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The Taste of Revenge

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Chapter Three: Doubts and Suspicions

To say that Lily Evans was acting odd would be an understatement. No, Lily Evans wasn’t acting odd at all. In fact, she was acting downright strange and quite scary as well. She was acting different, almost kind, and James had a feeling there was something hidden beneath those flattering pools of emerald, a secret never meant for him to know. However, being who he was, he really wanted to know the reason for the sudden change. Not that he liked having to constantly bicker with his 5th Year crush, but not doing so was awkward.

It had been a full week since the last time they actually talked, or kissed, rather. And all that time since, she was acting quite differently, not yelling at him, not flying off the handle and not stopping him from playing pranks. She was hanging around them quite often as well and was actually quite casual about it. In fact, the times she was there, it didn’t feel awkward at all after a while. Sirius sure liked the attention she was giving him, Remus and Evans were always on friendly terms, and Peter was quite taken by her as well.

However, he wasn’t used to not being reprimanded by the bossy redhead. He had done quite a few things wrong, just to see what she would do, but was met by nothing at all. He was surprised and even began to miss the old Lily Evans. He needed more of that action, the harsh words that would tame him, the flaring red hair of hers billowing behind her as she ran to yet again yell at him, and of course, those gorgeous green eyes that seemed to follow every move he made, calculating and disappointed, never approving.

Now he didn’t see that. They shared the Head Dorms together but never met each other alone, nor did James want to talk to her alone. He saw a smile upon her face that was never directed to him, laugh lines around her eyes as she spoke with Remus yet kept her eyes on James, and a sultry look only reserved for him.

When had this change begun? Were his eyes looking correctly? Was his mind playing tricks on him? Lily Evans flirting with James Potter! Surely there was something behind this. A dare perhaps? Or was he wishing for her to reciprocate his feelings for so long that he was imagining things or possibly reading her expressions wrong?


Perhaps she was right in saying that he was imagining the fact she kissed him back. Maybe it was because he fantasized the fact she would kiss him back for so long that when they did kiss, he thought Lily kissing him back was real.

But it was real!

James could have sworn that her tongue was the one that was being shoved down his throat. He was still able to feel her mouth moving against his, sucking his lip and her tongue – God, her tongue! He was getting all tingly inside just thinking about it.

If that wasn't real, James wasn't sure what was or wasn't anymore. She was right, he shouldn’t have been dreaming in the daytime.

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Messing with Potter's head was fun, in Lily's opinion. She liked to see the confusion on his normally aloof countenance. She liked the way his hazel eyes would search deep inside her, trying to figure out why she was telling him she didn't want it while she was the one to kiss him back. She loved to remember the shocked look on his face when she pushed him away. And most importantly, she liked having to see him feel rejected. It was a satisfying feeling, and Lily couldn't wait to do that again. It would put him to his rightful place, that was for sure.

But there was something nagging her mind and it was the fact that she was giving in to his kisses so easily. She remembered how she molded against him so perfectly while he pushed her against the wall for the second time that year. She remembered his soft, gentle lips...

Gosh, it was only her second kiss with him and she was thinking about him already? What was she doing? She didn't get these tingly feelings in her in just one kiss. Something was wrong here.

Lily was pretty much always serious with the boys whom she dated but now she had play with Potter and Black at the same time. Wasn't that too hard for Lily to handle? If she was softening up in his arms so soon, how would she ever have him fall for her and then find it in her heart to dump him? She was probably going to have to go further than that... but would she be able to? The only person she went that far with was a guy whom at one point she really thought she loved. So now, what was she doing to do?

Call it off before she hurt somebody, especially herself?

But no, she couldn't. Not when she knew that this was the only way to make him pay.

Besides she wasn't doing his only for herself. She was doing this for everyone else, too. She wanted to take revenge for every single heart he broke. And to achieve this, she would have to stay strong, take no pity.

And in the end, her selfishness would result in James finally realizing what it meant to have a heart and what it meant to have it broken. He would finally learn...the hard way. And whatever Lily would do would be flawless.

