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Hello! sorry for the wwait on chapter three and thank you ALL for the reviews! ANYWAYZ a helpful reader pointed out that Snape was on the list first and Draco was second... so switch em around in your head and everythin will work out fine!

*I do not own Fruit Lo0ps nor do I own Toucan Sam both are owned by Kelloggs

"Revenge is Sweet"

Do these words sound familiar Professor Snape? Because they should.... you used them 3 years ago when you stuck a wand at the throat of Harry Potter's godfather... revenge is sweet.

Cue the Music.

The afternoon after Draco Day was dedicated to setting up a prank for the beloved Prof. Snape.

"It must have something to do with his greasy hair! And large nose, and strange twitchy gait, and evil smile, and his habit of.... this should be good." Ron broke of smiling happily to himself as he and Harry planned during History of Magic. Hermione, of course, was taking notes. Well, then we have to get it all ready tonight" "yah!" so the two boys planned and Hermione kept taking notes.

At dinner that night the trio was excited. They had EVERYTHiNG planned out.

"It's really amazing how brilliant you two are when not in class" Hermione commented as she read over their plan later that night. She dodged a playful punch from Ron and found the suit of armor which stood guard over Snape's room. "Dragon Breath" she whispered and the armor clanked noiselessly to the side. This was going to be SO good! Harry made his way towards the kitchens with a smile on his face.

The next morning dawned bright and early as did the trio they had potions again and Ron was once again dancing around in circles. At breakfast many students ate their breakfasts unaware of the plot that was about to come into play.

At 7:15 when most of the student body was eating breakfast the great oak doors slammed shut and everyone turned to gape. What the bloody hell was happening? Suddenly messily scrawled words appeared to be written on the door by an invisible hand "WE NOW PRESENT A NEW ITEM TO THE HOGWARTS BREAKFAST MENU" instantly boxes of fruit loops appeared on the table, but instead of toucan Sam being on the boxes, a picture of Professor Severus Snape was... with Toucan Sam's nose and body.... it fit him well. There was an immediate reaction amongst every person in the great hall.... I, as the narrator, will leave that to your imagination.

Next was owl post and a bunch of owls soared in, as well as a bunch of toucans which once again sent the students into fits of hysterical laughter.

But WAIT! There's more

Potions started on a sour note... for Snape that is. He threw the door to the classroom open and instead of striding in past the open door, he strode in and the door came flying back, hitting him in the face. He threw it open once again and once again his attempt to be intimidating got him a bruised face, or so it seemed. The students, amidst their laughter could hear him cursing on the other side of the door suddenly BOOM the door flew off its hinges and hit the opposite wall, in strode a very upset potions master with a colorful nose.

Hermione, with all her brains had enchanted the door to put paint on his face when it hit him.

It hit him twice.

Can you imagine the results?

Later that night while professor Snape was on his way to a faculty meeting a man in the corridor stopped him (Ron with aging potion, a wig, and a few other differences) "Excuse me sir" Professor Snape turned to look at the strange man in the hall way, "May I help you?" he asked in clipped tones "Yes, I was wondering if you could" Snape looked at the man expectantly and he continued

"we are having an oil crisis in the U.S. do you think we could wring some out of your hair...

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