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Chapter Three

Quidditch, Weasley Style

Harry looked out onto the Quidditch pitch and listened in as Oliver Wood discussed the strategies for their upcoming game. The Chudley Cannons had been doing extremely well since Oliver had taken over as captain. Harry found himself having flashbacks as he stood there listening to the same exact speech he had been given by Oliver as a first-year at Hogwarts. Harry quickly noticed an owl flying towards the pitch at full speed. As the owl landed on Oliver’s shoulder he untied the post, mumbling about slacking team mates that couldn’t get to practice on time. After unrolling the parchment he quickly began reading.

“Bloody Hell!” Oliver screamed as he threw the parchment on the ground, stomping it. “Well, it seems that Tice has landed himself in St. Mungo’s. He apparently tried apparating home from the pub last night. The drunken bloke has gotten himself splinched…just what the hell are we going to do now?” He asked as he continued stomping the parchment, grinding it into the ground as though it made him feel better.

Ginny spoke up. “What about Harry?”

Harry’s eyes widened as he shot a glance at her. He was out of shape and he hadn’t practiced in ages, especially with Wood. What was she thinking?”

“Hey,” Oliver suddenly looked excited. “Would you Potter?”

“I haven’t been on the pitch in ages. I can’t be nearly as good as I once was.”

“Oh, come on, once a seeker, always a seeker…you don’t forget!” He was pleading at this point and even looked as if he were about to fall to his knees to grovel appropriately. “We’re playing Wisbourne, you are our only chance.”

“Harry…please?” Ginny tried desperately to sadden her look; she knew exactly how to get to him.

He finally broke under the pressure. “Okay!” He had no trouble saying no to Oliver, but Ginny was an entirely different story.

“All right,” Wood all but hugged Harry. “Get your broom and let’s get crackin’.”

Harry mounted his broom and pushed off from the floor of the pitch. Being in the air was like therapy. Before long he was zooming in and out of the clouds nose-diving at top speed and just before colliding with the ground he pulled out of it just like it was second nature. He twirled, faked and looped all around the pitch. He almost believed he was back at Hogwarts, Wood was right. It felt as though he hadn’t missed a single day of practice. Once he found his groove he watched Ginny as she performed a spectacular move, scoring on Wood. She was truly impressive. She made turns so smoothly you would have sworn she had wings. This was going to be fun.


The entire Weasley family was gathered at the Burrow enjoying a great evening with food, games, and laughter. Charlie and Cho were sitting in an armchair chatting with Mrs. Weasley who was fussing over their newest family member, Chelsea. Bill and Fleur had two little boys, Cash and Buck, who were running around the room at full speed heading for the back door. Percy and Penelope had them all beat with four rambunctious little boys that had made their way to the garden to do some de-gnoming. They loved it, flinging the little creatures halfway across the field and watching them stumble, not knowing where they were going, kept them laughing. Percy Jr., better known as P.J., was the eldest followed by the twins, yes, Percy was being punished, Hunter and Jaeger, and finally the baby, Tristan, were all the cutest little boys with the same fire-red air as the rest of the Weasley’s.

Fred and Angelina had a little girl that was just as spunky as her father. At this time, Annabelle was climbing on her grandfather along with her cousin, Samantha, who was George and Susan’s. Fred and George had always managed to do everything together. They eloped to America and were married in Las Vegas of all places, and their daughters were even born just 4 days apart.

“Grams!” Rose screamed as she ran through the front door. She rambled on about Quidditch and her first game. “Daddy’s going to help coach, everyone has to be there, it’s on Friday, only three days Grandpa,” The bright eyed girl was talking so fast she was beginning to stumble over her own words.

“Calm down, Honey, there’s plenty of time for all that,” Ron tried to urge her outside to play.

“How’s the Mandatory vacation going?” Mr. Weasley asked.

“Are you kidding?” Hermione answered first. “I’m grateful to Mad-Eye and you, Dad.”
She suspected that he had something to do with it as well. Since the death of her own parents and all the time she had spent with Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, they thought of her as their own even before Ron and she were married and insisted that she refer to them in a not so formal manner by calling them Mum and Dad.

“Mum, Dad!” Ginny yelled as she and Harry apparated into the kitchen.

“We’re all in the lounge, darling,” Mrs. Weasley announced above the crowd.

Harry and Ginny walked in not seeing a lace to sit. “Okay, something’s got to give. Mum, both you and Dad need to get a larger lounge or everyone needs to stop having kids.”

Bill laughed and deep laugh, “We’re Weasley’s; you should be use to a lot of kids running around. If nothing else we Weasley’s can multiply.”

“You’re not kidding,” Hermione crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. “Ron hasn’t shut up about giving Rose a brother or sister.”

Harry nudged Ginny wanting her to announce the game, he still felt intimidated by her older brothers. He was getting a bit too old to be taking swims in the garden pond. Bill, Charlie, Fred and George considered throwing himself and Ron into it a great past time, the least amount of attention that they paid to him the better.

“We have great news,” Ginny erupted. “Harry and I are filling in this Saturday as seeker and chaser for the Chudley Cannons.”

