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This is a sequel to “Her Last Words”…If you have not read that, you might be a tad confused…But, here is HLW in a nutshell:
-Hermione went back to Marauders time
-Fell in love with Sirius and vice versa
-Warned them about future
-Peter Pettigrew died (Lupin ate him…lol long story)
-Came back to present time, where I rudely ended the story
The End.=)

Chapter 22 HLW

She gave half a turn more and as if it were happening in slow motion, she took a last glance over to her friends. Sirius fell to the ground with his face in his hands before the room began to spin. The sensation of time travel came back and it felt like someone was pulling her by the collar of her shirt. Everything went black as she landed on a hard surface, falling to her knees. Everything was quiet. She opened her eyes to see Dumbledore as she remembered him in her time. His office was empty.

“Welcome back Miss Granger.”

Chapter 1

Hermione stared at him with a puzzled look, trying to hold back all her emotions. She was still trying to figure out what emotion was the strongest. Her stomach hurt from crying and her face was still stained with tears. Feelings of sadness were battling with the rising feeling of excitement and anticipation to see Ron and Harry. And with luck, Sirius, James and Lily were still alive.

“Are you okay?” Dumbledore asked, helping her stand up.

“Uh, um…yeah, I think so.”

“Come have a seat. I think we have to discuss a few things.” He said calmly, conjuring up a chair for her.

She hesitated before sitting down. She subconsciously fingered her necklace and tried so hard not to cry. A silent tear fell down her face, as she turned her head to wipe it clean.

“You’re not as happy as I thought you’d be.” He said, with a questioning look.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I-I-I just feel so overwhelmed with emotions is all.”

“I can imagine. I suppose you have some questions for me?”

She looked at him and racked her brain on where to start. Unintentionally, all questions came out at once.

“IsSiriusalive? IsLilyalive? IsJamesalive? WheresVoldemort? DoesheknowaboutHarry’sprophecy? Ohmygod, IsHarryalive? AndRon?”

“Okay, maybe we should slow these questions down a bit Miss Granger. The only word I got in there was ‘alive’.” Dumbledore said with a chuckle.

Hermione took a deep breath and began, making sure to breathe between sentences and words.


“Sirius who?”

“What!” Hermione screamed frantically. Her breathing became very heavy.

“Are you talking about Mr Black?”

“Um, yes. I didn’t really know there were so many Sirius’!”

“He is one of the most respected Aurors the wizarding world has ever seen. He and Mr Potter are the reason why Voldemort is afraid to show his face.”

“Mr Potter? You mean James Potter? Harry’s dad? James is alive! Sirius is alive!” Hermione’s questions were turning out to be shouted statements.

Tears of joy were streaming down her face as she absorbed this all in.

“Yes I mean James Potter. Harry’s Dad. Well not just Harry’s.”

“What? Who else’s Dad?”

“Miss Granger, did you befriend James Potter and Sirius Black when you went back in time?” Dumbledore asked her, realizing how strange that sounded.

“Yes sir. Lily and Remus too. Where are they?” She shouted, as more excitement filled her body.

“I’m assuming you mean Lily Potter and Remus Lupin?”

“Yes sir.” Hermione answered on the edge of her seat.

“Mrs Potter is a Healer at St. Mungo’s. She has been for the longest time. As for Mr Lupin…”

Hermione’s face dropped as Dumbledore stopped speaking.

“Hello Hermione.” Said a familiar voice from behind her chair.

She whipped her head around to see Remus standing there looking somewhat like he did when he was her Professor. He looked slightly different that only she’d notice. He had brand new robes on. He didn’t really look so beat up and tired and the greying hair that she remembered was still sandy like in his youth.

“Remus!” She jumped up and threw her arms around him.

“I think you mean Professor Lupin.” He said with a wink.

“Still?” She questioned him with a smile.

“Have been for 10 years and still going strong.” He answered, looking dignified. “Wow, seeing you really brings me back to my Hogwarts days.”

“And seeing you really brings me back to an hour ago!”

