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Chapter Two

Mischief Managed

Ginny lit candles all around the room and put on the slinky nightie that she had picked up earlier that day while shopping with Hermione. There was a plate of finger foods displayed attractively on a platter on the sofa table along with a bottle of wine that was chilling in the ice bucket. She had soft music playing on the wireless and positioned herself seductively on the overstuffed arm chair next to the fireplace. Her hair was curled and piled on the top of head with just a few curls falling loosely around her pale face.

“Ginny?” Harry called from the kitchen. “Where are you, love? I have great news.”

“In here,” She called from her spot, not having any intention of moving.


Hermione wanted this evening to be something Ron would not soon forget. She made a trail of rose petals that made its way to their bedroom door. She bewitched the ceiling with twinkling stars and laid a fur rug in front of the fireplace. She ran a bath of warm water and added lilac oil for a soft sensual scent that would permeate the room. She had all of Ron’s favorite foods laid around the rug so that she could feed him. She didn’t want him losing his energy tonight. She slid into the baby doll attire complete with matching robe. The robe was simply for looks, being that it left very little to the imagination. She took great effort to straighten her hair so that it fell down her back perfectly. She sat herself in the chair facing a bookshelf when she heard footsteps coming up the staircase.

“Hermione, what’s with the flowers everywhere…Rose have another gnome roaming around in here?”

“Just follow the bread crumbs.”


“Ginny?” Harry said again as he walked into the lounge. He dropped his briefcase at his side, mouth hanging open, as he saw her. “Wow!”

She was curled in his favorite chair wearing a very lovely midnight blue outfit that covered very little of her curvaceous body.

“I was hoping to get that reaction,” She ran her finger tips up her calf and then her thigh. “Mr. Potter, I have been waiting for you, it seems there is some unfinished business here at home.”

“I believe you may be right, my lady. It seems your husband has been neglecting you. What shall we do about that?” He never broke eye contact. He kicked off his shoes and began removing his robes.

“Well…it seems the punishment for said crime is time with the warden. He must learn his lesson.” She never smiled nor blinked.

Harry was now tugging at his collar, removing his necktie. “I quite agree. He can not continue to behave in this manner.” He released the last button on his shirt and slid it off, letting it fall to the floor with his robes. “Just what does the warden feel to be adequate punishment?” He began to unbuckle his belt and took a step closer.

“Now, Mr. Potter, these things must be handled with great thought. We can not risk that said offender having a relapse into his old ways.” She maintained a solemn look as she stood and began to walk towards him.

Harry couldn’t control the gasp that made its way from his lips. She looked amazing. She never once wavered and she began to intimidate him a bit.

She stopped in front of him and began running a finger across his chest and noticed him quiver at her touch. She traced her finger over his shoulder and around his back to the other shoulder. “This can be handled one of two ways,” She stopped directly in front of him wrapping her arms gently around herself.

Harry gulped; eyes wide. “And that would be?” He looked at her expression and quickly added, “Ma’am.”

Still no expression on her face, she raised one finger. “One…solitary confinement Mr. Potter, let’s see how you last alone.”

“And two?” He was becoming completely aroused at this point by her authority, but he didn’t dare rush her.

“TWO!” She then raised two fingers as she all but shouted, then she lowered her voice to nearly a whisper. “Twelve hours confined to this house with me,” She raised both arms and gestured to the structure around them. “With absolutely NO, I repeat, No interruptions.”

“Yes warden, do with me what you wish.”


“Follow the bread crumbs, all I see are flowers,” He opened the door and all he saw was the back of the reading chair and a pair of very sexy legs hanging over the arms.

“Haven’t you ever read fairy tales?” She giggled.

“Uh…yeah…but…well,” He couldn’t finish a complete thought much less a complete sentence, and now standing next to the chair was the most beautiful thing he had ever laid eyes on.

“If it’s that hard to remember, maybe we should make up one of our own,” She let the robe slip from one shoulder and met him on the rug.

“That would be nice,” He could see the curve of her hips and wanted nothing more than to wrap his arms around her and pull her to him, but she stopped him.

Hermione began to undress him and pilled his things in the corner. With each piece she removed the more he was enjoying it.

“Where’s Rose?” He didn’t dare want her to walk in on this.

“With Cho and Charlie…all night, now shhhhh,”

Once he was there in nothing but a pair of boxers she walked to the bath. She soon came back and stopped behind him. He was scared to move. He didn’t want to ruin anything that she had planned. He felt her lips on his back. She touched his shoulders and ran her hands down his back and wrapped her arms around him.

“My dear Prince, I have waited for you to rescue me from this tower,” She said softly against his back.

Lovely Princess, I am sorry is has taken so long for me to return,” Her breath was warm and caused him to shiver a bit. “Please forgive me.”

“I have been held captive for so long, only thinking of you.” She took one arm and walked around him. “I am truly grateful you have returned to me.”

“I’ve been lost, but I have found my way back to you,” He now felt a deep pain of guilt in the pit of his stomach and knew that this wasn’t an act any longer. Her words contained more truth that she as letting on.

