Lily’s heart, mind, and ears overworked themselves. Her senses were literally on fire as she clung onto a crying Harry; James was taunting death downstairs.

There was nowhere to go. The Anti-Apparition spell made sure Lily couldn’t follow James’s last request; Lily couldn’t run anywhere.

Lily couldn’t save Harry.

Flashes of green light peeked through underneath the door, and Lily could hear James’s familiar footsteps dancing around downstairs in an attempt to keep him away from the stairs.

Lily wasn’t sure how far away James was from his wand, but Lily hoped that he would at least give James a fair chance.

How foolish had she been; they should never have let their guard down, even for one moment.

Tears continued to stream down Lily’s face as she thought of the betrayal that would cost the lives of the ones she loved most.

It was only moments earlier that James had been entertaining Harry in the living room. It was only moments earlier that Sirius had been over, entertaining Harry with his Animagus form. It was only moments earlier that James and Sirius sat in the living room, exchanging hopeful dreams of the future for Harry.


Lily’s heart stopped as the unmistakable sound of a body falling to the floor rang throughout the house. A cruel laughter could be heard from the sudden silence. As if he knew his father had just sacrificed his life, Harry began to cry.

There were a thousand red hot knives stabbing at Lily’s heart. Tearfully, Lily rocked Harry and placed him back in his crib.

Lily stroked Harry’s hair through the bars of the crib and softly murmur, “Harry, you are so loved. Mama loves you… Dada loves you. Harry, be safe. Be strong.”**

The calming effect of Lily’s voice, full of love and tenderness, was enough to quiet Harry as he blinked up innocently at Lily, tearstains still visible on his face.

The door suddenly burst open, and Lily shielded Harry as she pleaded for mercy. Mercy that she wasn’t sure he had it in him to give, but she had to try nonetheless.

Lily had known long ago that she would be living in a nightmare full of darkness as soon as she stepped out of the protection of Albus Dumbledore and Hogwarts.

Death wasn’t merciful, and death wasn’t discriminatory. Death was inevitable, and Lily would rather she face her death today than to live the rest of her days without her husband and her son.

In the singular moment before Lily knew the fated words would come out of his mouth, she reminisced on every single wonderful memory she ever had of her family, her friends, Hogwarts, and much more. Lily would freely give up every single pleasure, every single happiness, and life itself if it meant that Harry would live.

Lily tried to brace herself, but couldn’t help but scream as the flash of green light appeared.

“Avada Kedavra.”












A/N: What did you all think about this? I did write this for two challenges, one of them challenging me to write under 500 words, so I hope I managed to convey the horrors of the First War with as little words as possible. 

The Anti-Apparition Spell isn't canon, but I wasn't sure how else Lily would be unable to Apparate away with Harry, unless she couldn't Apparate in the first place, which seems unlikely. 

**: Taken from the movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow, Part II (2011), produced and distributed by Warner Bros.  

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