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Chapter 26: Epilogue

As Harry sat by the lake reflecting.

It had been a year to the day since the Battle of Hogwarts, as the papers and the history books were calling it. It was hard to believe that Voldermort had been gone for that long.

Draco was finally moving on since he had to kill his father, he and Pansy were to be married two months after the end of school. They had invited all of their new friends. Draco had taken an offer to become an Auror and Pansy had decided to pursue the Healing Arts.

Neville had told him that he was going to propose to Ginny at Draco and Pansy’s wedding, while they were dancing. And that he had taken the offer from Professor Sprout, to be her assistant so he could be close to her during her last year at Hogwarts. He had also asked Harry to be his Best Man if Ginny said yes.

Luna had proposed to Ron over Christmas, and a very red faced Ron had accepted. When he asked her why she had asked him to marry her, her only response was, “I got tired of waiting for you to do it!” Everyone had laughed, afterward they had gotten married on Valentine’s Day and their first child was expected in November. Ron was going to work in his dad’s old job and when Luna was finished with school next year she had decided to stay home with the kids and help her dad with the Quibbler when she could.

If you asked Harry what had shocked him the most over the last year, he could have easily told you. It wasn’t when Draco got down on his hands and knees and begged Hermione to forgive him for how he had treated her in the Great Hall during the Start of Term Feast, and then turned to the rest of the students and staff and did the same. It had been when Cho had tried to make amends for the way that she had treated him. When she had jumped in front of the Killing Curse that Voldermort had sent at him. No one had expected her to even be there, after all she had been expelled and no one had seen her at school for months, if it had not been for the fact of watching all of his friends fall at the hand of that lunatic and Draco killing his father (Harry would not have let Lucius off that easily). Even though Harry didn’t love her, it seemed that Cho did in fact love him whole-heartedly. Or thought that she did, enough to die for him in order to make amends between them.

As he thought over these thing and some less exciting things that had happened over the past year, he felt the cold wet nose of ‘his little girl’ as he called Hermy. “Whine, bark, bark” she said. Then he felt the hands of his love on his shoulders, he knew that these were the hands of none other that Hermione. The way he knew was the soft but worried way they caressed him.

Harry placed one hand on hers and started to rub Hermy’s belly and said, “I wondered how long it would take you to find me?”

“Well the little fur ball gave you away.” Joked Ron.

Harry turned to see his family, not his blood family. But his true family, His parental figures Molly and Author Weasley, Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall. Plus all of his brothers and sisters Fred and Katie, George and Angelina, Charlie and Donna, Bill and Fleur, Percy and Penelope, Oliver and his new wife Megan, Neville and Ginny, Ron and a very pregnant Luna, Dean and Susan, Seamus and Lavender, Draco and Pansy, Justin and Padma, Michael and Parvati, Colin, and Dennis. Plus his God Parents Remus and Nymph Lupin (she still preferred to be called Tonks) and last but definitely not least, the woman that he would wed in two days time.

“Yes, Hermy led us straight to you.” as she sat down beside of him and laid her head on his shoulder and asked “What’s on your mind Love?”

“Just thinking about the past,” he paused for a second “and our future.” he finished as he snaked an arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him.

“You think too much.” she joked.

He rolled his eyes, placed a kiss on her cheek and said, “That is the first time that you have ever accused me of that.”

“I love you.” she said as she got to her feet.

Harry felt the familiar chills run down his spine he said, “I love you too.” the he got to his feet and they all went to the End of Term Feast as a family.

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