Just one taste of revenge was all it took for Lily to completely be dedicated to the plan. As sadistic as it may sound, she wanted to see Potter hurt beyond belief and she wanted to be the one to make him feel that way.

But first—to play with the boy’s heart. And what better way to do it than to use his best friend?

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The sound of footsteps lightly patting upon the marble floor made Lily freeze for a moment. She furrowed her brows and continued to walk, listening carefully and alertly as the sound of feet following her stopped as soon as she walked no further.

A strange feeling of fear rose to her throat and she peered over her shoulder, her eyes scanning behind her to see who it was, or what it was. She felt like the protagonist of some sort of Muggle horror movie, being followed by a nameless being who had stopped walking as soon as she did.

There was no one there.

She moved her feet once more and there it was again, those same feet patting on the floor. This time it was harder and sounded nearer. Before she was able to have time to react, he said, very simply and quietly, "Boo."

Lily jumped a mile and from her mouth came the sound of the fear which was beginning to form inside her. The empty hallway echoed with her voice and she clamped her hands over her ears and shut her eyes, tightly. A pair of gray eyes came to her vision when she finally opened her eyes. Her heart pounded against her chest and when she heard his derisive chuckle, her eyes lowered to slits; she recognized the "ghost" as non other than Sirius Black.

“You!” she yelled at him, putting her hands on her hips as she tried to calm her irregular breathing. She glared at him while he held his hands up in defense. “Don’t ever—ever—scare me like that again!”

He gave her a smug look but then shoved his hands in his pockets, lowered his head in mock shame, and looked apologetic.

Lily blinked a few times, calmed her breathing, and then shook her head, smiling in spite of herself. “Okay, what do you want, Black?” she asked him, getting straight to the point. “Do you want to talk or something? Or have you simply scared me half to death to just...scare me to death?”

He raised his head, leveled his dancing gray eyes with hers, and gave her a lopsided smile. “Now why would I want you to be dead, Evans!” He chuckled and then stopped abruptly. His voice was clipped and business-like. “No, this is serious. We need to talk.”

Lily gulped. She always hated those words, especially if a guy said them to her. And when a guy like Sirius spoke like that, well, it was bound to be very important. No bluffing. “Okay,” she replied nervously. “Do you want to walk outside? It’s a fairly breezy day, but the wind can be calming.”

“Sounds good, Evans.” He went back to using his normal, comical tone of voice, and offered her his arm. “Would the lady like an escort?”

Lily grinned, putting her hand through the crook of his arm. “Why yes, kind sir. That would be lovely!” She giggled girlishly, and then flounced with him towards the gates and outside. When she caught people’s stares, she realized what an unusual thing this might have looked. Lily and Sirius? Walking hand in hand! Was this some kind of a joke!

But it wasn’t a joke.

It was a game.

Lily’s game, and she hadn’t forgotten the plan one bit.

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James walked back and forth the Gryffindor common room. It was eleven o’clock, a Sunday night, and most students had gone to bed to get up earlier for classes the next day. He, however, had no intention to sleep. He was awaiting Sirius to arrive.

The last time he saw him was a quick glimpse during diner. He wanted to ask him what she said. Did Padfoot get to ask her what she thought about him? Was this really a joke? What was she playing at? The questions were gnawing at him for hours and he had—no, needed—to know!

Remus was still there, right by the fireplace, curled up on a rung with his books spread out. He wasn’t a fan of desks and preferred to study sitting on the floor. James looked down on his friend, and noticed a strand a strand of gray hair. He shook his head in sympathy.

The werewolf looked up at him and frowned. “You should go back to your rooms, Prongs. It’s late.”

James shook his head. “No, I can’t. I need to know.”

“You’re stressing yourself too much. And if you ask my opinion, you should have asked her yourself.”

“Well, I didn’t ask your opinion, now did I?” James snapped. Remus looked stung for about half a second, but his _expression went blank. James, being around his friend for so long, noticed it and then mentally hit himself for his hurtful comment. It was all Evans’ fault! That girl was driving him insane!

