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Chapter 6.

Jade tumbled threw the fire, and landed on the floor of the Gryffindor common room, Her father came threw after her.
Ron helped Harry to his feet, while Hermione did the same for Jade.
“You’ll be sleeping here tonight” said Hermione, and started to show her up the stairs of the girls dormitry.
“Err, Hermione, what if Harry needs to speak to her after all she is his daughter”
“Well, since the students went home yesterday, the spell on the stairs should be gone”
“I doubt it” said Ron, and to prove his point he tried to walk up the stairs, it turned into a slide.
“I think it would be best if I stay in the same room as Dad tonight, with all that has happened I’ll feel safer” said Jade suddenly. Hermione and Ron looked at her, they smiled and nodded.
“Me and Ron we’ll take turns and standing guard, you and Harry need some sleep” siad Hermione. “Just to be safe, and so you aren’t disterbed”
Harry nodded thanks, and he took Jade up to the empty boys dormitry, she fell asleep almost instantly.
Harry on the other hand didn’t go to bed just yet, he just watched Jade.
“She looks so much like her mother” he whispered.

Thunder Flashed, across the sky, outside, as Harry held his sleeping daughter, in his arms.
She looked so fragile and helpless.
Like a porclin doll.
Harry almost laughed at himself.
This must have been how my dad once though of me, when I was small. He thought.
“Harry?” came a voice.
Harry looked up.
A beautiful woman, with long red hair walked down the stairs.
“Yes, Love”
“What are you thinking about?” she asked playfully.
“I just realised that our life isn’t much different from, my parents”
“How so?”
“Well, Sirius always told me, that my dad was always afraid he’d break me, I just looked so….fragile. And well, Dad married a red-head too”
“That is a funny coicdence” she laughed.
“I know”
There was a crash outside.
“What was that?”
“Probally a cat that got scared by the storm” but Harry still looked wary.
Jade opened her eyes and looked up at her father, with her emerald green eyes, she blinked a few times, and smiled. “Dada” she said, reaching out her hands.
Harry smiled.
Jade had said a few words, but her favorite word, seemed to be ‘Dada’.
“Seems like Jade is going to be Daddy’s little girl, huh?”
Harry kissed his wife, gently, in answer.
“I never knew babies were so small”
“She’s 3 years old Harry?”
“I thought she’d be taller, by now”
“Children grow at different stages, you know that”
“Do I ever, I was the shortest in the year for a while, Ron was always taller then me”
“Hmmm” she sighed. “I better go take, Jade upstairs, its way past her bed-time”
“No Bed!” said Jade.
“Yes, Bed, young lady, come on” she took her daughter up in her arms, and carried her upstairs.
Harry sighed.
Even with Voldermort, he couldn’t be happier.

A scream interupted his plesent thoughts.

It came from upstairs.

His scar started to burn, red hot.

In a panic, he seized his wand, and bolted upstairs.
“Adverda Kederva” came a cold voice.
Time stopped, as Harry heard a scream pierce the night.
His heart ripped in two.
Jade was still screaming in terror.
He burst threw the door, too see Voldermort pointing his wand at his daughter, who was sobbing loudly in the courner.
“Expellimus” shouted Harry.
Voldermort turned, and saw him.
Harry summoned Jade, to him, and held her tight, he created a portkey, and sent her to HeadQuaters, praying someone would be there.
Harry saw his beloved wife on the floor.
Blinded by tears, he and Voldermort dueled.
Several moments later, Dumbledore arrived.
Voldermort fled.
Harry broke down, he fell to the floor and sobbed.
“Where’s Jade?” he croaked.
“Hermione, has her, she took her to Hogwarts to make sure she was alright” said Dumbledore evenly.
Harry felt a sudden warmth in his chest.
He still had Jade, she was safe at Hogwarts, with one of his best friends.
Dumbledore saw the young woman on the ground.
“It’s all my fault” sobbed Harry.
“It isn’t, noting could of, stopped this”
“What am I going to tell Ron?” he said. “I promised…..I promised I’d take care of her”
“Ron, will understand, and so will the rest of the family….it was miricle you were able to save Jade” he said evenly. “I think, he’d be glad you got Jade out alive”
“Why did he come here…..this is all my fault”
“Harry, if it’s anyone’s fault it’s mine, I thought Voldermort’s fear of you would keep you’re family safe, I was wrong, if anyone’s to blame it’s me, I should have cast a Fidlius charm”
“But we didn’t know Voldermort was after us?”
“Exactly, last time, with your parents he played games, he didn’t kill them outright, he decided to have fun, this time he wanted to be straight to the point, he’s changing his tactics”
Harry contiuned to sob.
Ron apperated next to Harry at that instant.
He went white when he saw the young woman, he saw his best friend sobbing on the ground, and embraced him.
“I’m so, sorry, Ron, its all my fault, I couldn’t save her”
“It’s okay, Harry, you did everything you could” he whispered. “At least you and Jade are alive”
Harry cried into his shoulder.
Ron was crying too.
“Ginny” he mumbled, in sorrow, as he stared at the body of his now dead little sister.

The voting on who was Jade's mum, was even so i asked a friend and they said Ginny. SORRY IF YOU DON"T LIKE IT.
Okay I know some people hate me for killing Ginny off, but........its not like she's gone......whoops said too much.

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