“Alright!” Ron yelled. “Harry’s back in the air with the Chudley Cannons.”

Ginny quickly explained what had happened with the Cannons seeker the night before. Mrs. Weasley shook her head. “What a shame, they are supposed to be role models; I tell you, getting pissed and splinching himself. What kind of example is he setting?”

“Mum!” Ginny looked at her as if to tell her Harry needed her support.

“Oh, but Harry, it should be great fun for you,” She looked at her son-in-law, hoping she hadn’t hurt his feelings.

Charlie tried lightening the mood. “How about a practice match?”

Harry shot Charlie a glare. “That’s quite alright there mate, I don’t need a bath just yet.”

“Come on Harry, I promise no practical jokes, Wizard’s Honor.” Charlie raised his hand, grasping his wand, saluting.

”Oh, it would be fun, just like old times, come on everyone.” Cho jumped from her seat.

Charlie’s forehead wrinkled with worry, “Should you be playing, it hasn’t been that long since you had Chelsea.”

“For Merlin’s sake,” Mrs. Weasley snapped. “If I had taken off after each one of my children I would have never accomplished much of anything,” She turned to Cho. “You go on dear, I’ll look after Chelsea.”

Fred grinned, “All right then, let’s go!”

Within minutes the entire family was at the Quidditch pitch. They had all put in a great deal of time and effort to build the pitch; between Hermione and Fleur the muggle repellant charms were as strong as any. An enclosed observation tower was also put in for spectators. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley made their way to the top with the children. Penelope joined them while Percy and Fleur served as officials.

“Look here, my wife is an official.” Bill gloated, thinking this might give him an advantage.

“Mr. Weasley, you will receive no special treatment. This game will be fair,” She assured the others.

Ron and Harry pulled the box from the storage closet in the ground floor of the tower.

Percy quickly stepped up and began assigning the teams. “Okay, each team will consist of one keeper, one seeker, and being that we are limited to as to how many bodies we have there will be only two chasers and one beater to each team,” He took a deep breath.

“We got it Professor Percy,” Fred mocked.

The group split up into teams, Charlie and Harry were seekers with Charlie taking Angelina and Cho as chasers, Bill as Keeper and Fred as beater. Ron would be keeper with Harry, Ginny and Susan were chasers and George was beater.

Susan looked terrified, “I’m not really good,” Her voice quivered.

George leaned into her and whispered, “Don’t sell yourself short, love, you’ll do fine. Now kiss me for luck.”

Susan gave George a quick kiss and mounted her broom. Harry conjured bright red scarves for his team and Charlie quickly followed suit and conjured gold. Percy opened the crate and released the balls and away they went.

Mr. Weasley turned towards the Burrow and to his amazement he saw Mad-Eye Moody walking in their direction. He waved and pointed down to indicate the entrance of the tower.

Mad-Eye may have been a bit of a paranoid git but he had a soft spot where the Weasley’s were concerned. He wound his way up the spiral staircase and entered the warm room.

“Arthur, good to see you,” He crossed the room shaking the hand of the Father of all Redheads.

“Great Mad-Eye,” He looked out watching the match. “This is the life, isn’t it?”

“You are a lucky man,” He had always wanted a family, but things hadn’t worked out for him. “How are the guys enjoying their holiday so far?”

“I think they are adjusting,” Mr. Weasley laughed. “By the way, thanks.” No one had known but Mr. Weasley had tipped Mad-Eye off about the trouble the kids had been having.

“No Problem!” Mad-Eye looked amazed as he watched the game. They were all good, swooping here and there, diving and passing with grace.

Ron leaned out to block the attempted goal by Angelina; she spat a few choice words as she went on the defense. He threw the quaffle at Susan and she sped directly to the other end of the field. George cheered her on while slamming the bludger in Bill’s direction, as he dodged the speeding ball of death, Susan bit her lip and dig deep to throw the ball straight through the center hoop.

“Bloody brilliant,” They all heard Ron scream from across the pitch throwing both fist into the air over his head.

Charlie had allowed himself to be distracted by the drama taking place at the goal post. He never noticed Harry zooming to the opposite end of the grounds and grasping the fluttering gold ball.

“Red Wins!” Percy’s voice reverberated around the pitch.

“Bloody Hell,” Charlie’s voice screeched.

“Kiss my Arse!” Angelina cursed the outcome.

“Okay dear, let’s go,” Fred laughed.

“Shut up Fred,” She spat at him. She really hated losing, and had always fit in with the Weasley’s so well. She had a temper as bad as they did, if not worse.

Mr. and Mrs. Weasley came down from the tower with the children in tow.

“Come on, time to eat,” Mrs. Weasley announced. That was all it took, the entire bunch dashed back to the Burrow for a Weasley feast.

A/N Thanks to all of you who have come back for more of our favorite family. I thought this was a fun chapter and that the family needed a little fun time. I wanted to get another chapter up before I really had to dig my heels in for the last few weeks of school. So, be forewarned, I will not be able to update again until May. I am sorry for the wait however I must really put my nose to the grindstone in order to get through this semester. So again, thanks to all of you for the patience and I look forward to seeing you again once the semester is over….YEAH!!!!

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