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A Cinderella Story
Note: The name of the chapter is entirely owned by the makers of the film =).

Hermione Granger sat up in her room restlessly. She walked over to her window and sat on the ledge quietly. Her brown curly hair fell neatly around her face and rippled softly in the light breeze. She scanned the blue sky for her owl, Riley. He was a white snowy owl with amber coloured eyes. Suddenly, Hermione saw him flying towards her. She smiled and opened the window, to which he flew into elegantly.

“Hey boy, did you get a reply?” she asked softly. The bird stuck out his leg in reply. Hermione untied the letter and fed Riley a few treats in thanks. She had been writing to a mysterious admirer for about a week now, she hoped she could meet him soon. He went to Hogwarts but Hermione couldn’t work out who ‘he’ was. She unrolled the parchment anxiously and scanned the page.

Dearest Beauty,

I just got new from a friend that there is to be a ball held at Hogwarts, a Masquerade ball to be precise. I hope to be seeing you there? I’ll see you when school starts!

Love, your admirer xxx

Hermione smiled to herself contently, she’d finally meet her mystery man, and he’d finally meet her. They’d been sending each other owls constantly over the summer, neither one of them knowing who sent it. Hermione felt so happy inside, it was as if she was living a fairytale. (A/N: Soz, couldn‘t help it!)

She walked over to her desk and pulled out another piece of parchment.

Dear Admirer,

I am so excited to finally meet you, even if we are in disguise! I’ll see you at school, even though I probably won’t know who you are!

Love, ‘Beauty’ as you’d say…

Hermione smiled in satisfaction of her work and hurried over to her patient owl.

“Sorry, Riley, will you take another one? Thanks!” she said in gratitude. The bird ruffled his feathers in response, ready to fly. She tied it loosely to his leg and sent him off once again into the everlasting sky. She leant out of the window and watched the little white blob become increasingly smaller, until a loud screech echoed through the house.

“HERMIONE!” the screechy voice yelled. Hermione sighed heavily.

“Yes, Pansy?” she replied exasperatedly. She got up and walked to her door to hear a response easier. None came so she stepped down the steep staircase carefully and went down to see her sisters next request.

She found Pansy in her room quarrelling with Luna.

“I’m wearing that to the ball! I told mother I was, and she said I could!” Pansy screamed in Luna’s face.

“The colour goes so much better with my blonde hair! It looks stupid with your dull black hair!” Luna yelled back. Pansy turned to Hermione.

“Tell her, that I asked you to wash this dress specially for ME to wear, didn’t you?!” Pansy growled angrily. Hermione rolled her eyes.

“Pansy asked me to wash it for her, but, Luna has a point that it goes with her hair more.” Hermione muttered. She hated this. She hated her step sisters and she hated her step mother. Her father had died when she was only five years old. Pansy scowled at Hermione whilst Luna smirked at Pansy’s face. Hermione left the room swiftly and before she got to her staircase, her step-mother called for her. Hermione groaned and followed her step mothers voice to the room she was in.

Eventually, she found her step mother, Nymphadora Tonks, in her royal bedroom. She had long black hair and vibrant green eyes. She was sat at her vanity table waiting impatiently.

“Come here child.” she ordered. Hermione moved to her side swiftly. She was wearing basically a maids outfit, as she was treated like one.

“Have you done everything I asked?” Nymphadora asked curtly. Hermione simply nodded in response.

“What was that, sorry?” her step mother repeated sternly. Hermione took a deep breath,

“Yes, miss , all 52 of them.” she replied in a bored tone. Nymphadora glared up at Hermione through the mirror, Hermione looked away, her step mothers gaze was too strong even for her.

“You may go.” Nymphadora dismissed her simply. Hermione stalked out of her mothers grand bedroom and headed to her own. She returned to find Riley already back, she guessed her admirer mustn’t live far off.

“Heya Riley, back so soon?” she asked softly. She began to root through her small wooden wardrobe for some comfy clothes, she pulled out some light purple tracksuit bottoms and a plain white t-shirt that was too big for her, (Pansy’s old one).

