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"Hey Ava. I'm glad you're in Gryffindor now. Let's go shall we?" Hermione said, when you met her at the bottom of the eagle steps."Hi, yea, let's go." She led you to Gryffindor. You came to a portrait of a fat lady who asked for the password. "Divination." Hermione said. The portrait opened and you followed Hermione into the common room. You were greeted by Harry and Ron. "Hey Ava!" Ron said and gave you a big hug. "Hi...Ron!...Could...you...please...let...go...?" You said between gasps of air. "Oh, sorry!" He said and blushed. "Hi Harry!" You said. You embraced eachother and that was when you saw Oliver. You gave him a small smile and then was dragged off by Hermione. "Come on, I'll show you to our room!" She said. It turns out that you shared a room with Hermione, Lavender, and Parvati. After that you came downstairs into the common room. You were sitting on the couch when You were approached y a 2nd year by the name of Colin Creevey. "Hi Ava! I wanted to give you these. I took them at the quidditch game and I thought you might want them." He said, handing you an envelope. "Uh...Thanks!" You said taking it. You kept it in your pocket and looked at the fire. Soon You fell asleep.

You woke up around 9:00 P.M. You hurriedly ran up to the dorms and sat on your bed. You sat there quietly, then You reached your hands into your pocket. *What's this?* You thought. You took out the white envelope that Colin had given you earlier. You had totally forgotten all about it, untill now. Wondering what it was you opened it. All of a sudden your eyes were filled with tears. *Oh my god!* You thumbed through the things inside of the envelope. There were four of them. You took it out. They were pictures of you and Draco. The first one was of you blowing a kiss to Draco for good luck. The second one was of Draco lifting you up and spinning you around. The third one was of a kiss you guys shared. The fourth one was of you two holding hands. By the time You finished looking at them, your face was full of tears. Then you noticed that the pictures moved. You kept looking at it as it replayed over and over agian. By now your tears were flowing like a waterfall. You dropped the pictures and ran downstairs.

You were quietly making your way to the common room when you heard some say,"Ava?" You turned yourself to face the chairs by the fire and saw that Oliver was sitting there. "Oh, uh hi Oliver. Sorry, I didn't think anyone would be up at this time." You said. "No, it's ok." He said then noticed that you were crying. "Ava what's wrong?" He asked. "Oh, nothing." You said quickly. "Is it Draco?" "How did you?..." "I kinda guessed it." "Oh..." You both fell silent for a moment, then Oliver said,"Do you want to talk about it?" You nodded and went to sit next to him.

The rest of the night went on with you crying on Oliver's shoulder. Sometime inbetween you fell asleep. You woke up to the sound of Oliver's breathing. It turns out that you had fallen asleep in Oliver's arms. You quietly got up trying not to wake him, but had no such luck. "Hey Ava, feeling better?" Oliver asked. "Yeah, thanks for everything." You said and headed up to go change and take a shower. After you did so, you went down to have breakfast. Hermione was already down at the great hall so you joined her. "Hey Mione!" You said. "Hey! Ava, you feeling better? I saw you crying yesterday, but I didn't tell you because I didn't want you tobet startled by me." Hermione said. "Oh, yeah, I'm doing better." Just as you'd finished that sentence, who but Draco Malfoy appeared into the Great hall. Accompanied by Pansy Parkinson. When he saw you he quickly grabbed her hand. You looked away and went back to breakfast.

After you finished, you headed off to class. You dreaded it because Draco was in every single one of them. You entered potions."Hey Ava, over here!" you heard someone say. You turned to see Kendra waving at you. "Hey Kendra!" You said. "Hi!" "I'm surprised and glad that you're still talking to me even though I'm a Gryffindor now." "Hey, BFF remember? Forever Ava! Always we will be friends!" That thought comforted you. You enjoyed the rest of your classes with Kendra by your side. After classes were over you decided to go wait for Oliver outside in the courtyard. It was 3:45 and his class ended in 5 minutes. You made your way to the courtyard and sat down on an empty stone bench. You sat there for awhile when you heard laughter. You looked in the direction it was coming form and found that Draco and his goons along with Pansy were making those noises. You saw that Draco had been looking at you every once in awhile. Whenever your eyes met, you would turn away. You then decided to keep eye contact and once Draco saw this he grabbed Pansy and gave her a big smooch! The scene disgusted you. So you closed your eyes, took a deep breath and looked awya. It only took about 3 seconds later when you finally spotted Oliver. Seeing that Draco was still looking at you, you ran over to Oliver and kissed him. The look on Draco's face was priceless! You expected Oliver to question you, but he didn't and instead he just smiled. You smiled back then he asked you,"Ava, would you like to go to Hogsmeade with me?" "Of course." You replied and you two hugged.

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