Disclamer: I own nothing, just the plot and my fingers, i dont even own this computer. And i promis this story gets better after the first chapter! ^_^ ' thinking' " speaking" ' Why? Why me? WHy did I have to do that? If I knew it was going to cause me this much inner conflict I wouldnt have saved him!' Hermione lay on her bed in her muggle house. Her parents had gone to a dentists convention and would be gone for the next week. They would only get back intime to see her to the train station. Normally this wouldnt have bothered her, but now no one was here to distract her from her thoughts. " I just acted on impulse...feminine instinct...maybe." She tried to comfort herself out loud but it wasnt working, if anything it was makig it worse. Crookshanks was curled up on Hermiones pillow purring contently. " Crookshanks Ive tried packing, ive tried writing to Harry AND Ron, and Ive even tried reading and THAT didnt help. Iam just feeling... i dont know what im feeling and that kinda scares me. Last year if you asked me how i felt about him i wouldnt have hesitated tosay that i loathed him...now..now...grr! I just dont know!" ' Why did i have to save him...three times in one night!' *Flashback* Harry, Ron, and Hermione were following Lucious Malfoy under the Invisibility cloak. The elder Malfoy had been lurking around Snape for the better half of their sixth year. The trio found out that he had found a way to get Snape to come back to Voldemort. As usual no one believed them, not even Dumbledor! He said that Snape was loyal to him and would never return to Lord Voldemort. The trio had snuck out of the castle after everyone had gone to sleep and now the deatheater was heading into the Dark Forest. They were tripping over rocks and roots trying to keep up with Lucious and stay hidden under the cloak that seemed to be growing smaller with every passing year. All three had grown a few inches over the past year and a little more muscular. Hermiones usually out-of-control hair was now straightend and fell to the middle of her back. SNAP 'shit' all three thought to themselves in unison when Ron stepped on a twig. Lucious Malfoy turned around quickly searching for the source of the sound with his wand raised. A few mineuts later when he decided nothing was there he lowered his wand and continued walking. Sighing in releif Harry, Ron, and Hermione followed. They soon arrived at a clearing and stopped short. There was a large circle of black-cloaked deatheaters. In the middle of the circle was a creature that made Harrys hand fly up to cover his searing forehead. In the cernter was Lord Voldemort. Malfoy took his place in the circle and Voldemort spoke. " Now is the time... we must punish this betrayer...we must make him suffer!" For the first thime the young Griffendors noticed the figure in a black cloak laying on the ground next to Voldemort. His back was to them but even from where they were they could tell he was unconcious. Not for long. " Crusio!" Voldemort cried pointing his wand at the figure. The person screamed and rolled over so that Harry, Ron, and Hermione could see his face. The betrayer of Voldemort and his deatheaters was Draco Malfoy. Draco twitched and spasomed in pain all the while his screams growing louder. " How could Lucios Malfoy just stand there while someone was torturing his son, his only child!' Hermione thought disgusted. She now realized that she was crying... someone had to do something, she couldnt just stand ther any longer. She ran out from under the invisability cloak and pointing her wand at Voldemort she screamed "RICTISEMPRA!" More power then she thought would have, came out of her wand and sent him flying backwards. The curse on Draco came to a hault. Now all the deatheaters were coming at her, wands raised. Ron and Harry threw the cloak aside and ran to her aid. They threw curses back and fourth for ten minuets before Hermione noticed Lucious Malfoy approach his son, his wand was one foot away from Draco when he cried "Crusio!" Hermione was horrified, he was torturing his own son! Rage filled her tiny form, bounding up to the elder Malfoy she screamed " EVERTE STATUM!" The man went flying back causing Dracos pain to once agains cease. The younger Malfoy was lying on his back panting and dripping with sweat. For aome reason unknown to the female Griffindor she ran to Dracos side and fell to her knees beside him. Hermione could still here Harry and Ron fireing curses at deatheaters when she pushed the Slytherins hair out of his face. She was about to check his pulse when Harry yelled " Hermione! Look out!" Lord Voldemort was approaching Draco and herself. " AVADAKADAVA!" All the deatheaters plus Harry and Ron froze when the green light started rushing toward Dracos helpless form. Hermione was suposed to be the smart one! Why she jumped in front of the spell of death to protect her arch enemy (besides Voldemort that is) was completely beyond her. Casting a spell she never wanted to cast she yelled " AVADAKADAVA!" The two spells rickashayed off of eachother into trees. Voldemort had added another victim to his immediant hit list: Harry Potter Albus Dumbledor Draco Malfoy HERMIONE GRANGER He kicked her in the side( shes still Kneeling BTW ^_^) so that she fell on her hands and knees over Draco. ' This is it, Im going to die protecting Draco Malfoy! Proffesor Tralawney could never have PREDICTED this!' "First the boy, then you Bitch!" Voldemort held the tip of his wand at dracos head. Before he could do anything Voldemort was knocked away by two blasts pf red light, a yellow light, and a large blue light. The last thing Hermione saw befero blacking out was looking over to see Harry, Ron, Snape, and Dumbledor standing with their wands raised. * End Flashback* ' I wonder how hes doing now?' Hermione thought to herself getting in the shower. She had no idea how soon she would find out. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do you think? This was my first fanfiction. please review, constructuive flames welcomed! ~ HybridDemon

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