Riley stuck out his leg once again and there was a small piece of parchment tied to it.

I’ll see you at the station tomorrow, my love. xxx

Hermione felt her heart flutter. She wondered who on earth it was, she must have seen him before… All she knew about him was that he was in his sixth year… She yawned and decided it best if she got as good nights sleep before tomorrow. She gave her owl a few treats and closed her window.


An alarm rang by Hermione’s head and she awoke quickly. Immediately she could hear the screeches of her name from Nymphadora, Pansy and Luna. She got up groggily and glanced at the red illuminated numbers on her clock, they read 8.23. They were only half an hour away from Kings Cross station so they had a while. Hermione pulled on a pair of faded jeans and a white tank-top. She attempted to brush her hair but gave in quickly. She stood and walked out of her tiny room and down the rickety, spiral stairs.

She bumped into a flustered Pansy on her way.

“Watch it!” she yelled. Hermione shook her head and continued to the kitchen.

She sat down on one of the stools and poured herself some breakfast, the servants were told that they couldn’t help her what so ever. There was one, however, who was very kind to Hermione, and helped her, her name was Ginny Weasley, she was a year younger than Hermione and went to Hogwarts. They were friends as one of Hermione’s best friends was Ron Weasley, Ginny’s brother. They would talk to each other secretly and sneak food from the fridges. Ginny was the only friendly face Hermione had seen all summer. Ginny had told her that Harry, Hermione’s other best friend, was also at the burrow and he and Ron said hello.

Hermione ate her breakfast silently and quickly. Her step sisters came in fighting, again.

“That’s my wand and you know it! You only want it because it has unicorn mane in it and yours only has stinky skins tap crap in it!” Luna yelled at Pansy.

“As if! This is MY wand, mother bought it for ME, not YOU!” Pansy screeched in reply. Hermione moaned internally and got up. She walked up to her stair case and pulled her wand out. She muttered a spell and her suit case and cage for Riley cam flying down. She caught them easily and dragged them along behind her.

She went outside into the bright sunshine and sat down on one of the white stone steps. They lived on a quiet street with huge houses. It was all pretty and smart, nothing unusual ever happened in Harvend Lane, except from the four witches; obviously no one knew that though.

The birds were tweeting happily in the near by willow tree whilst a grey tabby cat prowled the streets silently. Hermione watched intently until the glass door opened behind her suddenly, knocking her off. She glared up at her step sister Luna who looked extremely smug. Hermione brushed herself off and re-gathered her belongings. She walked over to the long black limousine and entered quickly. She sat towards the back so as not to be confronted by Nymphadora.

Her step family entered the car not long after and didn’t utter a single word to Hermione the whole way, as to which Hermione was grateful.


Hermione stepped out of the car without so much as saying good bye to her family. She didn’t care for them, as they didn’t care for her, the feeling was mutual.

She stepped out onto the platform and found a trolley. She loaded it up and began searching for Harry and Ron. Whilst walking somebody pushed past her roughly.

“Oh, sorry… I, err, are you - Granger?” he realised. Hermione also realised who it was; Draco Malfoy.

“Leave me alone Malfoy.” she said fiercely. Malfoy had his trademark smirk all over his face,

“What ever, Mudblood.” he muttered and continued along the station grinning. Hermione watched him go for a moment and realised she was staring after him. She snapped out of it and continued on her way. She boarded the red steam train and searched the compartments. Eventually, towards the very end, she found Harry, Ron, Ginny and Neville in a compartment.

“Hi guys!” she said brightly. Harry and Ron stood up and gave her a friendly hug. Neville waved and Ginny simply smiled knowingly. Hermione took a seat next to Ginny and everyone started conversing about their summers.


Finally they arrived at Hogsmeade station. Clouds were swirling in the previously blue sky, threatening a storm. The students hurried to the ‘horseless’ carriages and set off to another year at Hogwarts.

The Hall was as inviting as ever, the tables decorated richly with the house colours and food, whilst the sky above continued to show a dark grey sky.

