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Chapter 19 Title: Waiting at the Station Sorry about the wait of posting this chapter. I just got my computer back yesterday (4/20) and it hadn't been working for 7 days. Sorry yall!! Disclaimer: I own nothing except for my other characters.
The few weeks before Christmas flew by with out anything very important happening except for Draco and Pansy becoming an “official” couple. Anna avoided them both at all costs, and she actually hadn’t even spoken to Draco since their break up. Anna was completely over him, and it didn’t really matter to her anyways because he had obviously moved on already. Anna wrote her dad saying she was going to be staying with them over Christmas, but she asked if she could then go and to the Burrow. It was planned that she would meet her dad at Kings Cross and stay with him and her mother until the day after Christmas when she would floo to the Burrow meeting up with Ron, Hermione, and Harry. Finally, Christmas break came. That morning, Anna was extremely nervous about going “home”. Anna had only stayed there about a week then went off to Hogwarts so she didn’t consider it her home at all. Anna didn’t know how her mother was doing… Anna hoped she was alright. And her dad, Anna was more excited than nervous about seeing him. She loved her dad so much and couldn’t believe she hadn’t seen him in such a long time. Not that Anna didn’t love her mother, quite the opposite in fact. It was just that Anna had a stronger connection with her father than she did with her mother. The train ride to Kings Cross was pretty uneventful; Anna even managed to take a nap though Harry was placed in an awkward position when her head fell on his shoulder. Hermione and Ron were entertained at Harry’s expressions as he didn’t know what to do with her leaning on him. When Anna woke up as the train came to a stop, she apologized profusely to Harry for falling asleep on him. “Anne, it’s fine really… no problem.” Harry said after Anna apologized for what seemed like the 20th time. “Ok, Harry, only if you say so, but I really am sorry.” She said as the four walked off the train. Anna shivered slightly as the December air hit her. She wasn’t sure if it was because of the weather or because she was excited and nervous. “Ok, Anna, we’ll see you soon. Merry Christmas!” Hermione said pulling Anna into a hug. “Thanks, Mione, you too.” Anna said returning the hug. “See you guys in a bit,” Anna said giving Ron and Harry each a hug. “Bye, Anna,” and “Merry Christmas,” they told her. “Ron! There’s mum with Fred and George.” Ginny exclaimed pointing to three red heads waving no doubt related to Ron and Ginny. “Ok thanks, Gin. We’ve got to go guys.” Ron said to Hermione and Harry. Anna waved good bye to her friends then began her search for her mom or dad. After looking around for a bit, Anna wondered if she told them the right time. “3:00”, Anna thought. “That’s what I told them. Maybe they hit some traffic.” Anna watched as her classmates hugged family members all around her and she couldn’t help but feel a bit sad. She wanted to be with her mom and dad. She wanted to be able to hug them and say “Merry Christmas”. Anna turned her back on Draco and Pansy as they met Mr. Malfoy. Pushing thoughts of them out of her mind, she turned her attention back to looking for her parents. After ten or fifteen minutes, Anna was really starting to worry. She wished she had her cell phone to call them, but it would have been pointless to bring it to Hogwarts. A crossing guard came and asked Anna if she was lost casting apprehensive glances at her trunk and her cage that carried her small brown owl. Anna replied saying she was waiting for her parents to come and pick her up. He cast one last glance at her trunk and owl before walking away to help some other people asking when the next train to Paris was. Anna thought about owling her parents asking where they were, but decided against it seeing as how it would bring too much attention to her if the muggles saw her sending a letter with an owl. Anna was getting very panicky around 3:30 and was taking some parchment and a quill out of her trunk to send a letter to her parents when another owl came and landed on her shoulder almost scaring Anna to death. Anna untied the letter from its leg and the owl flew off. Anna looked down and saw her name written in vaguely familiar handwriting. She opened the letter with shaking hands afraid of what was in the letter. Although, what Anna read in the letter answered no questions about where her parents were. In fact, the letter only formed more. Anna, What ever you do, do not leave the Kings Cross Station. Some one will be there momentarily for you. I repeat do not leave Kings Cross Station. Professor Dumbledore
A/N thanks for reading! please review! love yas, elle_est_belle

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