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Chapter 3

March sprung in and out and April was defiantly bringing showers as April began to die down. With May was soon to come, everyone at Hogwarts knew that Cassidy Black was with child. Of course all of Sirius and Cassidy’s friends were ecstatic, well except for Peter but no one knew of Peter’s true feelings. No one but Bellatrix Black and Peter’s new ‘friends,’ would know his true feelings.

“So how far along are you again Cassidy?” Alice questioned, “Frank’s mother owled me the other day asking me.”

Cassidy smiled as she rubbed her small little pouch that was forming , “Almost three months now.”

“So exciting that there will be a small little package awaiting arrival in September?” Gabriella asked excitedly.

“Please!” Peter almost screamed impatiently, “You’d think this kid was a miracle or something.”

Sirius looked so as if he was about to spit nails at Peter and Cassidy looked on the verge of tears, but it was James that spoke up. “What the hell is up with you Pete?”

“Huh?!” Peter asked as he looked like a deer looking into car headlights, to Lily at least.

“First you got all moody after you found out that I had proposed to Lily and that we were getting married and now you’ve just been a complete arse since we all found out that Cassidy is pregnant. What the hell is up with you?”

“Well I mean, I just can’t believe you guys are all getting married…you know we’re all still young. It’s just a surprise that know Sirius and Cassidy are planning for a baby, I mean they haven’t even been married six months. Just a bit of a shock,” Peter said lying out of his arse. Everyone just ignored him, but Lily couldn’t help but feel that Peter had deeper feelings that none of them knew of. Peter soon got up and left, but no one seemed to care after the comment he’d just given them.

“Had any weird cravings yet?” Lily decided to bring the subject back to the baby and was happy to see her best friend beam when she heard the subject of her darling baby brought back up.

“Last night I made Sirius sneak down to the kitchens to get me some ice cream.”

“What’s so weird about that?” Gabriella asked.

“It was so gross!” Sirius whined, “She wanted ketchup and dill pickles with the vanilla ice cream, I almost barfed when I brought it to her. The grossest thing was that she actually ate it!”

James groaned with Sirius while Remus just chuckled at his best friends, “Well duh!” Alice said rolling her eyes at the guys, “Pregnant women eat weird foods, we get these weird cravings.”


Not even Cassidy’s pregnancy could take the young students away from the pressures of N.E.W.T.s, and that as April was almost over that N.E.W.T.s was only a single month away.

Every seventh year student was studying harder than they’d ever studied in their entire life for the test that they’d take soon. The one single test that could change their entire lives. Whether they’d graduate or not, whether they’d get the dream job they wanted or not.

The end of the year started getting harder and harder for Lily as she was not only studying for her N.E.W.T.s, but also planning for her wedding and helping out her best friend through her pregnancy.

James was also busy with studying for N.E.W.T.s, helping Lily plan for the wedding, and planning the biggest prank The Marauder’s would ever through. If their friends thought they’d seen big after Snape had called Lily a ‘Mudblood’ their fifth year, well they hadn’t seen nothing yet!


Unfortunately on April 28th bad news hit the group, and of course they heard it that morning at breakfast.

Lily, James, Sirius, Cassidy, Remus and Gabriella were surprised to see Frank show up at breakfast by himself. Frank sat down at the Gryffindor table to join his friends, even if he was a Ravenclaw.

“Where’s Alice?” Cassidy said looking from Frank to the doors to the Great Hall.

“She came to my room last night really upset last night.”

“What’s the matter?” Gabriella asked looking scared.

Frank sighed, “She got a letter last night from the Ministry. Her mum, dad, and both older brothers had been murdered last night in their home.”

“Oh no,” Gabriella gasped.

“Poor Alice,” Lily said looking truly sincere.

“How is she doing?” Cassidy asked as she rubbed her belly lovingly without even thinking.

“She could be a lot better,” Frank said sighing and running his hands through his hair frustrated.

“You’re going to Dumbledore right?” James asked.

“What for?” Frank asked getting really frustrated.

“He’ll probably let you go home for the funerals, like he let me and James those many times.” Lily mumbled.

“I don’t know if she’ll want to go.”

