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Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing. I only own the plot and the idea, (plus, I honestly don't think that J.K. Rowling would put Mad Eye Moody with Professor McGonagall! lol

Summary: "I've embraced my destiny," Alastor said staring into Minerva's eyes, "now it's time to embrace yours." A Moody/McGonagall one-shot.

Embracing Destiny

A Moody/McGonagall one-shot

When Minerva McGonagall was called into Albus Dumbledore's office one day, she knew that something was wrong. Very wrong.

"Minerva...he's, he's lost his leg and his eye is..." Albus paused, leaving Minerva to close her own eyes tightly. "Different," he finally finished.

"Albus, how did this happen?" she croaked, "why Alastor?"

"That's something for him to tell you Minerva," Albus stated firmly. "You must go to him."

Minerva was already planning on doing this, but she still nodded her head. Minerva had to make sure that. . . that what Albus was saying was true. That it wasn't just a cruel joke being played on her. So with that said, she raced towards the fireplace; her long robes going down to the ground. Minerva grabbed a handful of floo powder and walked into the fireplace and shouted loud and firmly as she stared into Albus's eyes, "St. Mungo's!"

Quickly, Minerva was thrown backwards, and soon she found herself on the floor of St. Mungo's. Stupid fireplace, she thought staring at the fireplace disaprovingly. She brushed the soot off of her robe and finally made her way up to the main desk, and gretted the witch that was sitting at the front desk.

"Good day," Minerva said softly, "I'm Professor Minerva McGonagall from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy, and I am wondering if I'd be able to see a patient here?"

"Name?" asked the witch.

"Alastor Moody," Minerva replied. Immediatly, the witch was going through a lot of papers and Minerva soon saw a paper with Alastor's name and information on it. That must of been what the witch was looking for.

"Room 405. The fourth floor. Do you need help Miss. McGonagall?" wondered the witch.

"No," Minerva replied, "I can find it just fine."

The witch nodded, and Minerva turned around swiftly and made her way upstairs. This is going to be a long walk, she thought miserably as she walked up some stairs. Her long curly hair was pulled into a bun, she always wore it like this. Minerva just found it very comfortable to wear it like this, it was out of her face and it made her feel really cheerful.

Minerva panted as she got to the second floor, only two more to go, she thought. Now she was really determined to get up these steaps. She was also very eager to see Alastor. . .poor, poor Alastor. He was probably only doing the right thing. That was Alastor. But really, why did destiny have to decide this fate? For him to loose his foot and his eyes to be damaged.

Wait, Minerva thought, Albus had only said 'eye' he didn't say 'eyes' which means. . . which means that only one eye was damaged! So perhaps. . . so perhaps Alastor's other eye is perfectly fine.

With that thought rested in Minerva's head, she sighed deeply as she reached the third floor. Now she only needed one to go. She was desperate to see Alastor now. She was desperate to make sure that he was all right. Though she knew after what he had been through he probably wouldn't be all right.

Minerva's speed quickened as she reached the last flight of stairs that she would have to go up to. Any minute now she would be in Alastor's room. Seeing how he is. But then it dawned to her, would Minerva be frightened by the way he looked? NO! She hissed in her mind, she would not be frightened of what he looked like no matter what. She would not be frightened by Alastor. Nothing could ever get her frightened by Alastor.

Finally she was there, on the fourth floor. Minerva started to looked at the room numbers, and finally she saw room 405. There was a window of course, and Minerva glanced in to make sure she wouldn't be interupting anything. Minerva sighed, Alastor looked normal enough. He was gazing at a magazine, looking at it as though it was somewhat interesting. Minerva took a deep breath and she slowly knocked on the door.

"C'mon in Minerva," said Alastor from inside, "I already knew you were there."

This slightly startled Minerva. But nontheless, she opened the door and slowly closed it behind her.

"Alastor, are you," she paused, "all right?"

Dim wit! Minerva hissed in her mind, why in the name of Merlin did you ask that?

"So and so," replied Alastor, "for losing a leg and having a eye all screwed up in less then 48 hours that is."

The incident had taken place a couple of nights ago? And Albus just now told Minerva? She knew that she would be having a talk with Albus once she returned to Hogwarts.

"I'm so sorry Alastor," Minerva appologized staring down at the ground.

"What for?" asked Alastor confusingly, "you did nothing wrong at all Minerva."

"I know," Minerva sighed, "it's've just been settled with this horrible fate and it's cruel. So cruel that I can't believe that this has happened to you."

"Don't pity me Minerva," commanded Alastor sternly, "I don't need, nor want your pity." And when Alastor said this, it almost made her feel that he was telling the truth. But god damn it! Minerva couldn't help it. She wanted to tell him that. . . that everything would turn all right in the end. That he'll end up happy and not miserable. Though, she wasn't to sure if she could actually promise that so she didn't say anything.

