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Letter Two:
In Shadows No Longer

Olivia Clemenns absently spread marmalade on the crusty surface of her toast, a faint but rapturous smile playing at the corners of her moistened lips. Her eyes meandered around the outskirts of the Great Hall, seeing, but not really. That was when she spotted the envelope jutting from her bag. She withdrew it, and from that, a hastily folded piece of parchment.

She began to read.

I cannot begin to imagine that you truly realize just how significant your presence in my life is to me. How can you belittle yourself by saying that it is not?

You never cease to bewilder my mind with the enticing talents that become you so, garnishing your inner beauty.

Though a Gryffindor must be brave, a Hufflepuff loyal, and a Slytherin cunning, they all must kneel together in awe before the breathtaking wisdom of a Ravenclaw.

While you may watch for me, I wait in still silence just beyond the bend of sight, gazing intently at the luscious locks of your golden hair, hoping that the one I admire might turn around, so that I may behold your angelic face. I have gazed with longing at that face, the one with delicate features I have longed to caress, for years, locking away a sacred place in my soul for your love.

For you see, hope is not all that you can do.

I can hope to feel you safely in my arms, locking you in my hold, caring not for time itself, and knowing, that whatever is to happen in the future, we will face it together as one. I, too, can wish to look upon each tiny, shining star with favour, believing with all my mortal being that you have placed it there with your smile. But what truly are dreams, as we both have asked?

Each day, I feel your name roll from my tongue in place of my own, so distracted am I by your voice. And what if our subconscious thoughts have merged, so that we are never parted, if only in slumber, as you are the angel descending from the clouds in haunting nightmares and dreams alike? I see your eyes, with cavernous depth, softened as feathers by the untainted white of purest light, and calmed am I, no longer tortured into a cold sweat by horrors long past and to come. And so I have discovered Dream's purpose, precious Olivia, and it is to be with you.

But dreams are not perfect. When in dreams, I cannot feel your curving lashes brush tenderly against my skin. I cannot breathe in the intoxicating scent of fresh roses and be reminded of you. Dreams do not allow me to appreciate the gentle touch of your lips pressed against mine as I weave my fingers through your silken tresses.

I think you not crazed. But I cannot live my life if we are not side-by-side, for it pains me terribly to see you so alone, lost in your own solitude. I feel a lurching desire at the sound of your innocent whispers, and I long to whisk you away to unknown lands; to protect you from the cruelty of the world.

Want can be but a passing feeling, but love is an emotion of so much more. It cannot be described in words that have ever been written. It is a complicated thing.

But if Love had a name, it would be yours, as my Love simply lives for You.

I could not ask for more.

Though I may be spouting like a smitten madman--for perhaps that is what I have become--know that each word I write and speak is genuine, forever true, as real as you or I. Know that I would never lie. Know, my Olivia... that I love you.

She smiled and felt a blissful tear tug at the corner of her eye.

She looked up, across the Hall, and there He was.

He winked in a way only she could understand.

Know that I love you...


A/N: I really hope this was okay, and wasn't too sappy. (Afterall, this IS Harry that's writing this...) I also hope that this tells enough about her, as everyone has requested...(Gyah! I know this one was suuuuuuuper short...)

So please review, and let me know if it was alright. (I know it was't as good as the first.)

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