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Chapter Thirteen

Master Dragon

She sat in Dumbledore’s tower room feeling sullen and disobedient. She’d been caught like a naughty child in her acts of escape. She had endangered Dumbledore’s plans by involving the silly pink troll. For a few glorious weeks she’d been escaping Hogwarts to run to her Remus. She was sneaky and cunning as was the dragon way when they want something. But, the irritating Ministry of Magic spy had taken a more avid interest in her after having learned that her father was an important advisor to Cornelius Fudge.

Umbridge had been more closely watching her movements. She had even tried to break into Felicity’s rooms, something that her own personal locking spell had prevented her from succeeding in.

Dolores Umbridge had found out that Felicity was estranged from her father and had not, in fact been leaving the grounds of Hogwarts to work with him but had been doing something else suspiciously nefarious in London. Now the pink slag was determined to find out whom she was meeting with. Albus Dumbledore had deflected her as much as he could without exposing others in the Order of the Phoenix but he warned Felicity that she should cease and desist her reckless behavior.

“I don’t tell you this to forbid you to see Remus Lupin forever, my dear,” said Dumbledore softly.

She sighed, dejected. “I know, sir,” she answered. She had been wrong to risk the others discovery to feed her need to be near him.

“You must remember the reason that I’ve brought you into this, Felicity,” he said. “Professor Snape needs you.”

She nodded her head. She was here to help Severus Snape, to protect him from Voldemort and nothing more. Albus Dumbledore was owed her debt. She was not meant to be in love with Remus Lupin. She was meant to love and care for Severus Snape, the man she had now bound, the man she must save. She had been enlisted to harness his fire, heal his fire that flamed within his soul and that was the purpose she must adhere to. Remus Lupin had distracted her from her mandate. Master Tong would be most displeased with her frivolousness and trivial desires.

“These men are merely humans, my dear,” Dumbledore said. He was studying her. “They cannot understand the ways or the greater purposes of the dragon people. They could be damaged by your ways, if you are not careful. We are talking about their souls, my dear.”

She began to cry softly. Dumbledore got up from behind his great desk to walk over to her. She rose to him, needing his soothing, missing Master Tong, wanting to go home to Tibet. She had been wrong to come to this cold and forbidding island. Loving Remus had been her only source of warmth and a dragon’s soul craves the warmth of earthly desires.

“I know, my dear,” said Dumbledore kindly as he stroked her head and hugged her. “When it is all over you may go home to them in the mountains, I promise you.” She cried softly and then he released her pulling up her chin to search her face. “You are unique, Felicity and you will succeed. I know you will.” He smiled kindly and she nodded her head. “You are all that Master Tong has said you were and much, much more.” He hugged her again and offered her a lemon drop. “Sugar cures all that ails you, my dear,” he said, his eyes twinkling.

It was early evening and she walked slowly back to the dungeons. She would need to meditate and reflect to regain her purpose. She had lost her way in the arms of the wolf and though she ached for him, she knew she must resist his pull. Severus Snape needed her more and he deserved the use of her powers. He was brave and in such terrible danger. He was standing before Voldemort almost alone shielding the Order of the Phoenix with his lies.

Felicity cracked the door of Severus’ office open. As he often did, he sat reading in a pool of light at his desk. She quietly entered.

“Since the blood binding I can feel your presence at the door,” he said without looking up from his book.

“It’s not the blood binding that helps you to sense my presence,” she said. “It’s because you like me.” She laughed. “And you are a powerful wizard, Severus.”

He snorted, as he always did at her gall. “You are the most conceited woman that I think I’ve ever known.” He watched her walking to him. There was a seductive quality about Felicity that he was finding harder and harder to ignore. “Why are you flattering me? What do you want?” He was alert to her as a very charismatic creature and constantly had to remind himself that she was not entirely human.

She stood close to him and reached out her hand brushing a thin tendril of his black hair from his face. “You always have a strand of hair in your face as if you might hide behind it,” she said gently.

Her touch jolted him and he shivered involuntarily. She smiled knowing that she’d affected him and it made him angry. He resented this power she seemed to be gathering over him. “What do you want, Felicity?” he fairly barked the question at her.

“I must check the Dark Mark,” she said now reaching for his arm and touching the mark as Voldemort had done but the effect of her touch was intoxicating whereas his had been revolting.

He tried to concentrate on the memory of the Dark Lord’s horrible touch while she caressed his arm. He tensed his arm and watched her touch him frowning.

“You were caught sneaking out to see him, weren’t you?” he said. He was bitter and though he had no right to feel it, he felt betrayed by her love of the werewolf.

She looked into his black eyes and said nothing, no retort. He wanted so much to be malicious and alienate her and yet he continually failed. She always looked at him imploring him to be with her, to love her. It was driving him insane. He felt such desire for her.

“I’m sorry, Severus, that I’ve failed you.” Her voice was small and quiet. He noticed then that she’d been crying. A small voice of concern and caring rose in him and he almost reached out to her face before he realized what he was doing and stopped himself. He held his breath for a moment to get complete control.