"Alastor, if you. . . if you don't mind me asking. What happened?" she asked this hesitantly.

"What do you mean?" asked Alastor.

"I mean, what happened to you 48 hours ago," replied Minerva.

Alastor sighed, "Minerva a lot of things has happened in the pass few days. Some things that I'm not really proud of," he paused, "Minerva, your probably never going to believe this but. . . well, it's something that's need to be said. I, I was chasing down a old Death Eater see? Trying to corner him and all. . . but all of sudden, everything backfired. I shot a defense charm that was suppose to make the Death Eater fall down, and it backfired Minerva. Instead, it hit me. And ten times worse might I add. The Death Eater took his chance of getting me while I was down and threw me a few curses before the world that I knew once then, went black. I remember, that when my world did go black, my eye," he pointed to his left eye, "pained terribly, and my leg felt like it was burning."

"Alastor! That's terrible! There was nothing that they could do to save your leg?" asked Minerva.

Alastor snorted, "Minerva, have you noticed what my leg looks like recently?"

"I-I," she paused, "no."

Alastor leaned forward and pushed back his covers and Minerva almost stared at him in shock. The leg that had once been there, was no longer there. Instead, there was a sort of stick, like what pirate would use. . . Merlin no. It was true, it was all true. Minerva stared at his eyes and then noticed something that was unparticular about one of them. It was. . . it was spinning.

"Alastor! Your eye!" she exclaimed.

Alastor groaned, "third time this has happened," he mumbled furiously, he was already getting quite annoyed by this.

"You mean, this is going to be normal now?" asked Minerva, disbelief almost overwhealming her.

Alastor nodded, "yes, it won't be to bad I suppose. Just going to be a pain in the ass to have to take out this eye and stop it from spinning so damn much!"

"I'm so sorry," said Minerva staring down at her feet.

"Minerva, again, there's absolutely nothing to be sorry about. This is my destiny," stated Alastor.

Minerva stared at him furiously, "your destiny? YOUR BLOODY DESTINY! I can't believe that. . . the fates has decided that you will be like this for the rest of your life. So your telling me, that after all the good that you've done Destiny is just going to walk up right to you and say, 'oh and by the way, we've decided that you've got to loose your leg and your eye is going to be screwed up for the rest of your life,' that isn't fair Alastor!"

"Life isn't fair," said Alastor coldly.

"How can you be so calm?" asked Minerva, "if this was my destiny. . . I don't know what I would be doing right now. I'd be in tears. That's why. . . that's why I'm beginning to wonder why I haven't gotten a destiny that is so horrible. Why is my destiny being a teacher? Why is my destiny being alone in this world and having only a few friends and little family?"

"I've embraced my destiny," Alastor said staring into Minerva's eyes, "now it's time to embrace yours." This surprised Minerva slightly, and she soon realized what Alastor was actually saying. . . he was saying, that no matter good or bad, they had to embrace it because what the fates has decided must at least lead to good thing.

"I-I understand now," said Minerva staring down at the floor.

"Minerva, you have so much in life that you should be happy about," said Alastor, "don't tell me that your unhappy with your life," It was more of a statement then a question and Minerva realized that she was indeed happy and pleased with her life. She cherished it more then anything. Perhaps the feelings that she had felt just then were out of pity. Pity for Alastor and she began to silently cry.

"Love, why are you crying?" asked Alastor with concern. "You don't need to worry about me. . ."

"But I do!" she wailed, "I. . . I'm usually so sure with life. And now that this has happened to you, I can't possibly embrace what destiny had decided for you. I absolutely loathe destiny and which that you could just go back to normal. That you would just get well, and that I would be looking into the eyes of a healthy man."

"Destiny is not something that you can command Minerva," said Alastor, "it's something that commands things for you. You must understand that."

There was a long pause before Minerva finally answered.

"I understand now," she said softly.

"Well you should probably be going now eh?" said Alastor with raised eyebrows, "I mean, there's absolutely no point of being here any longer. Plus, you have a school you've got to get back to! You have students that need teaching. Minerva, perhaps that that is your destiny. To teach students something that you enjoy."

And he was right, that was Minerva's destiny and Minerva knew that she was already embracing it.

"Get well Alastor," said Minerva softly as she turned to leave.

"Thank you Minerva," came Alastor's reply.


Not to chappy eh? I am really quite pleased with this! I don't care what your reviews say, I am really excited about this. Though it would be nice if SOME of you decided to be kind and leave a review or two. Thanks a bunch. Anyhow gotta go, thanks for taking time to read this story.

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