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“Honestly, you’re obviously in love with the boy,” you looked curiously at the four teenage girls in the house.

“As little as I know on the subject, you really are, Hermione,” your eldest daughter stated, slicing through her meat, as proper as always.

“He’s head over heels for you anyway,” Ginny added, all of them watching Hermione who was blushing like mad. Sale, who happened to be sitting next to the twins, nodded. Fred lurched forward at her, causing her to drop her silverware.

“Who’s this?” He questioned. Sale looked appalled and you couldn’t help but smile. You were honestly thinking that putting Sale with the two redheads would do her some good. Remus gave a hearty chuckle next to you.

“Those are some interesting boys you’ve got there, Molly,” he murmured, draping his arm over the back of your chair, you smiled again, watching Molly as she gave a grim smile.

“I wish someone would teach them some manners,” she replied, causing you to almost mock Remus’s chuckle a moment before.

“They’re good boys, though,” you said, leaning into your husband. His arm slid from the back of the chair to your waist. You watched with amusement as the rest of the teenagers were brought into the conversation, obviously they had been talking about Ron and Hermione, as they were both as red as the former’s hair.

You watched as everyone took to eating their food and conversing amongst themselves. It was a bit of a dreary place, though the laugher and arguments at the opposite end of the table were livening the place up a bit. It was a bit more exciting with a number of teenagers under the roof of number twelve, Grimmauld Place.

Molly took Arthur’s empty plate, along with hers to the sink. Arthur was reading his newspaper, obviously deeply absorbed in some article. Remus had taken to talking lightly with Tonks, who had sat upon his other side, though his arm was still clinging to your waist. Mundungus had drifted off into a light sleep, having finished his meal, and Moody’s eye was going crazy watching everyone.

Etoile?” Remus questioned from your side, you looked up at him, your emerald eyes showing no emotion, as always. He nodded down to the end of the table where your children were taking their plates over to Molly.

“I’ve got time, Loup,” you said, “Sale will most certainly be helping Molly with the dishes, you know her.” Remus smiled, standing up and taking your hand. He lead you to another room, this one had a bit more space. Lune had, evidently, followed the two of you in there.

“Mum?” You rose your eyebrows at her presence, as Poivre fell upon the couch you and Remus were about to sit down on.

“Wait for Sale, Lune,” you replied, sitting down next to your son. He messed his already messy hair up, and you smiled at him.

“Poivre,” he looked over at you, “When’s your next match?” He shrugged, clearly having expected you to say something about him messing with his hair.

“I promise I’ll let Dumbledore know a week in advance,” he said routinely. You nodded with satisfaction at him. You curled your legs up under you, watching Remus talk to your daughter. She had nodded every now and then, occasionally putting a few of her own words in. By the time Sale had entered the room you’d though Poivre had drifted off to sleep.

Sale rolled her eyes at the sight of her twin with his eyes closed, and took a seat in the chair that mirrored Lune’s. You were surprised to see Harry walk in and sit on the floor in front of you. You gently smacked Poivre’s arm, which caused him to wake with a start.

“What?” He questioned dumbfounded. You shook your head at him, telling him to sit up in the process. He did as he was told, running a hand through his hair, again.

“Lune?” Sale questioned, growing impatient with her sister, but was very polite about it, as always. Lune looked up, shaking her curls out of her face. She looked around for a moment.

“Well, Mum,” she started, “You were a Slytherin, right?” You nodded. She looked down in thought for a moment, unsure of how to word her question. You smiled.

“Oh, get on with it,” Poivre muttered.

“Don’t talk to your sister like that, Poivre,” you scolded him, though you were certain it was just the fact that they were siblings.

“Oh, mother,” Sale took over as Lune still looked about, “She wants to know how you and dad came to be.” You looked at Remus to see him smiling. Lune looked up once the question was finally out.

“Yeah, who’d have thought, a Slytherin and a Gryffindor together,” Harry added his two cents; casting looks at Lune and Poivre, who gave him a challenging look.

“Don’t think they’re all as nice as Mum and Lune, Harry,” Poivre replied. Harry laughed.

“Like I needed you to tell me that,” he stated, “My enemy is Draco Malfoy, resident Prince of Slytherin, remember?”

“Do stop bickering,” Sale cut in. You thought for a moment.

“We actually met in winter of fifth year,” you recalled, remembering the day you’re met Remus. He nodded, locking your hand with his.

“James and Sirius obviously thought it awful for me to even be talking to a Slytherin, had they been with me I’m sure she’d have been jinxed into oblivion,” Harry gave a slight look of horror.

“Which is why it’s a good thing I met you instead,” you said to him. He nodded, thoughtfully.

“No worries, Harry, nothing of the sort ever happened, thankfully,” Remus smiled at him, as the look slowly left his handsome face. Exactly like James, down to every last bit of skin.

“I suppose, in order for you to fully comprehend though, you may want to know a little bit about me,” you said, looking to Remus for conformation, “Loup?” He nodded.

“Of course,” he smiled at you, gripping your hand a bit tighter. You thought for another moment.

“You see, I wasn’t exactly you’re average Slytherin,” you began. It was going to be a long day.

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