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Freya caught up with Dumbledore just outside his office.

"Professor Dumbledore, I need to talk to you…sir." She deliberately added the ‘sir’ part, just a little too late, she didn’t want him to think that she was trying to boss him around.

"Yes, your father informed me of the situation. Join me in my office…miss," he said, with a twinkle in his blue eyes.

Freya was amazed when she entered the headmasters office, she’d never been there before. In her imagination it had been filled with shelves of thick books from floor to ceiling, with school rules and regulations hanging on the walls. It was nothing like that. The office reminded her of her grandfather’s study, cosy with a homey feel to it. It made her wonder if Dumbledore lived there all year long. Probably not, he had to have a proper home for the holidays surely? And last year he wasn’t even at Hogwarts for the time during Umbridge’s reign of chaos. She couldn’t imagine him living on the streets of Hogsmeade!

Looking around the office she began to wonder if Dumbledore was a grandfather himself. He looked like one. Freya hadn’t even noticed that she was staring at the headmaster until he spoke.

"Miss Keen, I don’t know how much you know. Admittedly, I don’t know everything myself."
He sat down behind his desk. "Please, take a seat." Dumbledore gestured towards the chair opposite him.

Freya sat down, feeling very uncomfortable. Not that the chair was bad, she just felt like she had done something wrong.
In her four years at Hogwarts she had only once had detention. In her second year she had accidentally started a fire in her first Potions class. They were repeating some things they’d learned in the first year, including a simple calming potion. She’d done it all wrong and when she’d had to taste it, she’d thrown up all over her cauldron. Apparently body fluids and incorrectly concocted calming potion weren’t the best combination to set on fire.
Snape had threatened her with sending her to the headmaster’s office, but ended up just giving her detention. After that she’d always thought that the Headmaster’s office had to be a worse experience than detention with Snape.
So she was in fact very uncomfortable.

Dumbledore began to speak and she snapped back to the present.

"Firstly I need to know what was written in the book." He looked at her seriously, and waited for her answer.

"You haven’t read it?" She asked, immediately regretting it, seeing as it could sound accusing. "I’m sorry sir, I just…" She stopped in mid-sentence as he chuckled. "What?" Her puzzled expression only made him chuckle more.

"No, I haven’t read it, and you really don’t have to be sorry. I’m not," he said, confusing her further. She was beginning to wonder if he was a little crazy.

Neither of them spoke for a couple of minutes, and Freya suddenly remembered that he had asked her a question. She pondered a little over her answer an began to speak.

"Well, the thing is Professor, I didn’t understand most of it..." She looked at her feet, not wanting him to see her embarrassment at having to admit her weakness.

"That’s quite alright Miss Keen, I honestly didn’t expect you to. Just tell me what you did understand." He smiled encouragingly at her, and she felt a lot calmer. How could she have thought him crazy just two minutes ago?

"All in all, I gathered that at some point in the near future," (she hadn’t actually read that it would be soon, but there had to be a reason for all this happening now) "I will get some new abilities or ‘gifts’" The word gifts was almost drowned by the sarcasm in her voice. "Love and War seemed to be the two things that drove Freja, and that it will be the same for me."

She paused looking at the Headmaster for some reaction. When it didn’t come, she continued. "You see, when my father told me about all of this, he mentioned something about seeing magic all around us… that was what Freja could do. The book also mentioned something like that, but it was all so technical. I almost didn't understand anything." Her voice was suddenly little more than a whisper and she began feeling very embarrassed again. She’d had a whole night to read 100 pages, and she didn't even understand what they had revealed to her.

Dumbledore began speaking in a reassuring voice.

"Unlike your ancestor, you will not be able to communicate with all magic. Only what she prided herself most in, and was highest skilled at, was she able to pass on to you. War and Love, as you correctly identified."

"But what has war got to do with me? It doesn't make any sense." Freya was even more confused now than when she had entered the Headmasters office. Nothing seemed to be helping.

