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(A/N: So I have recently discovered how hard it is to write a PG-13 sex scene. It is very hard. I mean, I'm not the type to get all graphic anyways, but this was a challenge. I ask that you resist the urge to tell me that it is the blandest scene of that nature you have ever read, should that be your opinion, because I am trying very hard to keep the rating at PG-13 for my readers who cannot access R rated stories. The rest of the long awaited shag will be in the next chapter, just to torture you all. (heehee, I know, I'm evil sometimes)This is also a warning to anyone who doesn't wish to read anything too passionate, although as I mentioned, it's really not that bad. I hope you all like it, and don't forget to review. Love ya!!)

“Hermione?” One of the voices asked.

“Heh, erm hi Ron…” Hermione said shoving the bag of presents behind her back.

“What are you doing here? Everyone at school is worried, you got sick and then just took off for the holidays. You really were sick weren’t you?” Harry questioned. She blushed and looked down at her feet. She laughed nervously.

“Ha, yeah, its funny you mention that actually. You see I just…um…”

“You cut school –”

“To go with Malfoy –”

“Didn’t you?” They finished together.

“Well when you lot say it you make it sound so horrible.” She said bashfully.

“This is so unlike you Herms. He is making you act all funny. He doesn’t know the real you, we do!”

“Don’t call me Herms Ronald!!” She yelled. “If you knew me you would know that I absolutely despise that nickname, and maybe this is me. Maybe I did change, but I’ve always seen change as a good thing. I was bored Ron, very bored. I was tired of being the boring, goody two shoes bookworm. I’m trying to find the other half of me, and I think I may have found it in Draco so don’t you dare say that you know me. You only know the half that you approve of.” She finished, straightening her scarf and clearing her throat. “Now I’m sorry I exploded like that, it was not fair to you. If you would please excuse me I have a dress to buy and dinner to make back home…” She stopped short. “I mean, back at Draco’s house.” She corrected. She left them there, dumbfounded, as she walked off down the icy cobblestone street.

“Well that was interesting.” Harry said.

“Yeah…” Ron squeaked. “I think she’s finally cracked mate.”

“Merlin knows… maybe it’s just a girl thing?”

“I bloody hope so. My ears are starting to hurt from all her ‘explosions’.” The two boys continued into the Quidditch supply which had been their destination before running into Hermione. “But I really did think that she like the name Herms.” Ron thought out loud.

A light snow had started to fall as she reached Sophie’s Fashionably Modest Apparel and entered. She stepped through the doorway and was engulfed in warmth radiating from a large fireplace in the back of the room. It felt like she was shopping in someone’s home, not a store. A tall, thin, kind looking woman with oval spectacles and neat graying hair approached Hermione.

“Hello there dear, is there anything I can help you find today?” She asked politely.

“Well, yes. I need a dress for Christmas dinner with my parents.” Hermione explained. The woman smiled warmly and guided her over to a rack full of dresses.

“My dear you have come to the right place. Here we have some of our most popular dress, would you like to have a look?” Hermione nodded and carefully glanced though all of them. It wasn’t that the dresses were ugly, but they all reminded her of clothes that her old great aunt Margaret used to wear. She turned to the sales lady and tried to think of the best way to tell her she wasn’t interested in any of them.

“Um, these are all very nice, but I was wondering if you maybe had anything just a little younger? You see, I think that these may be a bit too mature for me.” The smile on the woman’s face just never seemed to leave.

“Oh course, I thought you might say that. We have these, over here.” Hermione followed her over to the other side of the shop. The woman pulled out a plain black dress. It was long sleeved and went just a little past the knees in length. It was simply cut with a v-neck cut on top, and it was fitted at the bust to show off a female figure without it being too tight or clingy. Hermione nodded and took it from her, heading into the dressing room. She unzipped the back, stepped in and pulled it up, reaching behind her to zip it. She stood in front of the mirror and gazed at her reflection. “Hmm, not bad. I’m sure Draco won’t like it, it isn’t showing enough skin for his taste, but oh well. My mum will like it.” She thought, turned in a circle and checking her backside to make sure it didn’t look huge in this dress. She slipped it off and put her own clothes back on. When she came back out the sales lady was waiting with a hopeful smile on her face.

“So did you like it?”

“Yes, it’s perfect. I’ll take it, and thank you for all your help.” The woman took the dress from her and rang it up at the register. “May I use your fireplace to floo home? It is snowing awfully hard now and I would really like to avoid walking back to the Three Broomsticks.” Hermione asked.

“Oh yes, please go right ahead. Now enjoy that dress, I hope your dinner goes well, and you can tell your boyfriend to wear dark blue, it will go wonderfully with your dress.” The woman called to Hermione as she dug through her purse to find her pouch of floo powder. “How did you know Draco was meeting my parents?” She asked.

“Draco?” The woman’s smile faltered for the first time since Hermione had entered the shop.

Hermione just dismissed it, supposing that the woman had just guessed, she did look like she had children of her own. She dropped the powder into the flames and said the address clearly, and before she knew it, she was standing in the common room in front of Draco, who fortunately, was fast asleep on the couch. She snuck up stairs and hid Draco’s present under the bed. She had just clipped the tags off the dress when the familiar feeling of soft lips on her neck made her jump.

