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Well here is the 2nd chapter. For the first time in my life I am writing something that is available for anyone to read… and I am doing it in English.
When Freya awoke the next morning, she was convinced yesterday had all been a dream, from the moment she'd stepped onto the Hogwarts train, right up to now. She barely remembered anything of the start of term meal or Dumbledore's speech; but one thing she did remember was his lack of introducing a new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. She found that really odd.

Sure that she was going to sit alone at the end of the Hufflepuff table as she always did, she wasn’t too eager to get out of bed. She supposed she didn’t really have to get up, seeing as it was Sunday, but she didn’t want to miss breakfast. The other girls in her dorm were still asleep which suited her just fine.

When she'd finished brushing her teeth and putting on her robes, she looked in the mirror.
“Hmm… not bad,” she mused to herself. Her messy dark brown hair reached down to her breasts and complimented her forest green eyes quite well. She decided against make-up, since nobody would notice but herself not that she cared.

As she stood there, she tried to recall the details of the 'dream' she'd had. During her chat with Harry, Hermione and Ron had entered the compartment and the conversation. After about half an hour Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood had joined them, both 5th years like herself, but in Gryffindor and Rawenclaw respectively. They'd all had a great time talking about everything from Quidditch to possible candidates for the Defence Against the Dark Arts position.

“You’re pathetic,” she whispered to her own reflection. Why was she holding on to a silly dream? If she could just get through the rest of the weekend, then classes would start and she would have something else to think about.

She was ripped out of her thoughts by a big black raven tapping its claws on the window. Thor jumped up happily, wagging his tail as he recognized the bird. It was her family's Raven, Mia. They had an owl too, but it couldn’t fly all the way to Britain; he was just too old. So, when Freya had been accepted into Hogwarts her parents had bought the raven. Mia had a letter and a package with her.

Freya opened the letter; it was from her mother.

Dear Freya,

I hope you arrived at Hogwarts safely.

Your father and I planned on giving you this before you left, but seeing as it didn't arrive until yesterday we decided to send Mia with it.

This gift will help you understand and deal with what is to come. If you have any questions at any time, send Mia. I think it would be best if you keep her with you at Hogwarts until such a time.

Jeg elsker dig*


Going over the letter again, her eyes stopped at the phrase, ‘help you understand and deal with what is to come’. Her mind went back to one specific conversation she'd with her parents, two weeks before she left.

Martin Keen looked at his daughter's sleeping form and smiled. She looked so peaceful. He made a small clicking noise with his tongue; she could sleep through war and thunder, but when he made that sound she would wake up instantly.

“Dad.” Freya turned as she woke, looking at her father.

“Your mother and I need to talk to you, don't be too long darling.”

“Coming,” she said as he left. She tumbled out of bed.

Pulling her sweats on, she hurried down to the kitchen, one slipper on her foot and the other in her hand. This sounded serious.

"…It’s difficult Fiona, but she's turning 16 in a couple of months. By then, she'll have to know. You don’t want to tell her in a letter, do you?”

“No, I just…”

Freya's mother was interrupted by her daughter walking in.

“What’s going on?” She grabbed a piece of toast and nibbled on it half-heartedly as she sat down next to her father.

Her mother opened her mouth to answer, but her father beat her to it. “No, please Fiona, let me,” he said as he stood up. He looked down at Freya.“You see you are…” he began, but seemed to change his mind about his approach.

He started pacing. “Your mother and I told you a long time ago that the reason why we called you Freya was because of your ancestors…my ancestors. Well, the thing is, in my family there hasn’t been a girl born in almost a hundred years.”

He didn’t stop his pacing as he went on. “Your great, great, who knows how many 'greats', grandmother predicted, or more precisely cast a spell, that the first female to be born to a direct descendant of hers would inherit her… gifts.” He finally stopped pacing and looked straight at her.

“I don’t understand, I don’t have any ‘gifts’.” Freya was beginning to feel a little uneasy with this whole conversation. "Who was she?"

"Muggles believed her to be the northern goddess, Freja. In fact, she was an extraordinarily talented witch. Back then there were no witches or wizards as we know them today. According to legend, the first witches and wizards were not born like humans normally are. These witches and wizards were created using pure magic and were able to see magic all around them, and thereby they were able to communicate with everything touched by magic.”

“Do you mean like wandless magic?” Freya asked, hoping to bring the conversation down to a level she could comprehend.

“No, a wand orders the magic. These people learned the nature of magic and how to work with it. Each of these pure, or original, witches and wizards specialized in different things and were thereby mistaken for gods by the muggle world.” Her father looked at her sadly and sat down.

She was stunned. Even though she didn't fully understand what this meant for her, she didn't ask any more questions. She simply went back up to her room, toast in one hand and the slipper she never put on in the other.

Freya turned her attention to the brown paper package from her parents: it was a book.

Northern Mythology: Freja

On the cover of the book was a little note from her father.

Read this book carefully, it will tell you everything you need to know. Your grandfather told me about it when we found out you were a girl. He has been keeping it safe until now. When you have read it through, go to Professor Dumbledore. I have arranged for him to help you.

Love, Dad

She decided to begin reading it when she'd had something to eat. All of her roommates were up and about now, so she hid the book in her trunk and headed down to the Great Hall for yet another meal alone.

When she reached the doors she heard someone yelling her name.

“Freya! Freya, wait up!”

She turned around and saw a mass of red hair coming towards her.

“Where were you going? We were supposed to meet outside the Great Hall, remember…?” Ginny Weasley took her by the arm and dragged her to the Gryffindor table.

“Hey, did you fall in to the loo this morning… we’ve been waiting for you for half an hour.” Ron grinned at her.

Freya looked at all of them laughing…It wasn’t a dream, it really wasn’t a dream!

*a/n 'I love you' in Danish

a/n **** A big thank you to my betas Jenova and Finchy It has gotten much better!!!*****

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