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Next Time Chapter Two Hermione ran towards them with the other girl walking up to them. She hugged Harry first, asking him if he was ok, how were the Dursleys and had he finished his homework, especially as they had their O.W.L’s this year and that she was on her fifth piece of extra homework already. ‘Hermione, there’s still two weeks of the holidays left. Why would I have done my homework?’ Harry said, smiling as Ron seemed to be finding it very hard to look Hermione in the face. She hugged Ron, but very quickly and awkwardly, neither of them knowing quite where to look or where to place their hands. ‘How are you, Ron?’ Hermione finally managed to say. ‘I’m fine thanks.’ Ron said, sneaking looks at Hermione whenever he thought she wasn’t looking. Harry looked at the other girl and realised it was Ginny Weasley, Ron’s younger sister. She had changed, she looked much more grown up. She was smiling at him and he grinned back, causing Ginny to go a violent shade of red. He thought she looked much more attractive, but then realised who he was thinking about and how Ron would hex him if he ever knew. They all walked into the dining room, to find Mrs Weasley, Bill, Charlie and Percy all sitting around the table talking, in hushed tones, but just loud enough for them to hear, ‘……..he’s actually thinking of letting them all go’ in a voice that was instantly recognisable as Percy’s. ‘Erm, hello Harry dear, how are you?, Mrs Weasley said smiling at him. They all seemed very uneasy. ‘Fine thanks, Mrs Weasley, thank you for inviting me,’ Harry said, his mind thinking as to who was letting who go. Ron snorted, thinking he sounded too much like Hermione. ‘Whose letting who go Mum?’ Ron said at once, once again proving he was not the most subtle of people. ‘Never you mind, Ronald Weasley!’ his mother snapped back. The atmosphere was even more uncomfortable for everybody and Hermione finally broke the silence. ‘Ron, why don’t we go and show Harry where he’s staying for the next two weeks,’ she said, and the look on Hermione’s face was enough to persuade Ron that he had better do what she said. ‘Yeah, come on, lets go and get unpacked. Harry of course, not me.’ Ron said, determined not to say anything stupid in front of Hermione. This time it was Harry’s turn to snort. All four of them walked up the stairs, passing Fred and George’s room, hearing those all too familiar bangs and explosions. They all smiled when they saw smoke escaping the room. They had all become so used to Fred and George’s experiments it was second nature to everybody. Ginny walked to her room, mumbling something about a letter she had to write. They all entered Ron’s bedroom and Ron ran to his desk and hid a piece of parchment, looking extremely embarrassed as he saw Hermione just step into the room. ‘So what do you think they were talking about downstairs?’ Harry said, as he studied Ron’s room. The familiar posters of Ron’s favourite Quidditch team, the Chudley Cannons plastered every inch of the walls. Harry also noticed posters of very attractive witches, in rather revealing robes, had been added since he’d last been here. He would ask Ron about them later and why hadn’t he been sent some for his birthday. ‘I don’t know but they seemed to stop talking as soon as we entered the room. Might have something to with He Who Must Not Be Named,’ Hermione said looking slightly annoyed at the posters of the witches. ‘It might have something to do with Lord Volder…sorry He Who Must Not Be Named, but who would he let go?’ Harry said as he saw both Ron and Hermione flinch as he had nearly said Lord Voldermort. ‘So how was your holiday in Bulgaria with Vicky, Hermione, enjoy yourself did you?’ Ron said trying to act normally around Hermione. ‘Don’t call him Vicky! And for your information I had a lovely time with Victor,’ Hermione said, still finding it hard to look Ron in the eye and hating fighting with him. ‘That’s not what you said in your letter,’ Ron snapped back. ‘Aaahhh, have you two been sending love letters to each other all summer?’ Harry said, unable to resist the chance to tease both Hermione and Ron, who both went red instantly and were ready to hex Harry had they had their wands in their hands, causing the atmosphere to be even more uncomfortable. ‘Ummmm, uuhhhh, your mad Harry, why would I send Hermione love letters? She’s just my friend,’ Ron managed to say, giving Harry a look of pure evil. ‘I think I’m going to go and find Ginny. Harry I don’t know what your talking about. You know you really should both start on your homework. You know we’ve got our O.W.L’s this year and I’ve already finished my first pack of practice test papers.’ Hermione said, whilst literally running out the door, in case Harry said something else causing both Ron and herself to be further embarrassed. ‘Thank a lot mate,’ Ron said, looking as if he could kill Harry. ‘Oh come on Ron, like it hasn’t been obvious to everybody you’ve fancied Hermione since last year. Anyways I’m going to go and say hello to Fred and George,’ Harry said as he strode out of the door smiling, leaving Ron alone in his room. Ron lay on his bed staring at a poster of one of the attractive witches, wondering why he had said to Hermione she was only his friend and had he lost his chance with her. Why did he have to go and talk about Victor Krum. Why had Harry teased them. He remembered how happy he had felt when he had received her letter. He just wanted to tell her how much he loved her, how he never stopped thinking about her and how it was her who was in his heart. He decided he would tell her how he felt about her whilst they were staying at the Burrow. ************************************************************************ Hermione found Ginny in her bedroom, hurriedly hiding a piece of parchment she had been scribbling on. Ginny looked up to see Hermione sitting on her bed. ‘What was that Ginny?’ Hermione asked, knowing all to well it was probably the letter she had spent the last week perfecting. ‘Just a letter to Harry,’ Ginny managed to say, as she suddenly found a spider crawling on her wall interesting. ‘Let me see,’ Hermione said, smiling as she saw how uncomfortable Ginny still was talking about anything related with Harry ‘No. Anyways I see your smiling. Just seen Ron have you?’ Ginny said, now smiling as she saw Hermione look all flustered. ‘I don’t know what your talking about Ginny. Why would I smile when I see Ron. He’s just my friend and nothing more,’ Hermione said rather too quickly. ‘Yeah, yeah Hermione, like it hasn’t been that obvious to everybody since the Yule ball your in love with Ron,’ Ginny said, mercilessly teasing Hermione. ‘MaybeilikeRon,’ Hermione said, quickly, not daring to look Ginny in the face. ‘Oh come on Hermione, its been obvious to everybody apart from you and Ron. You know I think he likes you as well,’ Ginny said as she saw Hermione begin to relax. ‘Oh Ginny, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about him. But I doubt he likes me. He’s always teasing me. We always argue about anything.’ Hermione said. She looked out the window, which looked out onto the garden, where dinner was being set. She just wished Ron would tell her how much he loved her, how he never stopped thinking about her and how she was the only thing in his heart before they returned to Hogwarts. ‘Earth to Hermione, can you stop thinking about Ron for one second! We need to go downstairs and have dinner. Don’t worry I’ll make sure you sit next to Ron.’ Ginny said smirking, whilst Hermione looked extremely embarrassed she’d been caught daydreaming about Ron. ‘Yeah and I’ll make sure you sit next to Harry!’ Hermione said with a look of pure satisfaction on her face. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this fanfiction. All characters and others included in the story are owned by J.K. Rowling.

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