“Life has been so lonely and I have yearned for the touch of my prince,” She ran her hands up his chest and back down holding on to his sides.

This was hitting him hard, no more games. He put his arms around her and lowered his head to hers. “Hermione, I’m sorry,” He kissed her deeply, pulling her even closer to him.
She looked at him, tears welling up in her eyes. “Ron, I’ve tried to be supportive, but I’ve needed all of you for so long.”

“This has opened my eyes, I’m going to let the others do their jobs as well and stop trying to do it all.”

“Ron,” She couldn’t finish.

Ron lifted her gently and carried her to the bed lying her down and he began to kiss her. They had waited entirely to long for a night like this.


Harry and Ginny lay in front of the fireplace entangled with one another, enjoying this time together. It had been so long since they had slowed down.

Ginny just remembered that Harry had mentioned some good news. She propped her chin on his chest looking up at him. “What was your good news?”

Harry had completely forgotten what just an hour ago he was excited about. “Oh,” his eyes lit up. “Well, Mad-Eye has banned Ron and me from the Ministry.”

“What?” Ginny sat up quickly. “Why did he go a do something like that, you just wait until I tell Dad,” She was thoroughly furious.

Harry chuckled, sitting up he pulled her back to him to keep her from popping into the Burrow completely naked. “Calm down.”

“What do you mean calm down, the Ministry is your life,” Her eyes were raging with anger.

“No Ginny…you’re my life, and Mad-Eye was kind enough to bring that to my attention. He said there were too many Aurors for Ron and me to be neglecting such beautiful wives…made us take a two week holiday.”

“Oh Harry!” She jumped at him throwing him back to the floor, kissing him.

“Oi, Ginny,” He had just had the breath knocked out of him. He couldn’t help but laugh at her enthusiasm. She began rambling uncontrollable.

“Oh, you can come to my practices; I’m filling in this week for Chudley. And Rose made keeper and has her first little game on Friday. We can all go and cheer her on. Mum and Dad will be so excited; we can picnic one day this week. What else can we do?” She sat there beginning to think ahead a bit more.

Harry was shocked she had taken the time to breath. “We have plenty of time for all of that. I may have to go back to work to be able to relax once you get through with me. And Ginny,” His face suddenly became sincere. “When I do return to work, it’s only eight hour workdays, unless there’s an emergency or something.” He shrugged like this was the most logical thing.

Ginny smiled trying to hold back the tears. “You promise Harry?”

“Yes love, I’m just sorry that it has taken me this long to come to my senses.”


Hermione lay in the bath amazed at the attention Ron was giving her. He sponged off her back and kissed her neck.

“Why don’t we just lock ourselves in until someone decides to start looking for us,” She had no intention of letting him slip away.

“You may get tired of me sooner than you think,” He was waiting until the perfect moment to tell her the good news and she was walking right into his game.

“What do you mean?” Hermione asked stretching her neck to relax the muscles.

“Well…I kind of have been banned from the Ministry,” This was too easy. It took everything he had not to explode with laughter.

She turned to him with a quizzical look on her face. “Pardon Me?”

“I’ve been banned,” he said again, this time ducking his head, only because he knew he couldn’t look her in the eyes.

She now was looking shocked as the blood began to rise to her face. “Ron…what have you done know? Honestly, you and Harry get into more trouble now that you ever did at Hogwarts.”

“Mad-Eye said that we had been neglecting our duties,” He stood to get out of the bath, not trusting himself to finish the conversation if he had to face her.

“Oh…is that right? You leave before dawn and barely get home in time to tell Rose goodnight. Hell, we haven’t had a decent family meal in weeks. If you ask me you have gone above and beyond the call of duty,” She was now drying herself off and flipped her head over to wrap her hair in the towel.

Hermione, really, come on, it’ll be okay,” He picked up his robe and put it on, tying a knot. He slid on his slippers and waked into the bedroom picking up a tray of food by the fireplace.

Hermione stomped into the room. “You’re damn right it’ll be okay, Mad-Eye will rue the day he said you neglected your job,” She grabbed Ron’s arm. “Are you listening to me?”

The minute Ron turned around she knew e was pulling her leg. His mouth was stuffed and he was nearly choking to hold the laughs down.

“What is with you?” She wanted to slap the smirk off of his face.

“Honey, yes we have been banned, but not because we have neglected our Ministry jobs. It is because we have neglected our homebound jobs. He has sent us on a two week holiday.”

Hermione jabbed him in his ribs, he caught her and pulled her close, setting down the tray of food.

“Seriously Hermione, Harry and I agreed we have been overworking and that we should enjoy what we have. Things are going to change.”

“Wonderful, Rose will be so excited. Maybe you and Harry could help coach,” She beamed with excitement.

“Great, I can’t wait to see her on the pitch.”

“She has great skill, muck like her Daddy,” Hermione hugged him tight and tiptoed to kiss him. “Mmmm…strawberries.”

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