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    As Ron entered his flat he heard a small scratching noise, coming from upstairs. So he quietly walked up the stairs and opened the door to their room. “Hermione!!!!” Said Ron stepping across the threshold with his arms crossed. “Oh, Honey” said Hermione quickly closing her ink well and putting her Healer application and quill away. “You were supposed to be resting, you’re at your seventh month, that baby could come at any time in the next couple of months and all you’re worrying about is a stupid application” said Ron helping her back into bed and covering her up. “But…” “No buts” said Ron closing the door. “Oh and when I come back I want you asleep” said Ron closing the door again. At Harry and Ginny’s flat Harry came back into the kitchen and found Ginny sleeping in her oat meal. “Oh, Ginny come on upstairs” said Harry taking her bowl to the sink and grabbing a wash clothe. He gently dabbed the oats off her face and carried her to bed. * * * A couple of months later, Hermione and Ginny both woke up to contractions minutes apart. “HARRY!” Went Ginny’s scream. “RON!” Went Hermione’s scream at the same time as Ginny’s. “Yes, yes what is it” said Harry and Ron at the same time. “Call St. Mungo’s NOW!” Screamed Ginny and Hermione. The boys did not even bother calling, they just carried the girls to the living area and apparented. Within hours Ron, Hermione, Harry, and Ginny were proud parents. Hermione had twins, girls, named Pollean and Ally. Ginny had a little boy in which they named Sirius after Harry’s God father. Harry and Ron got on payphones and called all their friends and family. “Hello” said the receiver on the phone it was Lupin an old friend of Harry’s. “Hi Lupin it’s me, Harry” said Harry twirling the cord around his finger. “I have some good news” said Harry tuning to face Ginny’s open door. “What is it? Oh, you and Ginny had your baby huh” said Lupin. “Yea, it’s a boy we named him Sirius” said Harry leaning on the phone booth. “That’s a good choice Sirius would be proud” said Lupin tending to the fire. “Well I better let you go, I got a few more people to call, so bye” said Harry turning back around. “It was nice talking to you oh and congratulations” said Lupin hanging up the phone. Harry did the same. Harry called the rest of the people on his list of people who would want to know about the good news. Not as many people on his list as there was on Ron’s, but he did not care. The next morning they were allowed to go home. So they all (meaning Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, and the babies) apparented back to their designated flats. * * * Three months later Hermione noticed that Ally was not feeling well so she called Ginny to ask advice of what she should do. “Hello is this Ginny” said Hermione with Ally in her arms slowing rocking her. “No just a minute Hermione” said Harry taking the phone to Ginny. “Oh, hi Harry” said Hermione she waited for a moment but, then Ginny answered. “Hello, Hermione how are you getting along with two growing girls?” said Ginny grabbing a bottle out of the fridge for Sirius. “Good for the most part, it’s just that little Ally isn’t feeling well and I need a mother’s advice as to what I should do” said Hermione gesturing to Ron to come here and help her up out of the chair so she could put down Ally in her bassinet. “Ah, poor thing what are her symptoms I have this neat little book with all kinds of colds and any illness you can think of” said Ginny sitting down in her hand made rocking chair from Ron. “Just the normal cough, nose thing I think it’s just a cold but I don’t know what to give her” said Hermione picking up Pollean and grabbing her bottle. “Oh ok just give her Tylenol if she has a fever but, if not let it run its coarse ok” said Ginny getting up to lay down Sirius. “Ok thanks” said Hermione hanging up the phone. Later that week little Ally just kept getting worse so finally Hermione and Ron took her to doctor. “I believe she has a new kind of illness that is still in the lab being researched but, we have a name for it already” said Ally’s Pediatrician touching the end of his right hand fingers to his left hand fingers. “What is it then?” asked Hermione trembling so bad that Ron had to squeeze her shoulders gently to get her to stop. “Philiacidus, its symptoms are the same as an average cold” said the doctor twiddling his thumbs. “What causes it?” asked Ron “and what are the effects?” Ron was doing all the talking now because Hermione had turned her head and was now crying on his shoulder. “Having a cold when in the womb and you can never tell if it happened until now of course and it affects nothing really except when she has a cold then the cold is not a normal cold it gets a little worse like her breathing gets raspier and nose goes gets runnier things like that” said the doctor. “Oh and you will need a respirator this is a machine that’s helps her breathing during a cold and you can get one at any pharmacy” “Thanks so we just need to use it wile she has a cold?” said Ron writing this all down. “Yes oh and in the morning and at night or any time during the day she might need it during the cold but she has to have it done at least in the morning and before bed ok” said the doctor. “Ok, thanks” said Ron turning to Hermione in a chair behind him hugging Ally tightly. “Come on honey time to go home” Ron grabbed Hermione by the hand and pulled her up off the chair and handing her purse to her. When they got home Ron said “I’m going to tell Ginny and Harry, ok” “Okayyy” trembled Hermione holding tight to Ally. “It’s gonna be ok, ok” said Ron leaning down and kissing her on the forehead then doing the same to Ally then walked out the door.

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