“I know this must be hard for you Hermione, but Dumbledore and I will try to make the transition as smooth as possible.” Remus said coolly. “So we need to find out changes that have occurred.”

“But don’t you remember? You quit in my third year right after Pet― oh no…what have I done?” Hermione said, looking very frustrated.

“Life will be different for you Hermione. All your memories are simply that, YOUR memories. No one else will share the same ones as you.” Dumbledore said, standing up. “The students know you of course, but maybe not the way you remember. Your friendships will only be the same if their lives remained the same.”

“Harry and Ron! Please tell me they know me!”

“Harry Potter and Ron Weasley?” Remus asked, looking at her strangely.

“Why are you looking at me like that Re― er, Professor Lupin?”

“Remus, why don’t you go fetch Mr Weasley for me. He’s been asking about you every day. Oh, and…” Dumbledore nodded at Remus, as if transferring a hidden message to him.

Remus nodded, as if he knew exactly what he meant and left the office. Hermione felt just as lost as she did when she travelled back in time. Nothing was making any sense. Her life was completely different.

“Professor, please tell me what is going on.” She pleaded to him. “If James and Lily are alive, then Voldemort must not know about the Prophecy then. Otherwise they’d be dead for protecting Harry. Does he have a scar, right here?” Hermione asked, pointing to her forehead.

“How do you know about the Prophecy?” Dumbledore asked her quietly.

“Harry told me in the summer sir.” Hermione said, looking down at her feet.

“Mr Potter doesn’t even know of the Prophecy himself Miss Granger. The only ones who know are his parents and myself, well save for Voldemort.”

“Then tell me, HOW ARE THEY STILL ALIVE! This-is-not-making-sense!” Hermione shrieked, grabbing a paperweight and throwing it against the wall.

“Hermione!” Called out a familiar voice behind her.

She turned around slowly, still feeling dreadful and saw a mop of red hair. He wore a smile that made her forget her anger.

“Ron!” She ran over to him and hugged him tightly. “You know me?” She asked quietly, as a tear fell down her face.

He looked down at her, and wiped away the tear. His blue eyes were twinkling with excitement.

“Of course I know you. How could I forget?” He said softly.

She looked beside Ron to see a Blonde-haired boy about her age, looking at her with curiosity.

“Harry’s blonde?” Hermione asked with disgust.

“Hermione,” Remus started, “I’d like to introduce you to my son, Rafe.”

Hermione opened her mouth to speak, but absolutely nothing came out. She looked back and forth from Lupin to…Lupin Jr. He had Remus’ hair from his younger days. Same colouring and everything except for he had big dark brown eyes, almost as dark as…

“JENNA!” Hermione shrieked.

Remus chuckled to himself and looked mildly bashful.

“Usually I get that I look like my father more, but whatever you say. Nice to meet you.” Rafe said, sticking out his hand.

Hermione shook it, but she stared at Remus with a look that said ‘why didn’t you tell me earlier?’.

“I can’t believe you have a son. You two are friends?” Hermione asked Ron.

“Best friends. Since first year.” Ron answered back, slapping Rafe on the back.

“Best?” Hermione’s eyes dropped as she thought of Harry. “What about Harry?”

“Miss Granger, I do believe we have some more issues to discuss.” Dumbledore cut in. “Gentlemen, if you could be so kind as to waiting outside. It won’t take long.”

Lupin, Rafe and Ron walked out of the office to leave Hermione alone with Dumbledore.

“The Prophecy, what do you know about this?” Dumbledore asked.

“Well in the summer, Harry told Ron and I what he heard from you. He has to kill or be killed by Voldemort. That’s why this isn’t making sense. Because if Voldemort knows this, then he would have tried to kill Harry when he was a baby.”

“The Fidelius Charm Miss Granger.”


“It’s a charm to hide a persons identity, which is only known by their Secret Ke―”

“I know what the Fidelius Charm is.” Hermione snapped back, becoming very agitated.

“Sirius kept loyal to the Potter’s.”

“So Sirius was their Secret Keeper?”