“She’ll need closure,” Cassidy said nodding.

“Where is she right now?” Gabriella asked.

“Still up in my four poster bed, she refuses to come down, even if she does have my cloak. I guess I’ll go see Dumbledore and then go back and check on her. I wanted to stay in with her today, but she wouldn’t let me.”

“Probably needs her space right now,” Remus said as he looked down. No one responded to his comment, everyone knew that Remus’s parents had been murdered their fifth year in Romania. Remus went to his grandmother’s house during the holidays, but she wasn’t doing that well to and it wouldn’t surprise any of them if she died any day now.

“You’re probably right Remus,” Frank sighed. “I guess I’ll go see Dumbledore now, hopefully I’ll see you guys at lunch.”

Everyone said goodbye and it left the rest of the crowd in silence until Peter came to the table.

“What’s up with you guys? Looks like someone died,” everyone gave Peter a death glare. “What?!”

“Alice’s family was murdered last night in their home,” Remus explained as Sirius was still angry with Peter after Peter blew up the other day about Cassidy’s pregnancy.

“Oh no,” Peter said flakily, but everyone was preoccupied to tell. “How is she?”

“She’ll be fine Wormtail,” Sirius snapped and no one else spoke until the bell rang and everyone began to head towards their first class of the day, Herbology.


Alice didn’t come down for lunch nor dinner and no one really saw her until she was getting ready to leave for the funerals with Frank. Frank’s mother had agreed to make all the arrangements for Alice, as Alice rarely got out of bed.

“Hey Allie,” Gabriella smiled as her friend.

“Hi,” Alice mumbled but that was all she said during the whole time at breakfast.

Frank basically stuffed Alice’s food down her throat, but she didn’t argue. The rest of breakfast was basically quiet as no one really wanted to upset Alice and before any of them could say a thing, Frank did.

“Love, it’s time.”

Alice blinked and all of her friends saw tears filling up in her eyes, but she was strong and wasn’t going to let them fall.

“Bye Allie!”

“Bye Alice!”

“See you soon Allie.”

Alice nodded at her friends as Frank put his arm around his wife protectively as they left for Dumbledore’s office so that they could head to the funeral.

“I hope she’ll be okay,” Gabriella spoke worried.

“She’ll be alright,” Lily said trying to convince not only her friends but also herself.

“I hope you’re right Lily,” Cassidy said as her eyes were still glued at doors that led from the Great Hall to the Entrance Hall.


The more closer that May crept by, the more that you hardly saw any seventh year students having any fun at all. The only time Lily and James saw their friends was when they were either at class or at meals, other that Lily and James stayed cooped up in their Common Room studying with one another.

Finally one morning Cassidy crack, “Lily!”

“Huh?!” Lily said sitting up, she’d fallen asleep in her toast and eggs.

“You’ve got to let us study in your Common Room, it’s way to noisy in Gryffindor Common Room and we can’t study in our dormitory.”

“Why not?” James asked looking at Cassidy oddly.

“Because we have to put up with Heather and Paris’s crap!”

“It’s fine with me,” Lily said shrugging her shoulders beginning to eat her food now. “James?”

“Okay but under one condition.”


“The Marauder’s are welcome to study in the Common Room too.”

“Okay,” Lily said and then she spotted Frank looking left out. “Frank of course you’re welcome too.”

“Yeah, sorry man. You are like the fifth Marauder,” James said.

“No it’s okay…”

“Shut up Frank,” Lily snapped. “I’m stressed out about my wedding and N.E.W.T.s, and you are going to study with the rest of us and that’s it!”

“Yes ma’am.”


Studying sessions in the Head Common Room, ended up not only helping them all out but being fun too. Fun and educational, Lily totally approved. Once the girls were tired of studying they were right there to help Lily out with wedding plans that James had no idea on. So it not only helped Lily out, but it got Lily off of James’s back. While the girls were doing wedding plans, the guys were planning the prank of the century. Peter was scarcely around anymore, he had a tutor for Potions so he could pass his N.E.W.T.s, so Frank had like fallen into Peter’s place with The Marauders.