“Sorry, mate. I just lost it there. But you’ve got to realize that I can’t just ask her. You remember what she told me last time. She said I was imagining it. But I can’t be imagining it, Moony. You don’t imagine things like that!”

Remus got up, rubbed his chin, and then faced James. He opened his mouth, thought over what he was going to say, but then decided to say something else. “It’s alright, James. But maybe she’s just… playing hard-to-get,” he said instead, though he had a gut feeling it was not so. There was something else Lily was playing, and it wasn’t hard-to-get.

“Yeah, maybe,” James replied, brightening up. “Hard-to-get. I like the sound of that.” He nodded his head, smiling. But then he furrowed his eyebrows. “But why would she play hard-to-get? She hates me.”

Remus shrugged. He had no answer for that.

A second later, the portrait door swung open and in came a very exhausted-looking Sirius Black.

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Lily Evans impatiently tucked a loose lock of wavy red hair behind her ear and bit her lip. She dipped her quill into the black ink and then scratched the parchment furiously. She kept glancing back to the dying flame and then back up to the flight of stairs that would separate off, one to her room and the other to... James Potter’s.

An hour later, the flame died away and she was left sitting in the darkness alone. She hadn’t seen the flame diminish, although she was glancing at it all this time. Her mind was not registering a thing at all. Her mind was too preoccupied with looking at the stairs and wondering if he would come down to talk to her.

She stood up with her wand in hand, ready to light the flame once more. The candle was reduced to wax at that point, so she rummaged in the dark for another candle in the drawers of her desk. Her wand was alight after a light whisper of "Lumos", and she hummed to herself to shrug off the awkward feeling of loneliness and fear.

She had a feeling someone was near.

A cool breeze attacked her unrobed body, making her shiver. The flame in the fireplace had gone out as well. She furrowed her brows and walked towards the window. She had a feeling a presence was near and shivered again as Goosebumps rose down her spine, making the hairs on the back of her neck rise.

She spun quickly, heart beating, wand outstretched and lit.

The expressionless face of Remus Lupin greeted her. She breathed a sigh of relief. "Remus!" she scolded, still breathless and panting heavily. "What is it with you boys and scaring me!"

He grinned boyishly, and then sat on the chair that she was sitting on moments before. "What are you doing here, Lily? All alone?" He picked up a new candle and lit it with his wand.

"I should ask you that question, Remus.” She watched as Remus lit the bottom of the candle, allowed the wax to fall on the tray upon which it stood, and then stick it on, the fast-drying wax keeping it in place. The flame flickered and she reached out to save it from blowing off by the wind. "What are you doing here? This is the Head Dorms. Not Gryffindor Tower," she informed him. "If I know correctly, you haven’t made Head Boy and in your stead is the arrogant, ignoramus James Potter," she spat. The taste of his name on her tongue made her stomach turn uneasily with dislike.

"Correct again, Lily," he told her looking back up to her sullen face. He frowned, "Why are you looking at me that way?"

She sighed. "Nothing, Remus," she told him, pushing her useless rolls of parchment and books aside to sit on top of the desk, seeing that Remus was sitting on the only chair on that side of the Common Room.

"Good, because I came here to pass on a message from Prongs." He looked at her scowling face. "But then again, I suppose you don’t want to know. I expected that much."

Lily shook herself out of her thoughts and wiped the scowl from her face when she remembered she had made a plan with Risty, Ria, and Natty, the plan to get as close as possible to James for the time being. Then she would unleash the ‘spell’ that would result in Potter learning his lesson and leaving Lily with a feeling of satisfaction. "What’s the message?"

"He wants to meet you in the pumpkin patch outside."

Lily raised an eyebrow at the choice of location yet made no comment. It was just like James to pick an odd place for them to talk.

She considered this and then gave her reply. "When?"

"Today," he replied. He briefly looked out the window and then told her, "Right now, in fact."

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A Note From the Authoress:

Sorry for taking so long to update! Well, my grandpa died and I’ve been pretty busy with school so it took longer than I would’ve thought. I was going through some organization problems as well. Anyway well, thank you all for the many, many reviews! .:hands out cookies to readers:.

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