“You haven’t failed me, Dragon. You’ve saved my life.” He raised an eyebrow of distain. “Mind you, if you hadn’t been there in the first place, I most likely wouldn’t have been attacked by the Dark Lord.”

“You called me Dragon,” she said smiling. “Does that mean I am forgiven?”

“It only means that I accept you for what you are.” Her seductiveness was aggravating his peace of mind. He wanted her to both leave him alone and to make love to him.

She bent down and kissed him in that place between the cheek and the lips. He gasped at the intimacy of her light kiss, so close and yet so distance to his lips. Her eyes danced merrily at her power over him. He wanted to voice his protest but then she kissed him on the lips and he had to answer her, had to kiss her. He could not hide his lust for her in the kiss though he tried. It was there on the taste of her mouth to his, the caress of her tongue, and his wanting of her in return. She wasn’t human but a magic creature and yet he wanted her more and more.

He should stab himself and be done with it.

“I will not fail you again,” she whispered so close that he breathed in the musk of her aroma. She smelled exotic. He felt his hands reaching for her, but she broke away from him and walked quickly to the door. He felt a very real and empty void when she’d left him. She turned to look back at him sitting in stunned silence. “I promised to protect you and I will,” she said to him and walked out the door.

Felicity stood naked in the middle of the floor in the dragon’s pose, searching for her center, that balance of she and she. Her palms flat to one another, her legs apart, her body relaxed. She breathed in and out her dragon. The human in her had been too dominant and it was affecting her judgment. Her dragon struggled to be heard within the confining prison of Hogwarts. Her dragon needed to fly and breath the fresh air, feel the wind and be warmed in the sun. Her dragon wanted to wield her fire, to hunt and feel the power of the chase.

The love of Remus by both she and her dragon had sidetracked them from their original mandate to seduce and protect Severus Snape from the evil Voldemort and they had to find their balance to return to it.

As her shape changed back and forth between human and dragon in a rhythmic hypnotic way she reflected on her past and thought longingly of home.

“You will always go back to the source of who you are, Wood,” said the harsh voice of Master Tong. “Wherever you go along the path it will always lead back here. Use it to tether yourself to the mountain when a strong wind threatens you. Come back to us when you feel lost.”

She was lost. Lost in this foreign world of the European wizarding world that she’d been born to but no longer understood. She was dragon and now different. She no longer remembered the she that had been sixteen on her first visit to Tibet so many years before. These humans were so alien to her and she to them in this United Kingdom. Their prejudices and beliefs were so narrow and confining that her dual souls had fled in desperation into the arms of the only other magic creature she had met in a very long time. She and her dragon needed that release, craved the acceptance of her creature self.

“Do not seek for them to understand you,” said Master Tong. “They will never understand the ways of our people. We are not human, are not dragon but something apart.”

Even amongst the dragons, she was different and Master Tong had warned her that she would often be lost and finding her way without them. The older ones would not be able to journey with her to guide her. She would need to remember her cunning and the hard lessons she had learned from them to survive alone amongst the humans.

“You are young, Wood. We don’t remember ever a dragon who was young and a female, as well.” She could picture him as he said it. The craggy wrinkles of his face that had resisted the wind of the mountains for years upon years. Master Tong had lived a man’s life, with a wife and children before he’d taken the soul and heart of his dragon into his own. “The dragon is seductive by nature and you will be of mating age. You must remember to stay on the path and not get distracted by your lusts.” He had laughed at her, the master dragon had laughed at her when he’d said it. “I envy you your life, daughter,” he’d said softly. “You will live long and love many souls before you’re spent. This old dragon envies you that.” His cackling laughter had angered her at the time he’d said it.

She’d been furious with him for thinking her so frivolous. She’d known that she would never stray off the path. She had trained hard and been a good student. Her progress had been better than any of them had expected and she would be strong. She had been taught the healing ways of a dragon witch and she would not be distracted. She would not falter.

Felicity remembered this as she and her dragon melded and meditated, knowing that they’d been foolish and young. Now in the foreign and cold place of this large and hostile island they had been tripped so easily from an important goal that they’d almost lost their way.

We were so naïve they thought as one. They were ridiculous and inexperienced. The Dark Lord might win if they faltered again. Her loves were ridiculous weak points. If Voldemort were to discover them, he would use them to his advantage and conquer her.

But we won’t give him up, they said as one. They would not give up the love of the werewolf.

For more than an hour, Felicity the dragon stood in the melding state of her meditation. The energy of her soul’s entwining fire encircled her and the air danced with the magic of them. The two that were now and forever the one true being reclaimed their bond, the one bond between dragon and human.

Meditating on a plan they thought together and pulled their strengths and weaknesses apart to weave it all back into a self they could both live with. It was their process of meditation and they would do it again and again over the course of their life together. The love between self and self was the greater of her loves.

They were the healer of souls, the makers of magic fire, and would continue to remake their self always. Both the dragon and the human were the one soul and they reveled in the joy of each other, their everlasting union of love for self. They were of one mind when their decision was made and it was the only decision.

They would have them both, these men of their love and lust. In their heart there would be room enough. The men would have no choice. No human could resist the soul’s burning fire of the dragon’s love.

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