Frank showed up the next morning at breakfast looking out of breath and Alice running to try and keep up with him. Lily and James had been at breakfast super early for some random reason.

“Frank?!” Lily said looking surprised at how red in the face both his wife and he had been, “What’s going on?”

“You’ve got to read this! There was a big party for the Ministry last night and there was another Death Eater attack.”

James snatched the paper clipping from Frank, it was obvious that Frank’s mother had sent it to him.

You-Know-Who Attacks Ministry Party

Britain’s Ministry of Magic had all other Ministry of Magic’s around the world had their annual party and this year it was hosted in our great nation, Britain. Unfortunately You-Know-Who and his followers the Death Eaters attack upon the party. Many were murdered or seriously hurt last night and the death count is still in numbers.

And then at the bottom of the letter was Mrs. Longbottom’s handwriting with names of people Lily recognized that had been affirmed dead.

Jack Longbottom
Rosalia and Jose Martinez
Henry, Elizabeth, Henry Jr., and Christopher O’Brian

Jack, who’d been Frank’s father, had been Head of Magical Games. Jose Martinez had been an Auror and Rosalia, his wife had just come along with him to the party. Henry and Elizabeth had both been Aurors and their two sons had followed into their parents footsteps.

Lily felt her mouth dry out as she realized not only was James, Alice, and herself orphans but so was all the rest of her friends.

“Oh Merlin,” Lily gasped looking up at Frank as she saw total sadness in his eyes. “I’m so sorry,” Lily got up and hugged her dear friend. “I’m so sorry about your father.”

“It’s okay Lily, at least I still have my mum. But how are we suppose to break this to everyone else?”

Just then it was obvious that the others had gotten letters from the ministry, as Gabriella and Cassidy looked as upset as Alice had looked just weeks ago. Sirius and Remus looked as if they were holding their loved ones up. Of course Remus understood what Gabriella was going through, as he went through the same a few years ago. Sirius’s parents had been dead to him years ago, his real family had been the Potters and all but James was alive now. So Sirius also knew what Cassidy was going through.

Lily heard Cassidy sob into Sirius’s shoulder, “Mum and Dad will never see the baby. T…they were so…so happy.”

“Shh love, I know. I know.”

Cassidy, Frank, and Gabriella refused to miss class that day as N.E.W.T.s were so close now, but they all did miss half a day for their parents or brothers funerals.

Later that day Lily got a letter from Molly Weasley.

Dearest Lily,
I know it has been a while since you’ve heard from me, since poor Tyler’s funeral. I heard about your engagement to James Potter and I wanted to tell you I was so happy for you. I haven’t had time to write you lately as I recently had my set of twins, Fred and George. Bill, Charlie, and Percy are excited about the babies, I was really hoping for a little girl though, hopefully next time.
I hope to hear from you soon, but I just wanted to warn you about You-Know-Who, be careful. You-Know-Who especially wants to get rid of Muggleborns, and I really care for you Lily, you are a very sweet girl. You-Know-Who is even going after Purebloods, as you’ve seen with the Potter family. Take care of yourself and James.

Your friend,
Molly Weasley


When N.E.W.T.s finally started up, Lily was actually thankful. It had been hard around all of her friends because they’d all slowly lost their parents as James and herself had before. It was as if Lord Voldemort had not only killed off Lily and James’s family but now he was going after the families of their friends and she hoped that he wouldn’t go after their friends next.

Every N.E.W.T.s test Lily sat in the desk next to James, even though all desks were apart she was still close to her fiancée. Cassidy sat on the other side of Lily in every class that they had together, Sirius sat on the other side of James.

Cassidy was now four months pregnant and by every week that goes by Cassidy slowly gets bigger as the baby grows more and more. Cassidy, Alice, and Gabriella hung out in Lily’s room gossiping about the future baby to come and the wedding that soon would be around. Also very excited about graduation.

“Sirius said he’s got us a house!” Cassidy said one day rubbing her belly, “We’re going to go look at it at the next Hogsmede weekend.”

“How weird,” Lily said out loud.

“What’s weird?” Alice asked.

“On the Hogsmede weekend James and I are going meet a potential buyer for his mother’s Milan house and then he wants to show me the home he’s been entranced by. We might even buy it.”

