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Her room was pitch black, darker than the night sky outside. Hermione lay in her bed with her head buzzing. She was happy that Ron had kissed her, or that she had kissed Ron, or that they had kissed eachother. She wasn't sure which it was, but she was still happy. But he had run away afterwards, so if she did kiss him, maybe she had scared him off. Maybe he was disgusted with her. Besides that, she was also scared of being in her room alone. Some had snuck in there and watched her. It made her feel gross and she wanted to just take a shower and wash away any traces of this person watching her. "Lumos," she mumbled. Her wand lit and she waved it around to check if anyone was in her room. No one. No sound, no movement, nobody. The silence was eerie, not one sound in the whole room. And then suddenly came a loud thump from her common room. It sounded as if the books that she so carelessly stacked all over the place had falled over. She gripped her wand more tightly. She tip toed out her bedroom door with her eyes practically sewn shut from fear. When she opened them, her wand illuminated a ginger cat stuck between two fallen stacks of books. "Crookshanks!" Hermione shrieked. "You silly cat, you scared me half to death!" She tip toed over to the fallen books and stacked them again, freeing the frightened cat. She sat down against the wall and pulled Crookshanks into her lap. Stroking him lovingly, she contemplated going back to sleep in her bedroom. She thought about Ron, about their kiss. And soon, her confused mind got the best of her. Grabbing a pink sweatshirt that lie on her couch and placing Crookshanks on that couch, she headed for the portrait door. She put the sweatshirt on and zipped it up. If she was going to go talk to Ron, it was best that he not see her in her pajama shorts and a spagetti strapped tank top. Before she could even think of turning back, she had made it to the gryfindor common room, without being cought by Filch or Mrs. Norris. Bravely, she stepped inside. But because the clock hanging on the wall said 2:42, the common room was empty. She had made it this far, what was the use in turning back. It took all of her courage to walk up the stairs to the boys dormitory, but she did. It took all of her courage to open up Ron's bed hangings, but she did. "Hermione, what what are you doing here," Ron whispered, trying not to wake anybody. Luckily, his roomates were sleeping. "I don't know, it was a mistake, coming here I mean. I should go." She turned to leave, but Ron grabbed her arm. "No, s-stay," he stuttered, barely believing his own bravery. "Really?" she said, sounding amazed. "Yeah." Ron pulled her up on his bed and closed the hangings. Hermione raised her wand and mumbled "Silencemursia." Ron raised his eyebrow in confusion. "Its a soundproofing charm, so we don't wake anyone. Like the one they used in The Order meetings." "Oh." Ron sat up in his bed, revealing to Hermione that he wasn't wearing a shirt. In the years he'd played Quidditch, he had really gotten into shape. Hermione smiled. "Did anything happen, you know, with someone being in your room," Ron asked. "No, I just, couldn't sleep. I was too scared. " "Oh." There was silence for several minutes until Ron said, "Hermione. About what happened earlier, I don't really know what came over me." "Oh," Hermione said, blushing. "Well, I'm glad it came over you." "Really," Ron blurted out, sounding astonished. "You mean, you fancy me?" Hermione turned several shades of pink and then nodded. Ron smiled and turned red too. "I've liked you ever since you said I had dirt on my nose the first time we met," Ron said after a while. Hermione giggled. "I told you that you had dirt on your nose because I liked you. It sounds stupid, but I was only 11!" Ron pulled Hermione from the foot of his bed so that she sat right next to him. He kissed her lovingly, gently. They'd both been waiting since they were children for this to happen, and now that it had, nothing in their lives, nor nothing that would ever happen in their lives could compare. There wasn't anything that could describe the way they felt. It was something like happiness. And in the passion of the night, Ron unzipped Hermione's pink sweatshirt. She let him, for it was getting sort of hot. He threw the sweatshirt to the foot of his bed and forgot about it. But when Hermione felt Ron's hand up her shirt, she pulled away. Ron looked stunned, for he realized what he was doing. But he had no idea what his hand was doing up Hermione's shirt. "Ron, I'm sorry, I'm just not ready----" she began. "Oh, Hermione, I'm an idiot, I never meant to---" Ron said. "Its okay," she whispered, kissing Ron's cheek. "I'm just not ready yet. Maybe I should be getting back to bed." "Wait, Hermione. I don't think I want you sleeping all alone when someone has been sneaking around in your room. Stay the night." And so she did. She cuddled up next to him. "You know, it killed me when you dated Krum in fourth year. I was ready to kill him," Ron laughed. "Almost dated, almost dated," she reminded Ron. "Besides, you had nothing to worry about. I was just jealous that you liked Fleur so much." "Then why did you go to the ball with him?" Ron asked teasingly. "Because I knew you would never ask me!" "Yeah, I guess I was too shy," he mumbled. They talked some more until both of them were to exhausted to stay awake. They just fell asleep in eachothers arms. * * * "Er.. Ron? I never knew you wore pink sweatshirts," Harry laughed picking up a pink sweatshirt that was sticking out from Ron's bed hangings. He pulled open the hangings, and was absolutely stunned with what he found. "Ron! Hermione!" he said after several minutes of shock. The two of them awoke with a start. Ron looked up at Harry, his eyes wide with embarrassment. There he was, laying without a shirt on with Hermione. Luckily, she was fully clothed, but it still didn't hinder the awkwardness of the moment. "Oh no, oh no," Hermione wimpered. "We didn't wake up in time for me to sneak back out!" She was panicked and it clearly showed. "Calm down, Hermione," Harry said, trying to keep her from waking up the rest of the dormitory. "If a teacher catches me, I'll be expelled!" "Its okay, Hermione, you can just use my invisibility cloak to get back to your room. And then Ron can tell me what the hell just happened." He walked to his trunk and removed a silvery colored cloak from it. Hermione hugged Ron, and then Harry, for he had saved her from getting in a lot of trouble. She draped the cloak around her and dashed from the room. After she had clearly left, Ron sat still in shock. "Ron, of all the things I ever thought I would find in your bed, Hermione never actually made the list." Harry laughed as Ron turned even redder. A/N: Not to terribly pleased with this chapter either. But review anyway.

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