The students dined merrily on the huge feast and laughed and joked happily. Dumbledore rose to give the beginning of term speech.

“I would like to welcome you all to another year at Hogwarts, may your stay be merry and healthy! Now, we have all ate our full so now we should rest, for tomorrow there is the Masquerade ball!” He said wisely, the hall rumbled in agreement.

The students were led out of the hall to their dormitory’s by the prefects and head boy and girl. Cho Chang happened to be head girl, she came marching up to Harry, she glanced momentarily at Hermione and glared, but then smiled sweetly at Harry. She dragged him off somewhere whilst Hermione and Ron moaned about it. They found their own way to their common room seeing as they were prefects and had been at the school now for five years.

They entered and sat down by the fire in their favourite chairs. They sat in silence for a few moments until Ron broke it.

“So, going with anyone to the ball?” he asked, his nerves showing. Hermione looked up at him from the fire and frowned.

“Ron, you’re not supposed to get dates as you’re not supposed to know who you’re dancing with!” Hermione sighed exasperatedly.

“Oh… Right… Well, what are you going as?” he asked curiously, he was desperate to keep the conversation going.

“Ron! Don’t be so thick!” she replied angrily, loosing her patience with the ever slow Ron Weasley.

“What?” he asked, his temper rising, “Sorry, have I infuriated the perfect miss Granger, again?!”

“Oh shut up Ronald! You have no idea! I have had a horrid summer, and here you are blabbering on about a load of - ” she stopped mid sentence as Harry had just entered with a big grin on his face.

“Hi Harry. I was just telling Ron what thick headed imbecile he is. Have fun with Cho?” she said sweetly. Harry smirked whilst Ron muttered insults under his breath. He took a seat across from Hermione and next to Ron.

“I’m going out with Cho again.” he said simply. Hermione frowned.

“She hate’s me.” she said sulkily. Harry smiled,

“Won’t make me hate you though.” he said in his ultra-charming voice. Hermione rolled her eyes playfully and stood up.

“I’m gonna get some sleep, be ready for tomorrow! Goodnight, boys.” she said yawning. Harry stood up as well.

“Yeah me too… Coming Ron?” he asked. Ron grunted and got up. He stalked off up the stairs without so much as a good night. Hermione raised an eyebrow at him, and he slammed the door shut, causing many other students to jump around them. Hermione shook her head smiling and turned to Harry.

“Goodnight.” she said sleepily.

“G’night ‘Mione.” Harry replied smiling. He gave her a friendly hug and walked off up the stairs after Ron. Hermione went up to her dorm. Luckily, she was the first to arrive.

She stood at the window and opened it, a cold, refreshing breeze swept past her. She searched the nights sky for her owl. She gave up and sat down on her bed heavily. She wanted to know who he was so badly. He said they probably knew each other but just not very well. That narrows it down, a lot… Hermione glanced around the room. Well, at least she’ll see him tomorrow night, even if she doesn’t find out who he is…


Hermione awoke to the sound of a hairdryer spell, she looked around her room drearily and realised Lavender and Parvati were getting ready for tonight already. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. She saw two outfits on their beds, which was when she realised, she didn’t have a costume. She sat bolt upright and got out of bed. She ran to her trunk and pulled out some clothes, she muttered a spell that would put them on and then she hurried out of the dorm into the common room.

The light was pushing through the windows creating a happy feeling. Hermione spotted Ginny on one of the sofas and hurried to her.

“Ginny!” she whispered urgently, “I’ve not got a costume for tonight!”

Ginny sat up.

“Are you serious?!” Ginny answered ludicrously. Hermione nodded quickly. Ginny sat up.

“It’s okay, we’re allowed to go to Hogsmeade, it’ll be fine!” Ginny assured Hermione. They got up and ran out of the common room together.


Hope you all enjoyed it, I've changed this story around so it's half and half =) Please review, much thanks! ~Gold Pheonix~

Disclaimer- The plot line is Disneys' and the characters are J.K Rowlings

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