“That is odd,” Cassidy smiled.

“We’re going to sell my parents home,” Alice sniffled. “And then buy a new house, until then we’re just going to stay at Frank’s mother’s house.”

“Remus has his parents old house and we’ll just stay there,” Gabriella said. “I’ve already put my parents house on the market.”

“It’s so weird,” Lily said again. “We’re all trying to sale our parents home.”

“I couldn’t ever live there,” Alice spoke up and all her friends agreed.

Lily decided to change the subject, “Cassidy what are you having? A boy or a girl?”

“Sirius and I agreed for it to be a surprise.”

“Like hell you will!” Gabriella spoke up and all the girls laughed at her sudden absurdness. Gabriella stood in the hallway and called the guys up to Lily’s room, and after they were all in the room Gabriella turned on Sirius. “We are finding out what your wife is carrying.”

Sirius looked at Remus’s girlfriend oddly, “We all know my wife is carrying a baby and not a kangaroo.”

“Git,” Gabriella said rolling her eyes. “I mean all of us want to know if she’s going to have a girl or a boy!”

“Why?” Sirius asked, “We wanted it to be a surprise!”

“Too bad!” Gabriella huffed, “Alice, Lily, and I have to throw your wife a baby shower and we need to know if she’s having a boy or a girl so we know what to get her.”

“Cassidy?” Sirius asked looking at his wife, “What do you think.”

Cassidy smiled, “It would be nice to know what our baby will be. Then we could buy all blue things for a boy or all pink things for a girl. Then we could also pick a name.”

Sirius sat beside his wife and smiled, “I agree.”

“You do?” Cassidy asked amazed.

“Of course, besides it would be fun to know if you’re carrying a little Marauder or a little princess.”

“Okay,” Cassidy said beaming. “Let’s do it.”

“I don’t know how,” Gabriella spoke up. “Besides I’m not the wiz in charms, that’s Lily.”

“Lily will you?” Cassidy asked.

“Of course but it has to be two people to ask,” Lily spoke up.

Alice nodded, “And it has to be the two people you pick to be the godparents.”

Sirius nodded, “James.”

Cassidy smiled, “Good choice and I pick Lily.”

“Are you sure?” James asked, “I’m not that good with babies.”

“Shut up,” Lily said slightly shoving him. “Of course we’d love to be your baby’s godparents.”

“Okay!” Sirius squealed and everyone looked at him oddly, “What?!”

Lily’s door opened and everyone saw Peter, “Hey Pete!” Everyone said and Peter was surprised to see everyone here, all he knew was that the Marauder’s were suppose to plan the prank. When Peter didn’t find the rest of the Marauder’s in the common room or James’s bedroom, he decided to check Lily’s.

“What’s going on?” Peter asked confused as everyone was cramped up in Lily’s room.

“We’re about to find out what Cassidy will be having,” Gabriella said excitedly.

“I thought she was having a baby?” Peter asked stupidly.

“Duh,” Alice said rolling her eyes at Peter. Alice had never really liked Peter and it just struck Lily.

“We’re finding out if the baby will be a boy or a girl,” Remus explained.

“Okay!” Cassidy yelled, “Let’s do this!”

Lily explained to everyone what would happen and told James the charm as the couple said at the same time, “Paternta!” Instantly the room began to glow powder pink and all the girls gasped.

“I’m going to have a girl!” Cassidy squealed turning to Sirius and beginning to kiss him all over.

“A girl?” Sirius asked in awe, “Can we still call her Sirius Jr.?”

“No silly,” Cassidy giggled as her husband held on to her loving. “Daddy’s little princess huh? How about the name Aurora?”

“Wow!” Cassidy said blinking at Sirius, “That’s beautiful…how did you know I liked that name?”

“No clue.”

“So Aurora Marie Black?” Cassidy asked.

“Sound perfect,” Sirius nodded and then turned to everyone else. “What do you guys think?”

“Love it!”


Everyone loved the fact that Cassidy was having a baby girl and that the couple had already named her. The Marauders and the girls couldn’t wait for the arrival of Aurora Marie Black.

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