"That is where you are mistaken, my child." The twinkle was apparent in his eyes again. "War is not just an act, a concept that for many is hard to comprehend. Love is no easier. Love, too, is a term to express a concept that, much like war, is hard to grasp. Freja prided herself in learning about those two forces. Magic within her, and around her, helped her to read signs of both war and love. If she looked people in the eyes and they possessed great deals of either one of these forces she would see it, another great gift."

Dumbledore waited a moment, letting all the information sink in before he continued.
"The thing that most people think about when they hear the word war, is the act of war. But when we think of love, a lot of emotions, images and unexplainable feelings come to mind. Not simply the act of love."

The conversation between the two of them continued for a couple of hours and when Freya left around noon and headed for her dorm she was a little more at ease with the situation. Dumbledore had explained to her that not all wars were fought with wands, some were battles of words and some were even battles of love.

Apparently the whole thing would become relevant to her when she turned 16, and she’d agreed that she would meet Dumbledore on her birthday to discuss everything further. She wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. They had covered what she would be able to do once she’d become accustomed to her new powers. But what was actually going to happen on that day? Dumbledore had only said that the acquisition of powers was different for everyone. Would she just wake up and they’d be there? Suddenly November 26th seemed only a day away.
She reached the entrance to the Hufflepuff common room and muttered the password, ‘Beans’, to the kind old statue of William Warm-hart. When she reached her room, Thor was waiting for her, ready for his afternoon walk. Freya didn’t even try to argue with him, sometimes he seemed to know exactly what she wanted. Even though she didn’t.

They walked around the castle grounds and she silently thanked Dumbledore for giving her the rest of the day off. She played with Thor for about an hour, before she sat down by the lake and watched him jumping around in the water.
She didn’t notice the figure coming up behind her.

"Shouldn’t you be in class Miss…er...?"

"Keen," she answered, as she turned around to look at the person addressing her.

The man standing in front of her looked slightly familiar, although she couldn’t figure out exactly why. He was black and his hair was in long dreadlocks held together in a loose ponytail. At the looks of him he wasn’t that old, maybe 25 if Freya had to guess. His ropes were royal blue, and he looked like somebody who could give Gilderoy Lockhart a run for his money with the smile he flashed at Freya as she studied his appearance.


"Professor Dumbledore gave me the day off…for uh...personal reasons." She didn’t know why she felt the need to defend herself to him. "Who are you? I haven’t seen you around before." She thought it odd for a stranger to be wandering about Hogwarts on his own.

"I’ve been a student of this school for seven years," he responded firmly.

Freya found it hard to believe that he was only 17 years old, so she pressed the matter.
"But you aren’t a pupil now..." Freya stated persistently.

"You are perfectly right. It was actually ten years ago that I attended Hogwarts."

"But you…"

"I said that I’ve been a student of this school for seven years, and that is true."

Admitting defeat, Freya turned her attention to the other unsolved mystery.

"Who are you then?"

"I am Professor Jordan," he said, stretching out his hand.

Freya shook his hand as she said, "You aren’t Lee Jordans brother are you? You look a lot like him."

"That I am… What year are you in Miss Keen?" he asked, smiling.

"I’m a 5th year Hufflepuff. What will you be teach- You’re our new Defence Against The Dark Arts Teacher aren’t you?!"

He chuckled at her outburst and nodded.

"Finally…! I’ve really missed those classes."

"Speaking of which," he said, his features becoming more serious. "I was on my way to see Professor Dumbledore about my lesson plan.” When he was almost out of hearing he turned around and said loudly, "I hope your ‘personal problem’ isn’t anything too serious, we wouldn’t want you to miss my first class."

A little while later she turned back towards the school, with Thor by her side, having sworn to herself that she would never tell anyone about this ‘gift’. It was her secret and she knew, deep inside, that most people would never understand.This was the reason why she’d never had any friends. Without any close friends, she had the right to remain silent.

***a/n I hope you liked this one, ‘cus i really do… a big thank you goes out to my beta Jenova!***br />

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