you are having difficulty. From the information provided, explain why.

Question Number Two

You have an evil villain friend who has cleverly named herself Alana Kedavra. She has gathered a large mass of supporters that she has named the Black Ravens. Together with the Black Ravens she strives to find the best pastries in Ontario. Despite the fact that she and her followers are evil and scare children and small animals away, she cannot seem to make a name for herself and has not gotten far in the world of evil villainy. Please explain, using the information given, why this is so.

Question Number Three

You are in the process of formulating your evil plan. You have already come up with one, though it is somewhat unwise, leaves a lot of empty gaps, makes little to no sense, and will most likely fail. What do you do now?

Question Number Four

Can successful evil villains wear pink?

At this point in time, Neville looked away from his book. For some strange, unknown reason he had been overcome with a wave of confidence. He could be evil and intimidating…his nemesis wouldn’t be able to kill him! If he stuck to the plan he had carefully laid out, he would be able to successfully defeat his enemy and get what he wanted and deserved.

With a newfound confidence, he continued to read.

Question Number Five

You are in the midst of executing your evil plan. Your henchmen are wreaking havoc and your nemesis seems to be thoroughly afraid. Everything is going exactly as you planned it. However, you soon get the feeling that something is not right. You look around and see a random flock of chickens wandering around, for no apparent reason.

Shaking your head, you ignore this strange reality and decide to confront your nemesis face to face. You approach them and get into a traditional verbal fight. Everything is going well until for some strange, bizarre reason, you find that you have accidentally confessed your undying love for your nemesis. Is this an acceptable situation to abandon your evil plan? If so, why?

Question Number Six

You are sitting at a table eating with a few of your Death Eater friends during the lunch break of your Death Eater meeting. Right before your friend Bobby picks up his sandwich to take a bite out of it, you whip out your wand and levitate his sandwich. You then repeat this three times. After Bobby has threatened to “kill you if you don’t let me eat this lousy sandwich,” you begin to voice some of your more interesting opinions. That Potter boy…he just has the cutest scar! And those eyes of his, aren’t they just darling! They’re his mother’s eyes, it’s going to be important later in the story you know. What are these actions an example of?

Six questions should be enough to determine how much you’ve learned in the past five chapters! Put your quills away please and proceed in reading the correct answers and comparing them with your own. Good luck!

Answer Number One

You are not able to gather supporters because your name is Kiki Mafalda Finkleton. This name is far from malevolent. When henchmen are looking for a villain to work for, they know that villains with funny names never get far and rarely succeed.

Answer Number Two

Alana Kedavra is not successful in the business of evil because her purpose is not evil. True, she has a goal to work towards, but it is in no way despicable or malicious. Even though she has a name that inspires fear and a group of unified supporters, the fact that her purpose is completely idiotic prevents her from success.

Answer Number Three

Half credit if you said “go through with it anyway.” The completely correct answer is to have your henchmen or sidekick come up with an evil plan, but then take the credit for it yourself. That’s what your henchmen are there for! You don’t just have them to do your laundry and pick up your dry cleaning…

Answer Number Four

Yes! Though not all evil villains are able to pull this off, a select few are capable of using pink to their advantage. You-Know-Who is not one of them.

Answer Number Five

Yes, abandoning your evil plan in this situation is perfectly acceptable and highly recommended. This is because of two main reasons. The first is the random flock of chickens – it is a good idea to retreat if you suddenly find yourself in a situation that involves poultry of any kind. Also, you should stop going through with your evil plan if you find that you’ve accidentally confessed your love for your nemesis, because this can get very awkward. You don’t want that now, do you?

Answer Number Six

These actions are an example of pointless evil, an important part of establishing your personal evil style.

So, how many did you answer correctly?

By now, you should hopefully be ready to go out into the world of evil and make a name for yourself. You will soon find yourself surrounded with exiting people doing exciting things! Nervous? Don’t be! After reading this helpful guide, you should be ready for anything you will face in the evil world. So go, get out there, and start your scheming!

Neville felt confident and certain of himself. This afternoon, he would find his nemesis and demand that they return to him what was rightfully his.

“Goyle doesn’t stand a chance…”

A/N: HA! So now you all know who Neville’s nemesis is! But what is Neville going to do? The next chapter will tell you! And I have a feeling that this isn’t the last part of the book you’re going to read…how do I know? Because I’m the author, of course!

Remember, reviews are much appreciated!

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