“Yes, and no matter how awful the threats became, he didn’t reveal their location. He and James fought him off temporally. That is why Voldemort fears Mr Black and the Potter’s. He hasn’t tried to get Harry again.”

“So Harry isn’t the Boy Who Lived? He doesn’t have a scar?” Hermione’s questions were becoming frantic again.

“The Boy Who Lived? I’m sure he’d love that title, but I’m afraid not.” Dumbledore said, with a laugh.

“Actually no he wouldn’t. He hates it.”

“You can’t be talking about the same Harry Potter then. And what about a scar?”

“A lightning bolt on his head. From when Lily saved him and…oh, I guess he wouldn’t then.” Hermione muttered, answering her own question.

“The only scars Mr Potter has are the ones from Quidditch.”

“When can I see him?”

“How about I take you for a tour of the school. You can meet your old friends.”

Hermione followed Dumbledore out of his office and met up with Professor Lupin, Rafe and Ron. They walked towards the Great Hall, when a raven haired boy turned the corner and was walking towards them. Hermione’s insides squirmed with excitement as she dashed forward to pounce on Harry.

“Hermione wait!” Ron called out.

Harry looked up too late when he was trampled by curly brown locks. Hermione kissed his cheek and held on tight.

“Harry, I’m so happy to see you. You would never guess what happened!”

Harry rudely pushed her away and looked at her with disgust.

“Harry, you don’t know me?” Hermione whimpered.

“Filthy mudblood, how dare you dirty up my robes?” Harry spat at her.

Hermione’s face fell and tears instantly formed in her eyes. She felt as if she could vomit any second. She stared into his piercing green eyes, but they looked different from what she remembered. They were no longer happy and mischievous, but rather angered with hate and disgust. Her eyes travelled down where she was met with an emerald green tie. Tears fell even harder when she daringly looked to his chest to see a snake on emerald background.

“Y-y-you’re in Slytherin?” Hermione cried out.

She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to see Ron awkwardly smiling back at her. Remus shook his head disapprovingly at Harry but Dumbledore spoke.

“Mr Potter you knew she was coming back. And more importantly you know not to use that language. Get back to your common room.”

Harry sneered at Dumbledore and continued that look at Ron and Rafe.

“And 20 points from Slytherin.” Dumbledore added, clearly enjoying that part.

“Whatever.” Harry hissed. “Two half-breeds, a sore excuse for a pureblood and a mud―”

“At least I am pureblood. What are you the only Slytherin who’s not a pureblood?” Ron shot back.

“Mr Weasley that is enough. Harry leave.” Dumbledore said calmly.

Harry gave one last glare before turning on his heels to leave. Hermione stood there in silence as she watched her so-called best friend walk away from her, forever. She sobbed loudly, causing Ron to put an arm around her shoulder.

“It’s late Miss Granger, why don’t you go to sleep. We can continue this tomorrow.”

Hermione merely nodded through her cries. Ron led her to the common room, where it was deserted. It was nearly midnight but she didn’t feel tired at all. She felt as if she’d be sick from what she just heard.

“Can we just sit down here?” Hermione asked Ron, pointing to the couches.

“Of course. Just come sit down and relax. And tell me about your trip.”

“Come on, you have to tell me what my Dad was like as a teenager.” Rafe cut in. “Was he a big prat?”

“He was the nicest guy ever.” Hermione said with a smile.

“No juicy secrets?” Rafe asked with a kind smile. “Uncle Sirius always said that my Dad was quite a smart ass.”

“Uncle Sirius?” Hermione asked with a laugh. “Uh, do you have an Aunt?” She finished, holding her breath.

“Um, Yeah? I have a few, why?”

“Oh, does Sirius have a wife?” Hermione choked out.

Haha…I’m back!!! And back to my old ways-aka cliffies… okay you have no idea how flipping hard it was to write this chapter. It might not make sense, but it does in my head. Just try not to think about the concept too much, or it’ll make you go insane! Trust me. Let me know what you think…If you don’t like it, let me know where I can improve.
Rafe- form of Ralph, meaning: wolf, wise counsel
I’m clever eh? Lol

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