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Dear Anyone Who Stuck Around In Vain, I'm very sorry for abandoning you guys these last few months, after finishing the Green Flame Torch with a great plot in mind and such enthusiasm for writing more about Harry. I'll miss writing it, in fact I have; but being an admin at MagicsFinest RPG board just takes up all of my time. Now that book 6 is due in just 2 months I know I have to stop, and possibly write a 7th year fic after that one comes out! I know a future fic would be much more worthy of reading than the ones I've written now, because writing GFT really helped me to improve. I've still felt like a bad writer lately and that might have kept me away too, but anyway I'm not giving up completely! I'm very sorry, once more. Thanks so much to everyone who ever reviewed or bothered to give me suggestions. It was great, and I know I'll crave more of that eventually. My basic plot for Forest of Shadows: -the new Minister for magic tries to use the Veil for executions, but Dumbledore stops him and steals it, hiding it in Hogwarts -Voldemort finds a way to invade Hogwarts with an army of Death Eaters and Dark Creatures -He chases Harry through the castle to a room that contains the veil, they both fall into it at the same time -Harry thinks he's dead; actually he's in the Forest of Shadows; the place where wizards go when they die an unhappy death -Harry finds his parents and Sirius again and talks to them, they give him the secret to defeat Voldemort -Voldemort faces him and Harry kills him; he disappears, and all the ghosts trapped within the Forest of Shadows are freed; they float up into the sky, pulling Harry with them -Harry returns home safe There were many, many subplots to this, including Fred and George who discover that Josephine has been stealing their jokeshop ideas and selling them to Zonko's; Ron, who finally falls in love with Luna at the end of the year and goes to look for her, but gets caught in Voldemort's attack and is killed; and Hermione, who's Animagus form is a Phoenix. I'm sorry I didn't have the will or energy to put these thoughts into words... I'll really miss writing Harry above all... :(

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