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The clock was taunting me.



Its hands weren’t moving at all. Charlie’s was pointed to work, Bill’s was at traveling, Dads, Mums, Percy’s, Fred’s, George’s, Ron’s, Ginny’s, and mine where all pointing at home. It should be pointed at traveling, and I Cedrella Ann Weasley was not happy.

“FRED, GEORGE IF YOU DO NOT GET DOWN HERE THIS INSTANCE I PROMISE YOU WE WILL LEAVE YOU HERE, HONESTLY I HAVE NEVER SEEN TWO CHI…” ah… white silence. After growing up in the Weasley household you learn to push out my mum’s, Molly Weasley, ductile vocal chords.

Not soon after all eight of us where packed (literally) into Dad’s Angelina. At times I think he loves her more than us, I can’t even begin to count how many nights he has spent out in the shed with her. In short Arthur Weasley is bloody insane.

As if knowing I had even thought the word that mum prohibits above all others she turned and glared me down. She then proceeded to badger me about not running away from her at the station. I swear, one time and she has never let me live it down. With all her yelling Daddy had to drive albeit slower so not wreck, but we did get to the station successfully with ten minutes to spear, I honestly think that could be our new record!

As the boys loaded up their garb onto trolleys we quickly moved down the station. Fred decided quickly that it would be a fun idea to put Ginny, and I on top of their trolleys and have a race.

So with Gin on top of Fred’s trunk and my body firmly latched on to Georges we where off with Mum screaming foul language and Dad chortling.

Giggling insanely by the time we reached the barrier I allowed George help me off of his trolley and rap a close arm around me.

Pulling me closer George dropped into a whisper, “Elle would you promise me something before we leave?”

I nodded quickly still giggling from the fun ride.

“Would you make sure Gin doesn’t go to crazy with boredom, she might actually succeed in driving Mum up the wall,” he smiled softly at me, “you know that is mine and Fred’s ultimate goal.”

I scowled and pulled away quickly puffing a piece of short red hair out my eyes, “Its Fred and I, George. Of course I will keep Gin from making Mum go crazy… if she yells any more I might be the one to go crazy.”

“That’s all I ask…”

“Fred, George you go first...” I scowled at my Mum for rudely interrupting our conversation. I spotted a boy whose was probably Ron’s age looking at us with an amused look.

“He’s not Fred, I am.” George said indignantly. “I honestly you call yourself our mother.” I grinned at their teasing.

Fred turned, backed up and got ready to make a running start at the wall. “I’m only joking, I am Fred” and with that the boys where gone and not soon after so was Ron.

My mother spoke softly to the raven haired boy telling him to do exactly what my brothers did only moments before and with a small “good luck,” from a blushing Ginny he was off.

Mum quickly grabbed hold of Ginny’s hand and shot through the barrier, Dad veered me into the barrier as well. We found the boys surprisingly easy considering the amount of people on the platform. The train whistled and the boys quickly clambered onto the train. With Ginny running with train waving like a mad man and the twins promising her something like a toilet seat, I glanced up into a window.

There was the raven haired boy that Mum helped through the barrier. He was smiling at Ginny; he then looked over at our now small gathering. I caught his eye and waved at him, he suddenly grinned and waved back. I held back a blush; maybe for once in my life I made someone feel a little less lonely.


The first semester of Ron being at Hogwarts was horrendous. Everyday Mum would set us a long list of choirs that would have divided up into smaller bits, if the boys where here to help. Though it also didn’t help that Gin was constantly losing focus, and out of the fear that Mum would start badgering us again I hurriedly finished up the last of her choirs at the end of every day.

It was nice though to be able to go into the bathroom and not have the fear of falling into the toilet. That was how I found out that my two oldest (and most favorite) brothers had arrived for a stay at the Burrow.

“Argh!” It is such a bloody good feeling to have your behind soaked in toilet water. With a frustrated squeal I hopped off of the loo and proceeded to thunder down the stairs in a very indigent fashion, only to be greeted by a face full of freckles.

The owner of the many freckles laughed and proceeded to spin me around the room by my arms. “CHARLIE,” my mouth spread into a wide grin. Charlie Weasley has and will always be my favorite brother. Much like Fred and George, Charlie’s body is shorter and stalker then other brothers.

But just like me he had so many freckles that he looked expertly tanned… well it didn’t help that he was baked to the bone (literally). Since Charlie left Hogwarts he has been working with dragons in Romania. He thumped me down, probably from my face turning an unmistakable shade of green.

“How is my favorite Freckled Faced Lovie?” Charlie had been adamant on calling me that when I was born; something about me loving everything no matter how gross or weird it was, and my finally relented and soon our oldest brother Bill joined the bandwagon. Luckily no one else deemed it fit well enough. Fred and George where actually the ones that that I was only me when I was called ‘Elle,’ that one stuck.

“Pretty chuffed considering I just ran into a dragon tamer,” I giggled and headed into the yard grabbing a handful of crisp on the way. Charlie followed occasionally nipping a crisp from my hand.

Bill was standing in garden speaking with Mum, he was gesturing to his hair, which from the looks of it had grown a bit longer since we had last seen him at the beginning of the summer, and from the frown on Mums face she was not happy.

“…really Bill,” my mother was sighing in exasperation. She turned around and continued to spread grains on the ground for the chickens.

Bill grinned and shook his hair out of his eyes. I was then at a loss of air, Bill maybe the lanky of the two but he had hugs of steal. Though Bill was the hugger of the boys so I think it was something he spent time perfecting.

