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Chapter Twenty-Five~*~Andromeda

Heather and Sirius lay together, sleeping heavily, their bodies entwined. Even the flowers seemed to sigh in contentment. It seemed that they could lay like this forever, but they were interrupted by a loud knock on the ceiling. Heather awoke first. She looked at Sirius who was still sleeping. She smiled happily. The knock sounded again, and this time Sirius woke up.

“Heather?” he said, and then he saw her. He smiled. “Come back to bed,” he murmured, and pulled her back down under the covers.

“Sirius, listen,” she said urgently. Sirius listened, and again the knock.

“What do you reckon?” he asked nervously. Heather shrugged. Then looked around the room. Their once strewn-about-the-room clothes were neatly folded. Sirius stared in horror. “Somebody came in and folded our clothes!”

“No, silly,” heather said, laughing. “It’s the flowers,” she muttered. “Lily warned me about them. They are here to serve in any way they can.”

“Do they have eyes?” he said uncertainly, moving farther under the covers.

“No. Luckily, they don’t have ears either,” she said, blushing. Sirius grinned too.

“Come on, everybody will be wondering where we are,” she muttered. And then she turned to the flowers. “Clothes, please. Casual.”

“What are you...” Sirius began, but stopped as the flowers suddenly pulled from their depths some clothes for the two of them. They quickly dressed. Somebody knocked again.

“What if it’s Dumbledore?” Heather said nervously.

“Then we’ll just tell him we were...checking on the flowers,” he said playfully. Heather laughed. Really, nothing could ruin her day now. Even if the whole school knew.

“Come on,” Heather said, grabbing Sirius’ hand and pulling him over to a little rug in the corner. Sirius recognized it as the same rug from the hallway. For a second time, they said the password, and, in a blink, they were back in the hall. This time, however, they were not alone. Heather looked around and saw a very solemn, beautiful woman staring at them. She was slender, yet with a very full figure. She had the blackest eyes Heather had ever seen. Also, something Heather couldn’t miss, was the fact that this woman was extremely pregnant. Her hair was black as midnight, and she looked an awful lot like...

“Sirius,” the woman warily. Sirius smiled.

“Andromeda!” he said jovially. He gave the woman a hug. Andromeda patted him on the back, trying to smile. “It seems you’re coming along well,” he said, noting her large stomach. “Heather, this is my cousin!”

“Yes...” Andromeda said, giving Heather a distracted nod. “Sirius, the Head Master said I might find you here. I must speak to you...alone, I think...” she said, eyeing Heather, who frowned, but then nodded. She began to walk away.

“Oh no, you don’t” Sirius said, grasping her hand. Anything that needs to be said to me, can be said to her too,” he insisted.

“But Sirius...” Andromeda said sadly.

“No, Heather stays,” Sirius said firmly. “Now, what is so important that you barge all the way into Hogwarts to talk to me?”

Andromeda gave a loud sigh. “’s of the utmost secrecy!”

“It’s alright, Sirius I’ll just leave,” Heather said, not wanting to start a fight.

“Heather, no!”

“Sirius!” Andromeda began in frustration.

Sirius only glared.

“Very well. Sirius. We’ve come to ask you to join The Order,” Andromeda said with great importance.

“The what?” Sirius said.

“The Order, Sirius. It’s an anti-Voldemort organization,” she said. “Now, only once you are after school will you be able to join, but that’s only a few days away.”

“And why are you telling me about this? Who runs it?”

“I do,” a calm voice said from behind them. They turned to see Dumbledore. “It has only existed for a short while, but so far we have many members.”

“Are you in it?” Sirius asked his cousin.

“Of course not!” she said. “Think of who I’m married to!” Sirius put an arm around her shoulder.

“Alright, then why did you have to come and tell me? Why can’t Dumbledore just tell me?” he asked.

“Because, though I’m not in it, I’m the only one who can give away it’s whereabouts,” she said proudly. Sirius nodded.

“You are serious, right?” he asked. “This isn’t one of your silly jokes?”

“I would never joke about such a thing,” she said indignantly. He looked to Dumbledore.

“She is telling the truth, Sirius,” he assured. “Andromeda, I would also like you to tell miss Malfoy,” he added, watching Heather’s face.

“WHAT?!” Andromeda said outraged. “Malfoy?!” she gasped. Heather sighed in frustration. She opened her mouth to put this girl in her place, but Dumbledore got there first.