“Merlin, Draco don’t scare me like that!” She cried, turning around to put her arms around him. She breathed in his scent that she loved so much, and pulled him closer to her. He ran his fingers through her thick, silky hair with one hand and rubbed her back with the other. The combination of the two was having a very hypnotizing effect on Hermione.

“Did you find what you needed?” He asked. She came out of her trance and broke away so she could retrieve the dress. She held it up for him, waiting for him to say something.

“Well? What do you think?”

“It’s black.”

Hermione looked at the dress, then back at Draco. “Um, yes, it is. Is that bad?”

“No, I just always thought that black dresses were supposed to be sexy.” Hermione scrunched up her face at him and hung it up in the closet.

“You’re wearing dark blue by the way, it will match my outfit.” When she was clipping the tags off she had noticed that the dress had been sewn together with navy blue thread, which explained why the sales lady had recommended blue for Draco.

“You’re planning my outfit?” He asked, crossing his arms across his chest.

“Yes, I am. Unless you would like to dress yourself and stick out like a sore thumb when my parents get here.” She said, mimicking him and folding her arms as well. He backed down.

“Fine, but I’m not wearing a tie so don’t even try it.” She smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

“I’m going to go start dinner.” He nodded as she pranced past him. He shivered slightly from the cold winds that were blowing, and he cast a warming spell on the house. “Much better.” He thought.

He went downstairs, and put some music on. It was one of those songs that fits the moment perfectly. Not too slow, not too fast, not too much singing, just perfect. He walked into the kitchen as saw Hermione dancing gracefully around the kitchen with tongs poised in one hand, and a bottle of cooking wine in the other. The apron she had tied around her waist floated up into the air when she spun, and she was humming the tune softly. She stopped dancing when she reached the stovetop and poured the wine into whatever it was she was cooking. It sizzled in the pan, and she slowly moved her hips back and forth as she stirred. Draco watched all of this from the doorway. His mouth was watering, but he didn’t think it was because of the food. She wasn’t the little girl he used to tease anymore; she was the beautiful young woman ready for whatever adulthood could dish out for her.

“DRACO DINNER’S READY!” She yelled, not knowing he was only a few feet away.

“Ouch.” He said, holding his ears. She turned as gasped slightly.

“Oh sorry! I didn’t know you were right there. Dinner is ready.”

“Yes, so I heard.” She giggled as she put the contents from the pan onto the plates, which turned out to be sautéed scallops. She walked over to the table and set the plates down, then turned to take off her apron but she saw Draco only a few inches from her face. He pulled her to him by the hips and kissed her passionately. He slipped his tongue into her mouth and massaged hers with his own. Hermione, while surprised at first, had no objection. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. Draco pulled away for a moment to get some air.

“I love you so much ‘Mi.” He said breathlessly in her ear. She grabbed his face and kissed him hard again. His hands worked with the knot on her apron, undoing it easily and pulling it off, letting it slide to the floor. Hermione was the one to pull back this time.

“What about dinner?”

“I only want one thing right now.” He said kissing her neck.

“Then I guess it can wait.” She said before capturing his lips again. He walked her backwards toward the stairs. The back of her foot hit the first stair and she almost fell back, but Draco had a steady hold on her. He lifted her up enough so that she could wrap her legs around his waist while he carried her up the steps. Putting her down at the top, but not taking his lips off hers, he pushed the bedroom door open and they half walked, half stumbled into the room closing the door behind them, even though there was no one to walk in on them. Hermione’s blouse was the first thing to go. They fumbled with the tiny pearl buttons together until it was finally off, and thrown carelessly somewhere in the room.

Next was Draco’s shirt. Hermione slid her hands up his toned chest under his shirt and pulled it over his head. Hermione walked backward to the bed, and felt the edge of it hit her in the back of the knee. Draco fell on top of Hermione, squishing her between his body and the feathery mattress. He looked down at her smirking face, the lust burning deep inside the both of them.

“Okay,” She thought. “I know I didn’t like this idea before, but I love him, and he loves me, and Merlin the moment is so perfect…I can’t believe I’m about to do this.”

“She is so bloody gorgeous, I want her so badly.” He thought, feeling the pulling feeling in his groin. “I can’t believe a Malfoy has just fallen in love with a muggleborn.” Her head was spinning and she was having trouble thinking straight but she knew, as did he, that the other was all they wanted now, and forever. She worked on his belt, finally undoing its clasp and fiddling with his zipper. She arched her back so Draco could unhook her bra easier, and she felt the constraint on her breasts release, telling Hermione that he obviously had no trouble with it at all. It was pushed aside, as were his pants. It had come down to only knickers for the pair of them.

“I’m so glad I’m wearing the knickers from Lavender.” She couldn’t help thinking.

“Hey! I remember these!” Draco thought at the same time. He looked at her in the eye again, as if asking if she really wanted to go through with this. She nodded just slightly, so little that she wondered if she had even moved her head at all. He reached over her to the nightstand where his wand was. Picking it up, he pointed it at her abdomen.

Anti-pregnanto.” He whispered. Dropping the wand, he kissed her again with all the love he had in him.

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