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Author's note: Please read and review! Enjoy the long chapter! Since the warning that Mad-eye Moody and the other wizards had issued at the end of year 5 Aunt Petunia had been slightly nicer, giving him more food, answering more of his questions and paying a bit more attention to him. Over the past year the neighbors which Aunt Petunia loved to spy on, had moved out and new people moved in. Aunt Petunia had suggested that they say 'hi' and welcome them to Privet drive. But Harry knew very well it was to see what their new neighbors where like and see what they did. Aunt Petunia told them to come along at half past 4.
They arrived and knocked, then the doors opened.

"Hello, may I help you?" A woman with dark hair, green eyes and a pretty face answered the door.

"Hello, I am your next door neighbors and we have come to welcome you to your new home," Replied aunt Petunia.

"Oh then come in," Said the lady. They went in to the living room which had a red carpet with gold stripes.

"My name is Amanda Aurorur. Please sit." (Pronounced or-raw-ra) she said sitting down.
They all sat down.

"My name is Petunia Dursley," Aunt petunia said.

"Are these children yours?" asked Amanda Aurorur.

"Dudley is, but this is my nephew Harry Potter"

Mrs Aurorur's eyes widened at Harry's name, and widened even more at the appearance of Harry's scar. Harry thought this was very strange as muggles would not know his name, perhaps she had already heard he went to the criminal school.

"You two must be sixteen, I have a daughter who is sixteen," She said. "Sarah, come downstairs. Sarah!" She said shouting

"Coming," Said a soft voice.

Someone entered the room. It was a girl, with black hair, shoulder length, Blue eyes, and a beautiful face. She was almost as tall as Harry. As soon as Harry saw her he fell in love. Something deep inside him stirred. But it was everything to do with love, for the James Potter part of Harry had opened. Harry had always acted most like his mother but this girl had unlocked the prankster, cool guy and good at everything James in Harry.

"Oh hello," she said. She looked at her visitors. Her eyes came to rest on Harry. She looked at his scar and her eyes widened just like her mother.

"Sarah, this is Dudley and Harry Potter. Take them to your room," She pronounced every syllable particialy loud. Aunt Petunia frowned but though no more of it. Dudley smirked. Wow my reputation must be that bad! Harry thought.

"Yes, mum," the girl replied. They followed her upstairs. Her room was very big, with a pink bed and pink curtains; infact almost every thing was some sort of girl's colour except for a thick book on a self. Harry looked at it. It was labeled 'tips for Witches and Wizards in the magical world. Harry stared. Why would a book that was obviously written by a magic person in a muggle's house. And the surname Aurorur, if you split it up you would get Auror and Ur. But then the truth had dawned on Harry.

"I am one," Sarah said looking at the book Harry was staring at. She looked at Dudley.

"Don't worry, he knows about the magical world," Harry replied just low enough so Dudley would not hear. Harry looked at Sarah. Her black hair, beautiful face, red lips-

"Yes?" said Sarah. She had noticed Harry staring at her.

"Nothing," Harry said quickly.

"Why is everything in here pink?" Dudley asked. "You know a girl's colour?"
Sarah was about to speak when Harry quickly said:

"She can have her bedroom pink if she wants to. Infact," Harry said. "I seem to remember you having your room covered with pictures of half naked men,"
Sarah smiled.

"They're Boxers, stupid," Dudley said defensively and he left the room.
Harry and Sarah burst out laughing as soon as the fat pig (who was Dudley) had left.


Harry and Sarah talked about things and then they talked about Harry's life and Harry told her about his first year in Hogwarts but when she asked to hear about his adventures fighting Lord Voldemort he refused to go past his 1st and 2nd year so that he did not have to think about Sirius. Then Harry told her about the daily prophet saying he was a liar; Sarah then made Harry feel better by telling him she had believed him in the first place when the article about Harry's 4th year had appeared in the quibbler and that she hated the daily prophet. Then they talked more and hit the subject of Hogwarts.

"Well I used to go to this other school in Wales, because you remember I told you that I was born in England, my parents are English, but I have lived my life in Wales. But now I am going to Hogwarts and I hear it is very good," Sarah was saying.

"What?" She added noticing that Harry was staring at her for the 50th time.

"Nothing, apart from you're beautiful," Harry blurted out. Oh, he was going to kick himself. He hadn't meant to say that. Where had that come from?
Sarah blushed and said: "Thanks,"
But still the James part of Harry would not stop. Harry tried to stop himself but he couldn't; He leant forward.

"Will you go out with me?" Harry said. And finally the James part of Harry failed and once again he became more like his mother, Lily: He went pink.

"Err…yes…when?" Sarah replied blushing worse then ever. Harry leant forward more.
"How about on the first Hogsmeade visit?" he said. "It is a wizarding village," He added noticing her blank face.

"Agreed," And she leant forward too so that their faces were a few centimetres apart.
They were about to kiss when he heard Aunt Petunia's stupid voice interrupt them.

"Harry, we're going" Aunt Petunia really knew how to ruin a perfect moment

"Ok," Harry said. "Just a sec

He went downstairs, Sarah following. It appeared that Dudley had gone.

"Dudley has gone home from boredom," Aunt Petunia said rather loudly. Harry glanced at Amanda Aurorur, who pretended not to have heard.


After the horrible woman left, Amanda faced her daughter.

"So he was right," She concluded. "The resister does live here. I would never have believed it, even from him."

"Well mum, I accidentally did something," Sarah said not looking at her mother.

"What- how could you? One hour was all they were here- how could you mess up?" Amanda stared at her daughter.

"Well, see, I er- I er I just erm-,"

"Spit it out" The other ordered.
Sarah took a deep breath and said: "He asked me out, and I said yes,"

"What- how could you, you stupid girl?"

"He kept staring at me and then said I was beautiful," Sarah said, her voice quiet, she looking at the bright carpet.

"You have messed up his plans! You have got us killed! No worse, we will be tortured for the rest of our lives! You fool girl! Have you never been complemented by a boy?"
Sarah mumbled something.

"You have got to do something with your spare time, girl! Wait- wait……. Yes! This is perfect! Maybe in your mistake we have found something brilliant!"

"What?" the daughter asked.

"If you lure the resister into the trap, with fake love, even that muggle-loving fool won't be able to protect the resister! Yes…..yes…... it’s perfect,"

"But mother, that-"

"Daughter take your mother's advice. What would he want?" Chapter 4 coming soon

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