“Andromeda, think of your own surname,” he said. Andromeda paused.

“You’re right, Albus. Sorry...” she said to Heather, who simply nodded. “Alright, shall I tell them the location, then?”

“Not here,” Dumbledore said, looking around. "We must wait until the others arrive,” he said.

“The others?” Andromeda, Sirius and Heather said simultaneously. Dumbledore nodded.

“Come,” and he swept away, with the three others following close behind. Once they had reached the office, they saw Remus, Lily, James, Frank, Peter, Alice, and Alex already standing around, looking nervous. Upon seeing Heather, Lily looked relieved.

“Where have you two been?” James mouthed. Sirius only smiled.

“Alright,” Dumbledore said loudly, walking through the sea of people to the chair behind his desk. He sat down. “All of you, are being given the option of being in The Order.”

“What is The Order?” Alex said loudly. Dumbledore looked at her.

“The Order of the Phoenix,” he said. Nobody moved, but took in the boastful name. “It is a group of trustworthy people I have gathered together in the past years. It is an organization dedicated to seeing through the downfall of the Dark Lord Voldemort. I have watched you all closer than you know, and have picked you out from your fellow students. You, above the rest, would make The Order proud. I do not force this burden upon you, and warn that this is no game. There is a chance that one or more of you will not make it through this alive.” Peter gave a loud gulp. “I ask you now. Join me?”

Nobody moved, or made a sound. Then James cleared his throat. “I’d love to,” he said. Lily looked nervously up at him. She couldn’t possibly let him go through it alone...

“Me too,” she said, holding his hand tightly.

“Yeah...I’ll join,” Alice said. Frank nodded, smiling rather proudly. Sirius looked down at Heather, and then grinned.

“Sounds like fun. Nothing like a little death to brighten up the day,” he said. Heather sighed. What was she getting herself into?

“I’ll join,” she said, nodding satisfiedly. “I’d be honored.” Dumbledore’s eyes twinkled, and he winked at her. All eyes turned to Alex. She seemed to be squirming under the heavy gazes of her fellow Gryffindors.

“Alex?” Dumbledore said cooly.

“I...well...Peter, you must understand...” she muttered. It was obvious that she was terrified. Peter put an arm around her.

“I’m afraid that a decision needs to be made,” Dumbledore urged softly. Alex then burst into tears. Sobbing, she ran towards the door. Dumbledore stood up swiftly. “Imobilus,” he said sadly, his wand out. Alex froze. Dumbledore sighed, shaking his head.

“I’ll take care of it, Head Master,” McGonagall said.

“I do believe a memory charm will be needed, Minerva,” Dumbledore said, looking crest-fallen. McGonagall nodded, and levitated the paralyzed Alex out of the room.

“You never said where it was...” James said, very curious.

“Oh, yes. I do believe it slipped my mind...well, Andromeda, proceed,” Dumbledore said, giving her his complete attention. Andromeda nodded, very business-like. She cleared her throat.

“Remember this well. The Location of The Order of The Phoenix is The Garlock Hotel, room 110,” she said. There was long silence, then Sirius snorted.

“The Order Of The Phoenix is in a hotel room?” he asked. Dumbledore gave a little smile.

“I’m afraid that we were having some trouble finding a suitable location. This is only temporary,” he said.

“Yeah...but a hotel? With people coming in and out...won’t people notice that we’re always in and out of that place?” Lily asked nervously.

“Oh, but Ms. Evans, Garlock Hotel has been abandoned for at least twenty years!” Dumbledore said reassuringly. “Please don’t worry yourselves. The Members and I have gone to great lengths to ensure our secrecy. Many charms are placed around the old building. If someone not in The Order gets within a mile of the place, they will become suddenly extremely frightened, and even the swaying of a branch will scare them back on their brooms. Also, the place is unplottable, not to mention the many other charms I will not explain in this room,” he said. All were quite, and Sirius felt very guilty about questioning the hotel.

“Now, we are all in agreement,” Dumbledore said grandly.

Everybody nodded.

“Very well,” he said, standing up. “Welcome to the Order of the Phoenix.”

A.N: Well, this chapter was an interesting one, and fun to write because of Andromeda. I really enjoyed writing her character, because she was esentially a female Sirius! I particularly liked the part where Alex ran out of the room because she didn't have the guts to join! Ha!

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