Bill, in all honestly, was probably the best looking of the Weasley boys. People have always said that his brown eyes told all. The only other person to have inherited Mums eyes was Ginny. Charlie, Fred, George, and Ron where gifted our fathers blue eyes. I am the only one to get our Grandmum Cedrella’s grey eyes.

As always I was torn from thoughts and for a second I really thought I had been attacked by a banshee with all the screaming and being tossed to the ground, could you really blame me? Ginny Weasley was the epitome of the saying: never judge a book by its cover. With her big does eyes, and small smile you would have never thought that she could talk so fast that it would give you whiplash (personal experience… in fact I think I feel on coming on right now).

She was bouncing around Bill and Charlie talking quickly about how bored she was since I was such a bore… “HEY! I am not,” I pushed myself off of the ground and brushed myself off. Just because I don’t think climbing onto the roof of the house just so we can drop water balloons at the gnomes is something considered fun doesn’t mean I am a stickler for boredom.

She giggled and trotted away gripping Bills hands in a vice grip. Sometimes I would like to show her fun… by pushing my fist (hard) into those pretty brown eyes of hers. Charlie waited for me while I tried to dust off my dirt caked clothing. Finding it to be a futile cause, I resigned to the fate of having a brown dress instead of the yellow one I was wearing before. I sighed and followed Bill and Ginny to the house, Charlie wasn’t far behind.

Bill and Ginny where already eating our lunch when we arrived. If Ginny ever succeeded in making a patronus I bet it will be a horse, she eats too much like one. Quickly grabbing some food before Charlie and his black hole of a mouth got to it, I sat down next to Gin.

Soon there was no sound but people munching on food. Mum had a joyful look on her face, most likely from the fact her two eldest sons, who she hadn’t seen since the beginning of summer, where back home. Basking in the silence and not wanting any extra food I looked up at the family clock.

It is literally our family clock. With everyone’s hand pointing in a direction. Dads spindle (the longest) was pointing to work. Fred’s, George’s, and Ron’s where all pointing to school. Then to top it all off Mum’s, Bill’s, Charlie’s, Ginny’s, and mine (the shortest) where all pointing to home. I had only seen two people’s hands on mortal danger, that was when Fred and George had turn Ron’s teddy bear into a spider… all three of them where never quite the same, that’s was the first time Mum nearly lost her head.

With the boys here it made everything much more bearable. They helped a lot with choirs to, picking up where Ginny slacked off and helped me a lot with mine. Having Charlie here was the best part though we spent a lot of our slacking time in the woods where he pointed out names of animals and showed where the magical one’s hid.

Then came the announcement that we would be going with Charlie to Romania for the Holidays, at that point I felt like a child in a candy shop… except it was more feeling like a child in a dragon exposure, same thing to me.

The only drawback to this is that Mum wanted every room in the house cleaned before we left. Every. Single. Room. So that is how I ended up in Fred and Georges trying not to die. There where half eaten apples (completely rotten is more like it), clothes of all ranges, and I even found a Playwitch under Georges bed, that defiantly wasn’t a pleasant surprise.

Like the sweet sister I was I constantly slipped things such as countless dungbombs, and other weird stuff that I’m pretty sure they made into a safe place away from Mums wondering eyes. Mopping the floor was probably the most difficult task. Weird stuff was stuck to it, very weird stuff. I collected stuff off of the bed that had been took from other family members and delivered them to each room. Charlie was in his and Bill’s room and when I walked into their room Charlie quickly stashed a magazine behind him, one that looked quite a lot like Playwitch magazine.

So spluttering begin, “I was just… uh… readi…” he tried to explain. I dropped off Bill’s and his things and made for the door.

“I don’t even want to know.” The sad thing was I did know… I just didn’t want to know.

I continued on to Ginny and mines room. Though she was only cleaning her side, she was making better time than Charlie. I deposited my things carefully onto my bed and dumped her stuff down on the floor. Just because I was feeling childish today I added in a bit of door slamming for good measure.

Only going into Percy’s room to deposit his things, I stopped at the last room at the top. Ron’s room was decorated in Chudley Cannons décor. Looking away from the hideous orange walls (bit of a fan for Ireland) and into the eyes of Bill Weasley who was holding a Playwitch magazine between his little twisted fingers.

He looked shocked beyond belief and he should be! Looking at dirty smut like that. What is wrong with the boys in this family?  “WHY DO ALL WEASLEY BOYS HAVE TO BE,” I threw Ron’s stuff at Bill, “BIG”, I kicked open the door, “PERVERTS!” I finished off and ran down stairs to hide from the dirty boys.

The hiding part didn’t go to well since Mum was standing there with her wand sparking dangerous with red lights. “WHAT DID I TELL YOU CHILDREN ABOUT SCREAMING IN THIS HOU…” White silence was probably the best thing about a hypocritical Mum, you can block out nearly anything someone says (or anything really. Because right now mum looks more like a banshee then a loving mother).

With only a little more yelling (she was feeling tame today it appears) she set me loose. I merrily went into the woods, there was rarely alone time in the Weasley household, and I was ready to grasp at any I could get.

The days passed by just like this one. Me finishing my chores quickly and being able to escape to the woods while the rest messed around for hours. I had taken to the habit of climbing trees just to watch the insects scuttle around looking for a good place to stay during the winter. I thought about taking them with me into the house but figured they wouldn’t be able to go through Floo without dying because of the flames and would probably end up starving to death in my room. So I decided to let them continue their movements of desperation.

No wonder Ron calls me weird…

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