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Chapter 14


It was getting close to the Halloween Ball and the Prefects and the Heads had their ball meeting. Hermione had brought in the group United, which she had met when she had supervised them in detention.

“Everyone, this is the group United that I was telling you about and they will play a few songs for us,” Hermione said to the Prefects then turned towards the group. “Now if you would introduce yourselves and tell us what songs you are going to play.” Hermione sat down in her chair.

“Well, this is Jasmine Jackson from Slytherin, Simon Baxter from Gryffindor, Autumn Kendall and Adam Abel from Ravenclaw, and Derrick Floyal from Hufflepuff. My name is Vanessa Andrews and I am from Hufflepuff,” Vanessa said as each of the members raised their hands when their name was introduced. “We are kind of a different type of band. We don’t fall into any sort of one category because we all have our own different styles. Since we are adjusting to each other’s differences we haven’t made any songs of our own yet so we will perform covers of other groups songs.”

They picked up their instruments and began to play as Jasmine sang. While the band played, she walked up to Hermione and drug her out of her chair and started trying to get her to dance.

“Come on, dance!” she pleaded. “You do now how don’t you?”

“Of course I do. I can tango, waltz,…” Hermione began.

“No not that stuff! Dance like this!” Jasmine demonstrated.

Hermione began to dance as the Prefects cheered her on. Ron laughed and almost fell out of his chair.

“Well I do know how to dance. I am not dead you know,” she answered.

“You might as well be, with how boring you can be,” Ron teased.

“Well actually, if you must know, I prefer Salsa to all other styles, and that isn’t exactly what I’d call boring. It’s very exotic and can be very intimate, if you know what I mean,” Hermione shot back.

Jameson, Jasmine’s twin brother who was a Prefect from Ravenclaw, spoke up. “Salsa huh? During the summer I teach Salsa lessons. I’d like to see how good you are,” he said with a smile and reached out his hand.

Though they were twins, they’re physical features were all that Jameson and Jasmine had in common. Both of them had jet-black hair, and eyes that were such a bright pale green that they seemed to glow. Jasmine’s seemed to be the brightest and it seemed that if the lights went out, her eyes would still be visible. The way they acted however was completely different. Jameson was very serious about his studies and would give Hermione a run for her money as to who had spent more time in the library. Jasmine loved to party and was always surrounded by her friends wherever she went.

“Ok, but just for a few steps,” she answered.

She took his hand and they began to dance together. He was really good and was impressed with her as well.

“Ok, ok we really need to get back business” Hermione said with a laugh as they parted and sat in their chairs. She glanced over at Draco who didn’t appear to be too happy. “What’s bugging him?” She wondered to herself.

The group finished performing and awaited an answer. Hermione looked around at the rest of the committee and found them all smiling, all except Draco.

“Well I think that I speak for the rest of the committee when I say you got it.” Hermione said happily.

“I don’t know.” Draco chimed in.

“Okay, well lets have a vote then. All in favor to having them play at the Ball raise their hands.” They all raised their hands except for Draco. “Well majority wins. Congratulations and just give me a lists of songs so I can approve them for the Ball.”

The group got really excited. They made plans and arrangements with the committee and left.

After everyone had left Draco just sat there on the couch. Hermione finished straightening up and walked up to the chair next to the couch and looked at him. He didn’t look over at her but just stared into the fireplace watching the fire play about.

“You know you are one perplexing person. Trying to figure you out is like one of those brain teasing puzzles, but instead of stimulating your mind it makes it hurt.” Hermione said. He didn’t look up. She walked away into her room.

He hadn’t talked to her since the shower thing happened. “He keeps doing this stuff and then acting like nothing ever happened. The last time he walked away he was smiling. He is messing with me. Well two can play this game only I am going to act like nothing ever happened and ignore his existence.” Hermione thought to herself.

Over the next few days Jameson Jackson started to talk to Hermione a lot. Draco of course took notice. Draco saw them talking so he decided to move closer in the moving crowd to hear their conversation.

“Yeah, so Jasmine has this strange attraction to Prof. Snape. Its weird she sits there and flirts with him.” Jameson said.

“I never thought that anyone would want to flirt with him especially a pretty girl like your sister. Seriously I know there is a huge age difference but he’d be lucky to get a girl anywhere close to her. So does she seriously like him?” Hermione asked.

“Oh yeah, talks about him all the time. Even with him sitting right there.” Jameson answered. Shaking his head. “At first we thought it was because she wanted a better grade, but potions is her best class and her grades are very decent.”

“In a way it’s really funny.”

“Yeah if funny means that Snape might end up as my future brother-in-law!”

“Oh I don’t know about that it’s not like he returns the feelings or anything.”

“Well that’s the thing I think in a way he does. He doesn’t say or do anything, but he gets sort of red when she looks at him the way she does.”

“Well sometimes we just can’t help who we love.”

“That’s for sure for the longest time I had a thing for Pansy Perkinson, back when she was really mean.”

“Pansy? Really?”

“Yeah, well that was a long time ago. Even she has found love and she hasn’t been the same.”

“Love will do that to you, funny thing love is. You know you and your sister are so different, you two being in two different houses and all.”

“Yeah it was funny when it happened, but mum was a Ravenclaw and dad was a Slytherin. So I guess that is where it came from. She is a great person though. Doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her.”

“Yeah I can’t wait to see her perform at the Ball it’s going to be great.”

“Yeah it is, hey if you don’t already have a date would you like to go with me, as friends?” Jameson asked.

“Sure that sounds like fun, but I do have to tell you that since the Heads are helping with the chaperoning I won’t be available to dance much.” Hermione replied.

“I don’t mind. Well I have to run back to my common room I forgot to return a book back to library, so I’ll see you later so we can work out the details or what ever.” Jameson said as he headed towards his common room.

“Okay see you later then.” Hermione said as she waved.

She turned around to see Draco, who was standing right behind her, looking slightly upset.

“We really shouldn’t have dates you know.” Draco said quickly.

“There isn’t any rule against it, besides I already told him the situation and that I have a job to do.” Hermione answered.

“Well it’s just that you will probably be to busy to have any real fun with your boyfriend.” Draco said. When he said boyfriend he sneered.

“He is not my boyfriend. We are going as friends, not a big deal. Besides it's not like that and I don’t like him like that. Why do you care anyway?” Hermione asked.

He leaned in to say something but was stopped by someone saying her name so he took off inside the Great Hall. “Was he, jealous?” Hermione asked herself.

“Hey Hermione what was that all about?” Ginny asked.

“Oh, just talking about the Ball and Head stuff.” Hermione said. It was the truth, in a form anyway.

They turned and went into the Hall were they sat down in their usual spots next to Ron and Harry. While they ate and laughed Draco stared at her from his table, trying to figure out what to do about Jameson Jackson.

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