Alice has got everything going for her. She's popular, talented and down-right gorgeous. Not to mention best friends with the Weasley Twins. And that's where everything starts to go downhill...

Fred/OC, completely disregards J.Ks plot.

Disclaimer: I am not J.K Rowling in disguise. So nothing you recognize is mine, just Alice.

"Dude," I said, walking through the door without knocking. BIG mistake.

Never, ever walk into a guys room without knocking. I mean, seriously.

George and Lee were stretched out on the rug in only boxers, talking in a none-to-pleasant way about the attractiveness of the Hogwarts girls.

"Sarah Winchester got a nice arse," Geoge commented.
"Yeah, but she's got a nose like a squashed tomato," Lee countered. "Plus, she's a Slytherin."

"ARRRHHGGG!!!!" I screamed flinging myself down on a random bed. "IT BURNS, BURNS!!"

"Calm down, Al," said Jason MacDonald, the twins other dormate, and pal of mine.
"I'll calm down when you put some trousers on," I said firmly, still face down on the bed."

There were some rustling sounds, and random comments about the rack on Sarah, until George reported the coast was clear.

"Didn't like what you saw?" Lee teased.
"No I bloody well didn't." I huffed, crossing my arms mockingly. "I'll have you know, George, I can tell Angelina what I heard you saying."
George paled dramatically.
Angelina is my best girl (space) friend, and George's crush of four years. Honestly, he's liked the girl since second year. And she refuses to see how perfect they are, instead adamantly hitting on Jason.

"Don't worry, I do want you two together," I told him. "But I expect five packs of strawberry bootlaces by Friday."

"Blackmail, eh?" Fred came in, leaning on the wall.
"Think it's cool to say eh, eh?" I raised an eyebrow.
He rolled his toffee colored eyes. "So, guys, have you heard about this ball thingy?"
"Are you finally going to ask Katie?" I asked.
Fred likes Katie Bell, although when I bring it up to him or George, they sort of cough, and start singing the national anthem, with actions.

Yes, my friends are weird. Don't judge.

Fred said nothing, but went a highly unattractive maroon color.
This was apparently cue Lee to start rambling about the awkwardness of turtles, and how maybe if they all took their pants off again, then the poor turtles wouldn't be so awkward.

Actually, I take that back. Feel free to judge.

"Right, urm, well, what I came to say was that you need to hurry up or you'll miss breakfast." And with that I flounced out, fell flat on my face, got up, banged into the door, and settled with a shuffle out.

Leaving Lee suggesting they start up a charity for the curing of awkward turtles.


"Did Jason say anything about me?" Angelina said as we walked towards Transfiguration later that day.

"FOR THE LAST TIME, NOOOO!!" I near screamed. A couple of firsties looked at me like I might be retarded, and let's face it, they may just be right.

"Sorry," Angelina huffed and we sat down. "I can't help his god-like hotness."

I put my head in my text book and yawned. Here we go again.

"Off about Jason again?" Alicia slipped into the seat beside me. Alicia is the final member to make up our group of six. Angelina and I rescued her from total dorkdom in first year, and although I was apprehensive at first, she is perhaps one of the coolest people I've ever met.

We turned to Angelina, who was busy remising how glad she was that tight pants were in season, and how fit Jason arse looked.

"'Fraid so." I told her.
"Do you think we should tell her to look at George's arse instead?"
I shrugged. "It's worth a try."

"Oi, Angie!" Alicia called. "Have you SEEN George Weasley today?"

Angelina stopped talking about how toned Quidditch players are, and turned back to us.
"I'm sorry," she sighed. "But George is my best friend, nothing more. I DO feel bad when he asks me out, but I don't want to string him along."

Luckily for us, Professor McGonagal walked in at that point, which meant it was time for me rest my head in my textbook and snore.

A/N: Okay, that was a very short chapter, just to see if you like it, to introduce you to the characters and if anyone thinks I should carry on and stuff. Cheers if you read.
*raises butter beer tankard*


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