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A/N: This is my first fic. Please review to tell me how I did. I would really appreciate it.


The war had changed this girl. Her desire to read was no longer there, as well as her upbeat mood. All she did was stare at the walls blankly. Her eyes were now bloodshot and puffy from holding back her tears and letting a few out. The girl's face was pale and grim. The black robes covering her frail body were wrinkled. She just didn't care anymore. Hermione Granger was a new woman.

As Hermione approached the funeral at Hogwarts memories flood into her mixed up mind. The Weasley clan waving goodbye to her on the last day of school. Harry riding around the quidditch pitch, waving to her gleefully. Those and many more came and left her mind before she reached the grounds.

"Hermione!" Draco shouted as he snaked his arms around his wife's waist, hugging her to his body. The back of Hermione's head rested on his firm chest. Professor Dumbledore walked up to Hermione and Draco and forced a smile. His usual twinkling eyes were cloudy and dull. The war had taken a huge toll on the aged man.

"Hello," he turned towards her, "are you holding up all right?"

"Yes," you forced a smile, "I'm okay. How are you Professor?" Hermione questioned. Before Dumbledore could answer the funeral started and everyone gathered around the coffins. Magically, the lids raised the show Hermione's deceased loved ones. She walked slowly over to the first casket, her feet like lead. Tears instantly sprang to her eyes when the face of Harry Potter came into her view. They had combed his usually unruly raven hair so that it was plastered to his forehead. She hesitantly reached over and ruffled his hair so it would look more natural. After she finished doing that her eyes turned to his face. It was peaceful. It was as if he was finally able to forget all his worries.

A hand went to Hermione's shoulder, causing her to spin around. Albus was looking down at her sadly, a single tear falling down his wrinkled face like a long soldier in a battlefield. Hermione buried her face in his robes as she hugged him, hoping to stop her tears. At first he was tense, slowly his arm went around her, patting her back comfortingly.

"Sorry. I just didn't want to show my tears. You have always been the strong one. When Sirius died you never shed a tear, even though you were great friends with him. When Minerva died in the first war you never shed a tear either. You were always strong and that is what kept me strong." The young lady reasoned to the old man.

"I cried inside. Everyone looks up to me like they do you. I know you want to be strong but you can cry. Look around you. Everyone else is. Showing your emotions is not weak, but the opposite." Professor Dumbledore said as he patted your hand.

"I have to be strong. " She whispered through a clenched jaw, holding back tears. Walking away from Harry, she approached the next coffin.

It had her parents. Even though they were muggles they fought in the war with their hands. The tears ran down her face, so her feet ran from the funeral. The warm spring breeze made her hair fly wildly around her. Hermione's feet felt like lead the time she made it to the Whomping Willow. Hermione pulled out her wand and froze the tree in mid-swing, sliding into the passageway. Remus ran into the tree after her. Huffing and puffing, Hermione ran down the dark, slowly descending passageway, a stitch in her side.

Hermione could smell the mold as she ran into the shrieking shack and up the stairs. More memories filled her mind as she entered what was a bedroom. It was the same bedroom that Sirius and Pettigrew were revealed as the people they really were. Pettigrew an idiot and alive, Sirius innocent and kind. Running over to the old bed, she collapsed onto it burying her face in a musty brown pillow. The bed creaked as Remus plopped down beside the sobbing body. Hermione cried for what seemed hours before her breathing slowed somewhat and she drew shaky breaths. Drying her tears, Hermione looked up at Remus. Seeing the concern in his face she plastered a fake smile on her tear-stained face.

“Remus I’m fine.” She choked out feeling tears well up in her eyes again. Remus reached down and put his arms around her in a comforting hug. Her head found the crook in his neck and shoulder and placed her head there. He rocked her slowly as if she were a child. Hermione's tears dropped from her face onto his shirt, soaking his shoulder.

"Shhhhhh. It's okay. It's okay. Shh." He cooed to Hermione. Slowly, she stopped crying and looked up at Remus. A smile slowly spread across her face. This time, the smile was real.

"I must look like a total baby. Oh great I got your shirt wet. Thanks. I guess I just have to face the facts. They won't ever come back. But I have great friend’s right here." She squeezed his shoulder friendly and wiped away her tears. Remus stood up and held out his hand, offering to help her up. Hermione took it thankfully and stood up from the old, hard bed.

"Let's leave this shaky shack!" Hermione shouted happily as she ran down the stairs and through the passageway. After she left the Whomping Willow, she remembered why she ran out in the first place. Turning around and running back into the tree, she was stopped by Remus.

"Go." He simply said. Hermione pleaded him with her eyes but silently she thanked him. Hermione turned around and walked slowly back to the funeral. Draco greeted her with open arms when she came back. Hermione ran into his arms and hugged him tightly. She tenderly looked up at him and kissed him tenderly. Draco kissed her back and ran a hand through her hair. After pulling away he slipped a hand around her waist and hugged her close.

"You okay?" Draco questioned timidly.

"Yes," Hermione smiled happily, "I am now."


A/N: Ok this is my first fic. The ending didn't really work out. Sorry for the shortness as well. Please criticize all you want. I want to know how I can improve on my story. I also need to know how you make the print italicized and you end the print being italicized. Thank you so much for considering my story.

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