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‘How is it possible to yet again get a compartment all to myself?’ Freya Keen thought bitterly as she looked out on platform 9 ¾. Most kids in their fifth year were roaming the hallway searching for their friends. Nobody would enter this compartment.

As the train started moving, she looked longingly at the parents waving to their children, yelling their last-minute advice as the train moved out of Kings Cross. If only her parents could have been there as well! But it was hard enough to get permission for a Portkey for her all the way from Denmark, let alone for three people. She wasn’t a little kid anymore, and in her third year at Hogwarts the Danish Ministry of Magic had decided that she was old enough to travel alone. And she was, but she still missed them. It wasn’t like she could see them during the holidays, either; she always stayed at Hogwarts, and this year would be no different.

Her eyes wandered around the empty compartment; aside from her the only living creature was her dog, Thor. Dogs weren’t seen as magical beings in the UK but in Scandinavia it was a really common pet. She had gotten permission to bring him along as long as he didn’t cause any trouble. He was a Golden Retriever and a really beautiful one at that. His fur was a mixture between red and golden brown and he was very smart. In Denmark they always used dogs for short distance mail because magical dogs, or Hunds, could move very fast and in doing so they were invisible to muggles. They were also incredibly strong and could carry the weight of two fully grown wizards.

Although she had always attended Hogwarts, she had constantly felt a little out of place. As far as she knew, she was the only one attending who didn’t live in the UK. Her mother was British and they had therefore decided that she should attend school here. There was a school for Scandinavian children somewhere in Sweden but it wasn’t nearly as good as Hogwarts.

As the train moved along she fell into a light slumber but was jerked out of sleep when the door crashing open signaled someone entering her compartment. She looked up and saw a black haired boy with round glasses and a lightning bold scar on his forehead. Harry Potter’s emerald green eyes looked at her.

“Uh…. can I sit here?” He looked down at his hands waiting for an answer.

“Sure.” She looked at him a bit baffled; he had a lot of friends, why was he coming in here all alone? She wasn’t complaining though; a little company would be nice for a change.

“What’s your name?” he asked sitting down across from her.

“ Freya Keen…”

“I haven’t seen you before, are you a 6th year?”

“5th year Hufflepuff. I know who you are though….” She could have hit herself, that was probably the last thing he wanted to hear. “You should know that I’m not a 6th year, I mean we would have had some classes together.” she added hoping to change the subject.

“You’ve got a point there… so why are you sitting here alone?”

“Well… um…” This was just perfect; who would want to talk to someone without any friends? ”I always sit alone,” she shrugged.

“Well, I’m glad to be the one to break the habit then.” He smiled.

She didn’t know what to say and just began petting Thor.

He smiled again. “Is that a dog?”

“Yeah this is Thor… Harry Potter, meet Thor Keen.”

“Wow, I didn’t know you were allowed to bring dogs to Hogwarts,” he said, clearly looking impressed.

“Yeah, well, I got special permission…”


“So Harry, how come you’re here all alone?” She wasn’t sure he would answer but after all, she had answered him.

“Well, my two best friends Hermione and Ron are both prefects, and I just wasn’t in the mood to sit with the others from my year… Last year I sat with Ginny, but she made prefect this year so…”

“Oh, I see. Well, I’m glad you’re not a prefect then.”

They spent an hour just talking about Thor, Denmark and everything else. Freya told him about her friends back in Denmark. She lived with her parents in a nice suburb outside Copenhagen. It was a neighborhood mixed with muggles and magicians. Actually, she hadn’t remained friends with a lot of people after they all continued school in Denmark and she went to the UK. Her neighbor, Astrid Bruun, was the only one she kept a bit of contact with. She was surprised at his interest, but welcomed it gladly. Just as the conversation switched over to Harry, the door of their compartment opened.

“Harry! We’ve been looking all over for you.”

Freya looked up and saw a pretty brown haired girl closely followed be a tall guy with flaming red hair. Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley had just walked in. ‘Great’ she thought, while preparing herself to sit alone for the rest of the journey. To her surprise they sat down next to Harry (beside her Thor was sleeping comfortably) and joined the conversation.

“This,” Harry said waving his hand at her, ”is Freya Keen.”

****A big thanks to my beta Finchy, you have been a big help!****

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